Neuer C64 Debugger (Win/Mac/Linux)

  • Neuer C64 Debugger (Win/Mac/Linux)

    Das scheint jemand einen neuen Debugger für Win/MacOSX/Linux rauszubringen.
    Weiss jemand mehr?

    Aus der FB Kick Assembler Gruppe entnommen:¬if_t=group_activity¬if_id=1464942944986576

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  • ogd schrieb:

    Das Teil gibt es auf CSDB oder auf einem FTP-Server. Die Sources auf Sourceforge. Sieht sehr interessant aus.
    Danke. Habe das nicht gesehen auf der neuen FB-Gruppe, ob das erwähnt wurde...?

    <Edit>Ach so, auf CSDB steht der Link für SF.
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  • syshack schrieb:

    Ich habe mal ein Cheat Sheet für den C64 Debugger erstellt. Hier Version 1.1
    C64Debugger Cheat Sheet V1.1.pdf
    Ach Mist...ein paar Formatierungsfehler entdeckt. Hier v1.2:

    C64Debugger Cheat Sheet V1.2.pdf
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  • Jaaahaa. Bitte :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

    Hatte mir das Video noch garnicht angesehen. Hahaha. Paint some b*bs and some walls. :anonym Vergesst Trainer. Sperrt die Gegner einfach ein :D .
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  • Frisch aus FB:

    Marcin Skoczylas schrieb:

    It is official, the C64 Debugger v0.60 will be released at Silesia Demo Party!

    Beta testing will start this weekend... I hope to fix all the remaining glitches. I'm also writing the README instructions for new views, and considering that nobody is reading that so I thought I'll post it here for you to prepare :) One of new screens is the VIC Display.
    The VIC Display screen is like an X-Ray for the VIC chip. Whole frame is recorded and you can access state of VIC and CPU for each cycle of the frame. It can be activated by Ctrl+Shift+F5. VIC Display renders exact state of VIC for selected cycle. As you know, a lot of effects are using tricks of the VIC chip, so it will not show the C64 screen in its entirety, as it is not meant to. It will always show a screen how it would be rendered for selected cycle of the VIC chip.
    You can just move mouse cursor over the VIC Display frame and see how VIC registers impact rendering of the C64 screen. Note that status of CPU registers and VIC state view is marked in light-red color background, this is to indicate that state is locked and shows selected raster cycle. The disassembly code is moved to the place where raster beam was executing code in the frame. Space bar changes disassembly code lock. Also, when you move the cursor over VIC Display, the memory dump view cursor points to address which is under mouse cursor.
    When you click on the VIC Display you can lock cursor and then move it with keyboard arrow keys, holding Shift will increase the step. You can unlock the cursor by pressing Space Bar or by Mouse-Clicking on locked cursor.
    There are buttons to control the VIC Display, you can see what are current values of VIC bank, screen, bitmap etc. and you can force and change them by clicking on values: green colour means it is a current state for selected cycle, red is when you forced the selection. Do not forget, that if you select something making it red, then the VIC Display will show your selection, not what is currently going on on the screen.
    Button "Scroll" will switch if VIC scroll register should be applied to VIC Display position. When code is opening side borders then applying the scroll register may make the display jump a lot, so you can select if you need this behaviour.
    Button "Bad Line" shows a bad line condition when text is red, switching it on will display lines that are in bad line condition.
    Button "Border" changes if side border should be shown. It has three states: no border, viewable area with border, full frame scan.
    Button "Grid" changes if a grid should be displayed.
    Button "Sprites" changes if sprites graphics should be rendered in the VIC Display.
    Button "Frames" changes if frames around sprites should be visible.
    Button "Break" adds VIC raster breakpoint, the text is in red when a selected line has already the breakpoint set.
    The "Show PC for" informs in which auto-scroll code disassembly mode we are, you can click on the mode and change it to other mode (Raster / Screen / Bitmap / Colour).
    VIC Display records state of VIC each cycle in the frame and with the mouse cursor you can see what is in the frame. The X key changes what we "look" at: where was the code in a given cycle (Raster mode) or where the code saved the pixel in memory (Raster / Screen / Bitmap / Colour).
    You can Right-Click on C64 Screen in right top to replace it to a zoomed raster view.
    Keys that you can use in this view are:
    Arrow keys
    Move locked cursor
    Shift+Arrow keys
    Move locked cursor in large steps
    ` (~ tilde key)
    Toggle VIC raster breakpoint
    Lock/Unlock mouse cursor
    Space Bar
    Lock/Unlock Disassemble auto-scroll code
    Select next auto-scroll code mode
    Select auto-scroll code to Raster
    Select auto-scroll code to Screen (Text)
    Select auto-scroll code to Bitmap
    Select auto-scroll code to Colour

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  • Die v0.60-RC1 ist draussen und hat VICE 3.1 eingebaut.

    Windows: h**ps://drive.g**
    MacOSX: h**ps://drive.g**
    Linux 64bit: h**ps://drive.g**
    Linux 32bit: h**ps://drive.g**

    Marcin Skoczylas schrieb:

    v0.60, to be released at Silesia 8 demo party (2017/06/23)

    Added: Integrated Vice 3.1 emulation engine
    Added: new VIC Display screen (Ctrl+Shift+F5)
    Added: new VIC Editor screen (Ctrl+Shift+F6). Simple for now, more features on the way!
    Added: show music notes in SID State view
    Added: you can Ctrl+Click on Data Dump or Memory Map view to scroll Disassembly to code address that stored that value
    Added: you can follow code jumps and branches in Dissasembly view using Right-Arrow key, and move back with Left-Arrow key
    Added: colors are shown in VIC State, also you can lock (Left Click) or force (Right Click) these colors in previews
    Added: show code cycles in some Disassemble views
    Added: setting to completely stop SID emulation when in warp mode
    Added: setting to select nearest or billinear interpolation mode for rendering of the C64 Screen in Settings
    Added: setting to select VIC colors palette in Settings
    Added: reset only disk drive by Ctrl+Alt+R
    Added: zoomed full screen in Ctrl+Shift+F1
    Added: save C64 screenshot and sprite bitmaps to PNG files by Ctrl+Shift+P
    Added: key shortcut to browse and run PRG files from attached disk image (F7)
    Added: key shortcut to auto run first PRG file from the attached disk image (F3)
    Added: key shortcut to detach disk image (Ctrl+Shift+8), cartridge (Ctrl+Shift+0) and everyting (Ctrl+Shift+D)
    Added: setting and command line option to auto load and run first PRG from inserted disk
    Added: setting and command line option to always jmp to loaded PRG address even if no Basic SYS is detected
    Added: setting and command line option to un-pause debugging code when PRG is loaded
    Added: setting to reset or hard reset C64 before starting PRG
    Added: you can drag & drop file into C64 Debugger window on MacOS & Windows
    Change: default key mapping of OS '\' key changed to C64 key '='
    Change: default VIC colors palette changed to colodore
    Change: default SID model changed to 8580 FastSID
    Change: in Disassembly view you can move cursor to current address -1 by [ key, and to address +1 by ] key
    Change: sub menus in Settings menu
    fixed: when loading PRG additional space in Basic SYS was not properly
    parsed giving wrong start address (thanks Yugorin/Samar for reporting)
    Bug fixed: when SYS is hidden by $00 trick the address was not properly parsed (thanks Yugorin/Samar for reporting)
    Bug fixed: stored folders paths for D64/PRG/CRT were not properly set in macOS Sierra open/save dialogs
    fixed: the PC breakpoint did not stop code execution when it was placed
    on first instruction after manual jump or IRQ, now it's properly
    Bug fixed: idle CIA timers were not properly
    updated when emulation was paused or in single stepping mode (thanks
    Scan/House Designs for reporting)
    Bug fixed: code labels are properly placed in disassemble view after PRG file load
    Bug fixed: drive memory breakpoints were not correctly set
    Bug fixed: menu items for resetting the C64 were not properly handled
    Bug fixed: some another not done key mappings on Windows reported by Isildur/Samar ;#)
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  • Für Linux/x86 kommt bei mit folgendes raus:


    1. ./C64Debugger-v0.60-RC1: /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ version `GLIBCXX_3.4.20' not found (required by ./C64Debugger-v0.60-RC1)
    Wenn man schon Programme nur als Executable unter Linux abspeichert, dann wenigstens statisch gelinkt ....