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Games in D81 format for SD2IEC device

  • Since no one suggested me good public server for posting D81 games collection, I posted it here:


    File has 30 mb, and his life is limited to 30 days, so don't hesitate to download it.

    What we have here?

    1. 172 games in D81 format (all games posted in this topic, except World Games and Mayhem in Monsterland because they have good-working 1D versions on SD2IEC)

    2. Comprehensive Excel data sheet where you can find for each game many datas (besides game name, here you can find game type, publisher, year, language, size, port to play, trainer, level-skip option, crack, Lemon64 votes and ratings)

    3. Games are divided in english language directory (152 games) and other languages directory (20 games, 18 of them are in german language)

    4. English language directory is subdivided in three more dirs - games playable from keyboard (18 games), from joystick port 1 (3 games) and joystick port 2 (131 games).

    All games were tested on SD2IEC firmware 0.10.3.

    Comments are more than welcome!

  • I would like to make a big "Thank you" to Klaus Scheuer (better known as Master from T.A.C.) because more than 1/3 of games in this big D81 game collection for SD2IEC are done by him!

    Thanks also goes to all guys making IDE64 fixes (Arcane, Soci/Singular etc.), CMD fixes etc. because most of these fixes are compatible with SD2IEC device.

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  • First of all, many thanks for all these D81 versions. I'm only using C64 games with VICE nowadays and they allow to avoid disk swapping for multidisks games.
    I wanted to point out that Mean Streets (the Access adventure game) doesn't work perfectly. It crashes when it tries to load the arcade subgame.
    This subgame happens before accessing to various locations throughout the game. For instance, just try with navcode 4675. The game should crash (CPU JAM with VICE)
    I think I could have found the reason why. It's because the D81 version doesn't load the good files.
    The D64 side 1A has files F00, F01, F02 , these files are related to the FAX system in the game.
    The D64 side 1B has files F00, F01, F02, F03 and these files are for the arcade fight subgame.
    Same names, different files.
    The D81 only has F00, F01 and F02 from side 1A and F03 from side 1B, F00, F01 and F02 from side 1B are missing. So, when it tries to load the arcade subgame it actually loads the FAX and the game crashes...
    Fixing the D81 could be done by copying the F arcade files from side 1B to the D81 with new names and calling them from the main program with these new names.
    I must say that's totally beyond my abilities :)
    I only hope that someone skilled enough will be able to do it !
    Thanks again for your work.

  • I have fixed the bugs. now,that game should work.

    greets: Stephan

  • I have fixed the bugs. now,that game should work.
    greets: Stephan

    That's just great, you rock :)
    I also tried the Easyflash version you have posted at the same time and everything works fine.
    It's even possible to save games to a disk image when using the Easyflash version.
    This is a great C64 game and I can only urge the c64 lovers to try it now without those long loading times and disk swapping.
    Many thanks Stephan.

  • i have another fine realese for Disk2EasyFlash.

    Champions of Krynn. it is a six-side game with 336 files.

    I have changed the code so that the game on diskette
    the savestates loads and also the savestates saves.

    greets: stephan

  • Karloff,

    Thank you for finding this, thank you to Stephan to fix this.

    Usually I'm very careful to copy all files from all D64 files in d81 format using Style's DirMaster, and this program allows to copy files with same name in D81 directory.
    Sometimes DirMaster just don't want to copy files from D64 image to D81 image (don't know the reason, maybe bug) - in that case, I just skip this version of game.

  • There's another faulty file in your latest sd2iec---d81-files---v4 collection.
    This D81 is based on a faulty version of the Cyberpunx crack.
    Just check the CSDB page of this crack and follow the forums link for the full story.
    But we're lucky, since there's another Neuromancer D81 in the archive you have added on post #28 of this thread (the zippyshare link : Games for other Drives (1581).7z).
    This one works fine, the Gentleman Loser and Edo's locations are accessible.
    I just noticed this archive also contains some D81 you didn't add to your collection such as Rocket Ranger, Sinbad among others.
    Is there a particular reason why you left them aside? I haven't tested them yet though...

    And thanks again for your dedication, it's much appreciated !

  • Karloff,

    Regarding your question why some games in D81 format are not in collection, and they are available on links I gave in post 28, answer is simple - they're not compatible with SD2IEC ;)

    Anyway, my testing SD2IEC firmware is rather old, and I know - for example - Project Firestart in D81 format done by Nostalgia will work on new SD2IEC firmware.

    I don't think we will find more of them (maybe few), but if you have latest SD2IEC firmware (you can download from sd2iec.de), try missing ones in collection by yourself and post working ones here ;)

  • Alright, I forgot about the purpose of the SD2IEC !
    Unfortunately, I can't help with that, I no longer have any piece of C64 hardware, I'm a VICE only user :)