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    Can someone tell me how good is compatibility with "official" Easyflash releases (available on ) on Kung Fu Flash cartridge?

    Backbit cartridge has compatibility for "official" Easyflash releases of 55%.

    Few EF releases worth trying on Kung Fu Cartridge that don't work on BB cartridge:

    Another batch of games that using space as 2nd fire button or pause:

    Apache Strike
    Arcade Pilot
    Bugs Bunny - Private Eye
    Miecze Valdgira II (English)
    Night Shift
    Out Run (US version)
    Tenract II - Evil is Back Again

    And here's list of six C64 games that using 2nd fire button on C64 joystick (this joystick is introduced with C64GS), and it's working with GenAssister when pressing C button on Sega MegaDrive/Genesis controller:

    Navy Seals (pause)

    Pang (pause)

    Robocop 2 (jump)

    Space Gun (select different shooting sights)

    Super Mario Bros 64 (jump)

    Turbo Charge (speed boost)

    Don't forget - never connect Sega/MegaDrive Controller directly to C64, it can damage your hardware!

    According to Evie Salomon (author of GenAssister adapter), it's safe to connect it using GenAssister adapter. My experience confirmed that.

    Right now, there are:

    - 103 C64 games that use space as second fire button, and GenAssister recognize it pressing A button on Sega MegaDrive/Genesis controller

    - 9 C64 games that use space as second fire button, and GenAssister doesn't recognize it pressing A button on Sega MegaDrive/Genesis controller (reason for 3 is beacuse they use Port 1)

    - 18 C64 games that use space as pause button, and GenAssister recognize it pressing A button on Sega MegaDrive/Genesis controller

    - 1 C64 game that use space as pause button, and GenAssister doesn't recognize it pressing A button on Sega MegaDrive/Genesis controller (because game using Port 1)

    - 6 C64 games that use 2nd fire button, and GenAssister recognize it pressing C button on Sega MegaDrive/Genesis controller

    B button on Sega MegaDrive/Genesis controller using GenAssister is regular C64 fire button.

    More C64 games using space as second fire button or pause:


    Clik Clak


    Mickey Mouse
    3-D Skramble
    Golf Master

    Spitfire '40
    Ikari Warriors
    Fort Apocalypse
    Dream Warrior
    Raid over Moscow
    Star Raiders II
    Into Oblivion
    Blue Max
    Empire Strikes Back
    Rescue on Fractalus
    Stellar 7

    Fantasy World Dizzy
    Treasure Island Dizzy
    Fred's Back
    Garfield - Big, Fat, Hairy Deal
    Hard Hat Mack
    Solomon's Key
    Castle Master
    Crypt, The
    Dark Side
    Total Eclipse
    Total Eclipse II
    Donald Duck's Playground
    Kwik Snax
    Super Pipeline II
    Asterix & Magic Cauldron
    Night Shade
    Staff of Karnath
    Time Machine

    First Strike
    Dizzy - Prince of The Yolk Folk
    Magicland Dizzy
    Crystal Kingdom Dizzy

    Normal Easyflash CRTs loading natively when you click on them (Ultimate 64 / Ultimate 1541 / Emulators) or when you flash them to Easyflash/Easyflash 3 cartridge.

    Same goes to Disk2Easyflash CRTs.

    Disk2Easyflash games don't save high-scores. Few save to RAM, few as separate file out of main CRT file.

    Easyflash games - some have high-scores option, some don't.

    XBANK versions of games allowing you to make your own game compilations up to 1 MB, and it's aimed to Easyflash/Easyflash 3 users.

    XBANK games can't work individually - you need to compile them using simple drag'n'drop PC program called ndefpack v1.0.1:

    More games using Space as second fire button:


    California Raisins

    Cyberdyne Warrior

    Flying Shark







    Shadow Dancer

    Gauntlet - Deeper Dungeon


    F18 Hornet

    Give my Regards to Broad Street

    Gremlins II - The New Batch

    Monty on the Run

    NATO Commander


    Telnyr II - The Golden Chalice

    Times of Lore

    Wizard's Doom

    Hyper Circuit

    Evie Salomon, author of BackBit cartridge, has new hardware - GenAssister!

    What is GenAssister?

    It's joystick adapter that occupied both joystick ports on C64 on one side and it has one joystick port on other side allowing you to connect Genesis/Megadrive controller there.

    Pressing "Start" button on Genesis/Megadrive controller switching port between joystick port 1 and joystick port 2.

    But where this adapter really shines is allowing that one of three fire buttons on Genesis/MegaDrive controller is like you pressing Space on C64.

    Yes, C64 gamer's wet dream FINALLY came to fruition after few decades of waiting - with GenAssister you can finally play games on one controller with C64 games that use SPACE as second fire button!

    We all know pressing Fire on C64 Joystick port 1 is like you press Space bar on C64.

    Many C64 games use Space as second fire button - with GenAssister you can play them from SAME controller because all of them using port 2:

    "A" button is regular C64 fire button

    "B" button is fire button on Joystick Port 1 (like you press Space on keyboard)

    "C" button is second fire button that few C64 games use (like Super Mario Bros 64, Robocop 2)

    GenAssister adapter also has two switches:

    First one enables or disables auto-fire button on controller.

    Second one enables or disables fire button "C" on controller to use as Jump button in platform games.

    Some of C64 games using Space are on this list:


    Green Beret


    Turbo Out Run

    Turrican 1-3

    Spy Hunter





    Operation Wolf


    Golden Axe

    Turbo Charge


    Aviator Arcade II


    Atomic Robo-Kid

    Barbarian II - Dungeon of Drax

    Enforcer - Fullmetal Megablaster

    Chase HQ II - Special Criminal Investigation

    Combat Crazy

    Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show


    Army Moves


    Ice Palace

    Wonderboy in Monsterland

    Chase HQ

    Midnight Resistance

    Giana Sisters


    Last Ninja 1-3




    Terra Cresta


    Kung Fu Master

    Knight 'n Grail

    Aliens - Computer Game (Activision)
    Robocop 2



    Expect my review of GenAssister here in few days - I received GenAssister prototype without switch for Jump button.

    Initial testing showing excellent results, I didn't notice any lag.

    Next week GenAssister will be available (in red or black case), pre-orders can be taken here:

    Meanwhile, Evie is giving way of one of the prototype versions of GenAssister.

    Just submit your email here for a chance to win:

    YouTube movie showing GenAssister on Evie's channel:

    It does support subdirectories?

    My apologies then, user dikdom in post #75 in this thread said differently.

    In that case, this product is excellent for the price, offering fast loading of tape games :D

    Is it possible to use full 16 characters for game name, without PRG extension, like SD2IEC does?

    a) Pitty that TapeCart will not have 8 or 16 MB version.

    With 2 MB Tapecart, users are limited to have around 64 average-sized PRG games on it.

    b) Most people will not hassle for making DIY Tapecart version with 8/16 MB.

    c) For reflashing it's not a big deal - 6 hours flashing can be done on C64, while users doing some other things around the house.

    But people will not do it often, it's frustrating.

    Tapecart SD on other hand will be much more useful if firmware supports subdirectories and each of subdirectory to have limit of 64/128/256 files.

    Without it, it's not going even near to it's potential.

    Die Hardware macht es möglich TCRT (vom normalen Tapecart) zu laden. Der große Vorteil ist noch, es kann über den Tapeport auch PRG-Dateien laden, was ziemlich geil ist und das noch in einer Geschwindigkeit, die man sonst nur vom Ultimate 1541 kennt.

    Actually, BackBit cartridge reads PRG files few times faster then TapeCart SD - just 1.5 seconds for biggest PRG file of 202 blocks (48 KB).

    And it reads them natively without need to load Filebrowser first.

    That means with present firmware there's no need to go SD route if:

    a) there will be version of TapeCart with 8/16 MB of Flash-ROM

    b) if 8/16 MB Flash-Rom on TapeCart is cheap like add SD support on TapeCart

    b) if users don't want to flash it more than once

    I see some more potential in it, that could store up to 16MB of programs - with some more effort. (BTW: I'm thinking of a solution, wouldn't be easy - at least for me. But this is only a list, without the possibility of modification from C64).

    Checking 'only' 254 .prg files that they are all OK - that was quite a task for me. Checking 1000 .prg files ... well...

    I think 8 MB will be enough for 254 PRG files.

    How much time does it take to read whole directory with 254 files?

    If it's slow, there's no point to go for more files since there's no support for more directories.


    Using 1, 2, 8 or 16 MB of Flash-ROM in C64 devices while you can use GBs on cheap SD card instead for a few dollars/euros/quids more and have direct access without need of long flashing is pointless.

    Same goes to Easyflash cartridges.

    TapeCart is great for making compilations of tape games/utils you want, but limit of only 2 MB and need of long flashing doesn't satisfy average user.

    On other hand, 16 MB will satisfy (almost) everyone to make his tape collection, flash it and keep it there.

    For that you need to upgrade firmware to have limits of at least 500 file entries (1000 will be perfect) instead of 254.

    Is it possible to make more than one directory?

    It's great that you're working on it!

    PRGuino (upgrade of TapeCart) solves this issue using SD card instead of Flash-ROM, price is almost the same as TapeCart, but it's still limited to tape games/utils - now it has one disc game working on it and obviously needs coding for each disc game to working on it. More of proof of concept, probably we will not have many of them.

    TapeCart's TCRT format didn't get user's support, since there's one slideshow and few collections available for it only.

    SD2IEC is still best solution for the price but it has problem of slow loading without JiffyDos, Epyx Fastload cartridges or similar devices.

    On top of all solutions, there is 1541 Ultimate, but it's pretty expensive.

    In the middle of the road, there's new Backbit device - ease of use, no cables, it occupies cartridge port only, SD slot, no need for extra power supply, no need to load filebrowser before loading game, no need to know any command of C64, it loads biggest PRG file of 202 blocks in little bit more than one second, with present firmware it reads half of Easyflash releases, more than 90% of Disk2Easyflash releases, all kind of CRT files (8K, 16K, Ultimax, Ocean), at least 1/3 of disc games are working on it (majority of them in fast loading mode), it can be used as DeadTest cartridge too..

    Great solution for USA users, because they don't have customs and extra shipping costs like Europeans do.

    With all these solutions, we are really blessed with hardware support our machine has.

    I would like to thank all developers for making them.

    Price drop!

    Backbit cartridge with case is now 99 USD instead 119.

    Backbit cartridge w/o case is now 89 USD instead 99.

    There's also new product from Evie there - joystick splitter for one joystick called TwoBit for 20 USD.