RGCD 16KB Game Compo 2015

  • Danke fuer die Info Dirk,
    ich faende das ideal.

    James schrieb mir gerade und bat mich das hier auch zu posten:

    James schrieb:

    Hello people! James here from RGCD writing regarding the 16KB compo (and other things).
    I've decided to postpone the next compo until 2017. I'll have a launch announcement to make about that in January 2017, and it will run
    for 9 months, limited to 16KB as usual.
    The reasons for this are many. First of all, it seems a little late now to announce a 2016 compo! I don't like to commit to a new one
    until everyone from the 2015-16 round has received their prizes.
    Secondly, I was approached (very politely) by Dirk of the F64 compo to ask if I would consider running a joint compo with him instead of
    running a separate one that 'clashes' with his. I have taken time to consider this, but would prefer to not collaborate on this, as our
    competitions and audience are quite different. (To be honest, the RGCD compo has more in common with the excellent Reset 4KB compo!)
    In addition to this, this year I committed and completed two (large) and successful Kickstarter projects as well as releasing a PC game
    (that did depressingly badly, fyi). These took up a LOT of my time, and ultimately the PC release of Conga Combat left me feeling quite
    depressed for a few months.

    Why so few releases on the C64 this year? Again, it's been a matter of time, but ALSO due to me feeling unhappy with the way the games are
    presented. This is why over the past month I have:

    * Hired a local product protographer to take all future product shots.
    * Made arrangements to replace all 'self printed' inlays and manuals with new professionally designed and printed ones without increasing
    the price.
    * Discontinue the 'cardboard cartons' for the majority of games and all future releases (this saves a LOT on unecessary printing costs for
    multiple box types).
    * Use new 'domed' 3d cart labels for future releases (and upgrade previous ones).

    In addition to this Martin and I have been in discussions with Jens of icomp to increase the portfolio of cartridge types we have

    This all costs quite some money, so it will be a slow but ultimately worthwhile process.

    The first release to incorporate all of these new elements will be Jam It!, which will be out this week. Over the next year I will slowly
    'upgrade' existing releases with these new manuals and labels, and they will be available to buy (cheap) as upgrade packs if you already
    have the games.

    Soon after Jam It, C2048 from p1x3l.net and Moonspire will be available, with other releases such as Yoomp! and LuftrauserZ planned before

    Ok, so if anyone has any questions, please feel free to write me on dev -at- rgcd.co.uk.

    Und diese hier darf ich auch zeigen ;)
  • TheRealWanderer schrieb:

    Die Planungen für die kommende F64GC (oder wie sie dann auch immer sie heißen mag) gehen PTV und ich erst im neuen Jahr an.Dabei wird dann auch entschieden, wie oft bzw. in welchen Abständen die Compo dann durchgeführt wird. Auf alle Fälle werden wir uns mit James absprechen, um Überlappungen möglichst zu vermeiden damit für beide Compos möglichst hohe Teilnehmerzahlen erreichbar sind.
    Einfach beide alle zwei Jahre durchführen. Die eine Compo bekommt die geraden Jahreszahlen und die andere die ungeraden Jahre. Dann muss man jährlich auch nix mehr Abstimmen.
    Mitwäre das nicht passiert! :prof:
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  • Der Retroluzzer schrieb:

    Was ist eigentlich aus Monster Buster 64K geworden?
    Wir nehmen gerade wieder die Arbeit daran auf, nachdem wir C-2048 (gebugfixed und dezent aufgehübscht) endlich in Produktion geschickt haben. Die Fertigstellung der 64K-Version wurde immer wieder vertagt – aufgrund anderer Prioritäten. Daher kommt es uns ganz zupass, dass die nächste RGCD-Compo erst nächstes Jahr beginnen wird und wir auch schon den Rumpf des neuen Compo-Spiels fertig gestellt haben. Von daher sieht es nicht schlecht dafür aus, dass MB 64K in diesem Winter released wird (solange keine höheren Gewalten zuschlagen).