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    I would like to mention there is new Demo Nirvana collection v2.0 too on F64 Wolke!

    We have inside Top 250 disc demos according to CSDB votes (status 24-04-2022), and they are updated from v1.0 I made last year.

    Demos are neatly arranged with numbers from 001 to 250.

    I added One-filed demos to collection too (also status 24-04-2022) according to CSDB votes and amount of them is also 250.

    It's amazing what coders doing on our beloved machine!

    The Joker's actual version v8 with his games & demos converted to CRT files also containing 100 one-filed demos - it will be great if he converts these top 250 demos too (or at least part of it) in his next version of his marvellous collection 8)

    CommFor Thank you for your impressive work in testing all these games :thumbup:

    I'll be interested in the games that stopped working with firmware 1.39, and also the 116 games that doesn't work.
    Maybe some of these games can be supported with a few tweaks to the Kung Fu Flash firmware.


    Just sent you private message with them :)

    Kung Fu Flash Nirvana v3.1 is on F64 Wolke!

    What's inside and which changes have been made since last version v3.0?

    1. Dumps of all original CRT images - 64 pcs. 8KB, 109 pcs. 16KB, 20 pcs. Ultimax, 14 pcs Ocean Type 1 plus more (no changes since v3.0)

    2. 1.534 tape games in CRT format (StatMat's OneLoad64 v3 collection) (no changes)

    3. 1.027 tape games and 100 demos in CRT format (The Joker's v8 collection) (no changes)

    4. 238 Easyflash games (19 added)

    5. 46 Easyflash compilations (3 added)

    6. 8 Easyflash demos (no changes)

    7. 13 D2EF games (5 less because others work now from their natural D64/D81 containers)

    8. 8 D2EF games (17 less because others work now from their natural D64/D81 containers)

    9. 703 disc games (fast loading) (30 added)

    10. 182 disc games (standard loading) (38 added)

    11. 382 tape games in PRG format (Best of) (no changes)

    12. 1.947 tape games in PRG format (Rest of) (no changes)

    This is THE collection for all Kung Fu Flash cartridge users :sabber:

    Thank You. That sounds logical. But if fastloaders always need to be disabled, what is the purpose of the games in the EF Fastloading folder?

    One thing is to enable or disable fastloader inside game (always choose disable or game will not load, because enabling fastload calling for floppy 1541 disc-routines that KFF/BB/EF/EF3 cartridges can't emulate).

    Completely other thing is loading CRT file (Disk2Easyflash versions) from KFF/BB/EF/EF3 cartridge.

    Games in "Fast Loading" directory have instant loading time, just like real Easyflash releases.

    Games in "Standard Loading" directory have loading time like you're loading from disc-drive - once more, thanks to Metallic for Disk2Easyflash update to allow them also to be converted to CRT format.

    If you wonder what's the point of them, there is - EF & EF3 users can play these games too that way ;)

    When I made actual version of Kung Fu Flash Nirvana collection v3.0 (beginning of January 2022.), actual KFF firmware was 1.32, and all disc games were tested with it.

    Actual firmware is 1.39, so I tested all games again in collection.

    Only few lost compatibility with new firmware, but we gain a lot of new disc games working with KFF :)

    I made Nirvana collections for BackBit and Kung Fu Flash cartridges simultaneosuly, and BackBit firmware has far better compatibility with disc games than KFF.

    Actually, I have separate directory with them on my PC - there were 181 games that work with BackBit, but not working with KFF firmware.

    All of them were tested again with new KFF firmware 1.39, and now this directory has 116 of them ;)

    Many great disc games now working with KFF (vast majority of them with standard loading time), and there are few dozens Easyflash games made lately, so I think it will be nice update

    to make KFF Nirvana v3.1 collection. What do you think? :D

    If someone is interested, I can post link here to download those 116 games (disc images) that work with BackBit, but still not working with KFF.

    (Out of this 116, 24 are Infocom text adventures and 27 of them are "Learning to Ladders" educational programs).

    So Kim and others can work on firmware updates to make them working too.

    I can see problem with KFF firmware regarding Triad releases (on some games you really need to press Space fast on Triad intro to continue game loading, otherwise C64 freezes) is finally fixed with new KFF firmware.

    Always choose (D)isable Fastloading or game will not load on real hardware.

    Fastloading using 1541 routines (for quicker game load) that KFF/BB/EF/EF3 cartridge can't support because it doesn't have physical connection to IEC port.

    I would like to inform GenAssister users there's new GenAssister 3.2 collection on F64 Wolke!

    What we have here?

    - 265 C64 games using space as second fire button (button "A" on Megadrive/Genesis controller)

    - 160 C64 games using space for pause (button "A" on Megadrive/Genesis controller)

    - 6 C64 games using regular second C64 button (button "Z" or "C" on MegaDrive/Genesis controller)

    - 28 C64 games using "A" button on Genesis/MegaDrive controller as switch between music and SFX during game play

    - 58 C64 games using "A" button on Genesis/MegaDrive controller for going to game main menu resetting the game

    Overall 517 games!

    Inside collection you can find separate collections for BackBit, BackBit Pro, Kung Fu Flash and Pi1541 cartridges and also for SD2IEC, Tapuino users.

    Even collection in WAV format is included.

    Almost one year passed since last Easyflash Nirvana collection v3.0, and you all know what does it mean :emojiSmiley-06:

    Easyflash Nirvana v3.2 is on F64 Wolke! :emojiSmiley-07:

    What's inside?

    ALL Easyflash games posted on and in this thread plus ALL Disk2Easyflash games posted in "Disk2Easyflash - Fertige images" thread!

    - 32 Easyflash games added (now we have overall 238 of them)

    - 3 Easyflash compilations added (46 overall)

    - 65 Disk2Easyflash games added (697 overall)

    There are still 8 Easyflash demos inside, and also ALL available 8K, 16K and Ultimate CRT images for C64 inside (193 of them) and 14 Ocean Type 1 CRT images.

    There are two collections.

    One with full names (aimed at Ultimate / Kung Fu Flash / BackBit / MiSTer / emulator users).

    I don't see the point to keep Xbank versions of D2EF games in this collection, so they are erased.

    Second one is for users of real Easyflash/Easyflash 3 cartridges - in this collection game names are truncated to 16 low-letters maximum, and this collection has Xbank versions of D2EF games.

    Big shout to Skoe for inventing Easyflash cartridge and this wonderful 1 MB CRT format!

    Big shout to Alex (author of Disk2Easyflash program) and to Master, The Joker and Metallic to make great updates of Disk2Easyflash program!

    Big shout to Master, Knight Rider, The Joker, CSixx, Nostalgia group and others for making proper Easyflash releases!

    Without all of you, this collection will not exist.

    Keep them coming :thumbsup:

    I hope others with C64 programming knowledge willl join to make Easyflash conversations!

    Here it is as promised - all C64 disc games with their status regarding if they have Easyflash/Disk2Easyflash releases.

    There are 2.637 disc games on the list, and I think more than 99% of existing ones are there.

    Most comprehensive list of C64 disc games ever done!

    It's in the form of two Excel sheets - first one is list in alphapbetical order, second one is list according to Lemon64 ratings of the games.

    If disc game has proper Easylash release, it's marked with green color.

    If disc game has proper Easyflash release, but as part of compilation, it's marked with light green color.

    If disc game has Disk2easyfash release with fast loading time, it's marked with orange color.

    If disc game has Disk2easyfash release with standard (slow) loading time, it's marked with yellow color.

    If disc game doesn't have Easyflash/Disk2Easyflash release, it's marked with red color.

    Excel sheet with list of disc games according to Lemon64 ratings, showing which games should be converted.

    All games that don't have Easyflash & Disk2Easyflash releases (with fast loading times) with scores 8,0 or more definitely deserves EF conversions!

    And you can see clearly there which they are!

    135 of them.

    While I was struggling to find 1 you found 1......or 2.......ooooh 58!!! :smoke::schande:


    Don't worry, just keep them coming ;)

    I posted around 85% of D2EF games in this thread, so it's better to post all I found so far, for not doing double job :)

    I need to done this now, so I can update promised list of all disc-games that have EF/D2EF releases.

    And make sure to have your 30 posts at ASAP, so you can have access to F64 Wolke!

    Roberto Lopez - Il Segreto di Teohuacan

    Roberto Lopez - La Piramide di Teohuacan

    Roberto Lopez - Ritorno alla Locanda

    Rex Wright - L'Agente Impazzito

    Rex Wright - Una Domenica Alle Corse

    Rex Wright - Una Notte a Villa Neall

    Nashiro Hazu - La Foresta Incantata

    Nashiro Hazu - La Fortezza del Dragone

    Nashiro Hazu - La Roccia del Destino

    At the end we have series of graphic/text adventures done in Italian language - Alberto Sorrio, Nashiro Hazu, Rex Wright and Roberto Lopez.

    Each of them have 3 adventures.

    Alberto Sorrio - Il Rellito Misteriozo

    Alberto Sorrio - L' Ereditiera

    Alberto Sorrio - La Giocca di Sangue

    Wizard II (1984)

    Wizard's Doom (1990)

    Worm in Paradise (1985)

    Solo Flight (with digitized speech) (1985)

    Space Rogue (1989)

    Spooks (1985)

    Super Vortex II (2019)

    Wizard (1984)

    Note: Can't make Solo flight (with speech) xbank version.

    Rock Star ate my Hamster, Millennium (2021)

    SAM (19??)

    Say Simon (1984)

    Shredz64 (2008)

    Silk Dust (2021)

    Percentage Panic (1986)

    Pinball Masterpiece (1991)

    Project-X9 (2020)

    Quiz-Show (1994)

    RoboVox - Fish Pond (2020)