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    That means with present firmware there's no need to go SD route if:

    a) there will be version of TapeCart with 8/16 MB of Flash-ROM

    b) if 8/16 MB Flash-Rom on TapeCart is cheap like add SD support on TapeCart

    b) if users don't want to flash it more than once

    I see some more potential in it, that could store up to 16MB of programs - with some more effort. (BTW: I'm thinking of a solution, wouldn't be easy - at least for me. But this is only a list, without the possibility of modification from C64).

    Checking 'only' 254 .prg files that they are all OK - that was quite a task for me. Checking 1000 .prg files ... well...

    I think 8 MB will be enough for 254 PRG files.

    How much time does it take to read whole directory with 254 files?

    If it's slow, there's no point to go for more files since there's no support for more directories.


    Using 1, 2, 8 or 16 MB of Flash-ROM in C64 devices while you can use GBs on cheap SD card instead for a few dollars/euros/quids more and have direct access without need of long flashing is pointless.

    Same goes to Easyflash cartridges.

    TapeCart is great for making compilations of tape games/utils you want, but limit of only 2 MB and need of long flashing doesn't satisfy average user.

    On other hand, 16 MB will satisfy (almost) everyone to make his tape collection, flash it and keep it there.

    For that you need to upgrade firmware to have limits of at least 500 file entries (1000 will be perfect) instead of 254.

    Is it possible to make more than one directory?

    It's great that you're working on it!

    PRGuino (upgrade of TapeCart) solves this issue using SD card instead of Flash-ROM, price is almost the same as TapeCart, but it's still limited to tape games/utils - now it has one disc game working on it and obviously needs coding for each disc game to working on it. More of proof of concept, probably we will not have many of them.

    TapeCart's TCRT format didn't get user's support, since there's one slideshow and few collections available for it only.

    SD2IEC is still best solution for the price but it has problem of slow loading without JiffyDos, Epyx Fastload cartridges or similar devices.

    On top of all solutions, there is 1541 Ultimate, but it's pretty expensive.

    In the middle of the road, there's new Backbit device - ease of use, no cables, it occupies cartridge port only, SD slot, no need for extra power supply, no need to load filebrowser before loading game, no need to know any command of C64, it loads biggest PRG file of 202 blocks in little bit more than one second, with present firmware it reads half of Easyflash releases, more than 90% of Disk2Easyflash releases, all kind of CRT files (8K, 16K, Ultimax, Ocean), at least 1/3 of disc games are working on it (majority of them in fast loading mode), it can be used as DeadTest cartridge too..

    Great solution for USA users, because they don't have customs and extra shipping costs like Europeans do.

    With all these solutions, we are really blessed with hardware support our machine has.

    I would like to thank all developers for making them.

    Price drop!

    Backbit cartridge with case is now 99 USD instead 119.

    Backbit cartridge w/o case is now 89 USD instead 99.

    There's also new product from Evie there - joystick splitter for one joystick called TwoBit for 20 USD.

    Thanks to hard work of Master (Stephan Scheuer), we have more excellent C64 games in D81 format:

    Wrath of the Demon (1991) (Joy Port 1)

    Labyrinth (1986)

    Elvira - Mistress of te Dark (Deutch) (1991)

    Dunkle Dimension, Die (Deutch) (1989)

    Racing Destruction Set (1985)

    Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? (1990)

    Metal Gear (1990)

    Red Storm Rising (1988)

    Dunkle Domension, Die (Deutch) (1989)

    Red Storm Rising (1988)

    Note: There's offical EF release of Red Storm Rising - this one is slow-loading, but compatible wth D2EF program.


    And we can say result is fantastic!

    I mean, PRGuino reads PRG files with same speed like C64 equipped with JiffyDOS and SD2IEC.

    Double the speed than combination of Epyx Fastload cartridge with SD2IEC.

    It reads PRG files twice as faster than C64 equipped with Jiffy combined with 1541 equipped with Jiffy.

    In other words, PRGuino (same as TapeCart) reads files at almost 10 KB/sec.!

    PRG files are far more popular than TAP files, since they load much faster, and for all TAP single-load games there are PRG versions - for most of them you can find versions with trainers/level-skippers.

    TAP files are dumps of original files, none of them having trainers.

    TAP files can't have loading boost like PRGs, they need to load slow like on original C64.

    One more thing I dislike with Tapuino is that you can't position tape where you needed in multi-load games when levels are not loaded chronologically (for example, Epyx games) - basically, it's useless for that type of games.

    Anyway, in F64 Wolke you have excellent TAP collection posted recently.

    It would be great to avoid loading of browser in PRGuino, having it loaded right after boot.

    Probably can't be done without making specific Kernal, right?

    Just for the record: you called it killer, not me :)

    Other names I had on my mind - TapeCart improver, TapeCart gets better, TapeCart on steroids, TapeCart going SD route, TapeCart with PRG support - doesn't sound right, because it's technically not a TapeCart, right? :)

    What is important that C64 users have another gadget - cheap & small hardware to read C64 files (very) fast :thumbsup:


    PRGuino practically has the same price as TapeCart.

    Easyflash format has more than 250 releases, TapeCart 6.

    Just like I said, PRGuino will not exists if there's no TapeCart first - it looks like very good upgrade of TapeCart, making product far more practical.

    It's not killing TapeCart concept like enthusi wrote - it improves it :)

    Enthusi, no hard feelings.

    I know TapeCart is your child, but it has major flaws like 2 MB Flash ROM and flashing of these 2 MB last 150 minutes with C64 equipped with Jiffy.

    Nothing has been done in 3 years since creation to improve it - no wonder there are only few compilations done in TCRT format.

    No one even did new updated slideshow for TapeCart, and we have dozens and dozens fantastic pictures done in last 3 years for our beloved machine.

    Finally someone bring TapeCart to the level it should be from the start.

    PRGuino will not exists, if there's no TapeCart first - most of the credits fro this product goes to you, Unseen, Kim Jorgensen, Draco and sweetlilmre.

    Author of PRGuino Remzi gave credits to all of you developers bringing Tapuino, Tapecart, Tapecart SD and DraBrowse to fruition:…3437c1:g:-e8AAOSwYv9d16bf