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    Documentation states "supported file types Disk image (D64, D71, D81)"

    Are multi-part titles - as long as standard kernal load/save routines are being used - fully supported right now?

    Or differently phrased: Do multi-part titles which work on SD2IEC work on KFF as well?

    SD2IEC compatibility with disc games (you call them multi-part titles) is 78%.

    Kung Fu Flash compatibility with disc games is half of that.

    KFF cartridge doesn't use IEC port - using cartridge port allowing to play disc games using Kernal routines only.

    Very similar results you have with BackBit cartridge regarding disc game compatibility.

    On other hand, 83% of disc games that work with KFF/Backbit cartridge have instant loading time natively - it's much better than SD2IEC combined with Epyx Fastload cartridge, even with JiffyDOS too.

    These cartridges don't speed up just loading time of main file of disc games (like Epyx Fastload or JiffyDOS do), but all of them are loading instantly.

    Other 17% of disc games KFF/BB cartridge load main fle instantly, so it's still faster then SD2IEC with Epyx FL or Jiffy.

    For disc games that don't work with SD2IEC/KFF proper fixes need to be done for each of them in code (Easyflash releases or versions of disc games that don't use Fastload routines of 1541 floppy drive).

    So, basically, we're almost stuck at these percentages, because present C64 scene doing new disc game releases is not big enough to fix games that don't work with SD2IEC/KFF cartridge.

    We have on yearly basis around 40 new Easyflash releases (thanks again to Master, The Joker, Knight Rider, CSixx for making them) and maybe 10 versions of disc games that will work with SD2IEC or KFF without having them already in SD2IEC/KFF Nirvana collections you can find on F64 Wolke.

    And there are around 2.460 disc games for C64..

    I wanted to back up floppy disks with an SD2ICE in images (and back).

    So I came to the easyFlash3, because this can then copy the images directly via USB to the PC.

    An alternative would obviously be KungFuFlash, although I am not interested in the additional options for my job at first (but maybe later)

    Easiest option to convert D64/D81 files to 1541/1581 drive and from 1541/1581 drive to D64/D81 files is BackBit cartridge.

    No need for PC, USB, USB driver or PC/C64 additional software at all for doing this, conversion software is in BackBit firmware.

    All you need is C64 with BackBit cartridge and 1541 or 1581 floppy drive.

    i have now ordered the SD2IEC

    here a 95% compatibility is enough for me

    for the remaining 5% I still have 3x 1541

    I will part with two soon if anyone is interested.

    SD2IEC compatibility with disc games is 78%, and it will not go any further. Maybe percent or two in future.

    To achieve that, there's great SD2IEC collection on F64 cloud.

    You can configure Kung Fu Flash cartridge to be used as Epyx Fastload cartridge - similar price, but KFF cartridge can read around 40% of all C64 disc games instantly, same goes for 99% of PRG files.

    To achieve that, there's great Kung Fu Flash collection of F64 cloud.

    Question for Ultimate users:

    Are there still need to disable "Map Ultimate Audio" in Ultimate options for playing Disk2Easyflash games or is it fixed with new versions of firmware?

    CapFuture1975 will probably know the answer :)

    After Metallic's Disk2Easyflash update, xbankconv.exe done by The Joker doesn't work properly anymore!

    I removed the D2EF-"signature check" in version 2.

    Should now work with all Disk2Easyflash versions.

    Thanks, I converted all six games to XBank CRT format without any problem with your new version of xbankconv.exe

    AW182, thanks for the effort to find originals and converting them.

    Metallic, The Joker,

    After Metallic's Disk2Easyflash update, xbankconv.exe done by The Joker doesn't work properly anymore!

    I'm finishing Easyflash Nirvana collection, and found out I don't have Xbank CRT versions for six games.

    All of them are in attachment together with latest D2EF version and Xbankconv tool.

    Can you fix these, so we will have all games in XBANK versions too?

    Note I had imagined an LCD to do things like:

    - Show the cartridge cover art

    - Show some brief historical information about the cartridge or game

    Actually, BackBit cartridge has his own BBT format which allows to add up to 10 game screenshots in Koala format for each game, 1 SID file (game music) plus TXT file for game description which can be seen on the TV screen before starting the game.

    (look at 03:48 - 04:25)

    I have linked 175 new game adaptations (700 total + 10 demos) in the "magic desk 64KB" cartridge format. All games were unpacked and starts in ONE second. Have fun!

    Download link for the complete V6 package (crt + bin)

    The Joker, this is sooo great!

    Out of my BOTAG collection (Best Of TApe Games) that have 374 PRGs, only 64 of them are not in your Magic Desk 64 collection.

    List of them are in attachment.

    If you can manage them also to have in your new Magic Desk 64 update, it will be great!

    In post #1.133 in this thread I wrote there's need to test educational and adventure games from SD2IEC Nirvana collection with new D2EF program 0.9.3. - r2 (classic games already tested plus all IDE64 releases).

    After I erased all educational and adventure games we already have as D2EF releases, and then erased games with hidden files, SEQ and REL files (D2EF program doesn't support that), 101 disc games left for testing.

    I tested them all with D2EF proggie, and found only one to add to Disk2Easyflash collection:

    Quink (1984)

    Probably there are more disc games compatible with D2EF program, but only few is somewhere on

    I'm done with testing games with great Metallic's update of Disk2Easyflash program.

    Now it's time for new Easyflash Nirvana collection - there are already 638 Disk2Easyflash games there, plus all "proper" Easyflash releases (around 240 of them).

    Expect this collection in F64 Wolke next week.


    • quink.d64

      (174.85 kB, downloaded 43 times, last: )
    • quink-xbank.crt

      (131.39 kB, downloaded 23 times, last: )

    While this PI1541 Zero + Epyx Fasload looks like a nice device, i'm not so keen on using a tiny LCD display for the disks menu. A full screen GUI on the TV/monitor is mandatory for me.

    Just like I wrote - agree completely.

    Navigation through bunch of files and directories with tiny buttons is really painful.

    That's the reason I don't like Tapuino too - why no one makes version to navigate through TAP files with integrated browser?


    I don't know how many of you know there's Pi1541 Zero product that combines Epyx Fastload Cartridge with Pi 1541 in one case powered from C64:

    Quick Look: Epyx Fast Load + Pi1541 - YouTube

    This product can be found for 50 euros cased:

    Sordan Electronics

    And all you need to add inside is RPi Zero WH that costs 15 euros.

    This product proves combination of two (Pi 1541 and Epyx FL cartridge) can be done.

    Now, combination of KFF cartridge with Pi1541 will be perfect product!

    Pi1541 will be used for disc games / demos aren't compatible with KFF, and KFF will be used for.. well.. everything else :)

    Both projects are open sourced, they're not expensive, and combo product of these two will be easy to use and still lot cheaper than 1541 Ultimate II.

    If you ask me, there's no need for tiny LED screen and five buttons on Pi 1541 in this product - just one for disk-swap, because KFF browser will be enough to select files.

    This will cut the price even more.

    What do you think?

    SD2IEC is not good idea to combo with KFF cartridge, because lot of games will still be missed (78% of all disc games working with SD2IEC and almost none of modern disc demos, with Pi1541 this number is near 100%).


    Remark: Most of these disc games derived from Disk2Easyflash CRT images.

    Since they're converted to D64/D81 containers, they have instant loading like EF releases!

    You don't need to flash these games at all like EF releases requiring!

    This is really amazing. How does it work technically? I mean, it's as fast a flashed CRT game. It saves the internal flash massively too.

    I tested all disc games in D64/D81 format from SD2IEC Nirvana collection with KFF cartridge and found out lot of games working natively that way, including disk-versions that became Disk2Easyflash files.

    Disk2Easyflash releases in CRT format derived from D64/D81 format and I thought - why not convert them all back from CRT to D64/D81 format to see if they work on KFF cartridge.

    And they do!

    I also tested all IDE64 releases with KFF, majority of them working too with KFF cartridge, they're also in collection.

    Thanks to Evie Salomon (author of BackBit cartridge, similar to KFF cartridge, but with better compatibility) for converting them all back from CRT to D64/D81 format now we have them working as D64/D81 files.

    Since they're not CRT files, there's no need for flash, and games are loading really fast!

    As you can see, this is much better than having JiffyDOS/Epyx Fastload combination with SD2IEC, because with this combination only first PRG file in disc-game is loading 6-10 times faster (with KFF that's 100 times faster!), all other files are loading slow opposite to D64/D81 games in Kung Fu Flash Nirvana collection.

    On other hand, with SD2IEC we can play 78% of all disc games on C64, with KFF that number is half of it, but it's still great!

    Btw, BackBit Nirvana collection is also posted before few days on F64 Wolke, now I need to finish latest version of Easyflash Nirvana collection too :)

    Similar hardware all three, but firmwares have different compatibility.

    On some of my fat32 cards it says ...file not supported... on the update (.upd) files and on another fat32 card the update is taken and run properly.

    Why is that?

    Thanks in advance.

    Whole KFF Nirvana collection was tested on firmware 1.16, if this information helps.


    Kung Fu Flash Nirvana v2.0 just landed on F64 Wolke and it's 300% better than v1.0!

    Most of disc games don't need to be flashed anymore on KFF cartridge because vast majority of Disk2Easyflash releases were converted back to D64/D81 format!

    Overall 786 disc games can be played like this plus 44 in D2EF format (KFF compatibility is better than D2EF, since we have for now 637 D2EF games).

    All Easyflash releases avaialble from Commodore Scene Database are also in this collection, plus all publicly available D2EF releases available from are also here (most of them converted back to D64/D81 format) plus lot's more like original CRT collections and PRG collections!

    What's inside?

    Part of ReadMeFirst.xt is here:

    1. CARTRIDGE GAMES (CRT format)

    a) original CRT dumps

    - 64 original 8K cartridge games

    - 109 original 16K cartridge games

    - 20 original Ultimax cartridge games

    - 14 original Ocean Type 1 cartridge games

    - 3 original C64GS cartridge games

    - 4 original Domark games

    - 2 original Fun & PowerPlay games

    - 5 original HES Australia games

    - 3 unique original cartridge games

    b) CRT Dumps of home-made collections of cartridge games

    - 706 Magic Desk 64K games (The Joker's collection v6)

    - 93 Magic Cart games

    - 5 Magic Desk games

    c) Easyflash games

    - 196 Easyflash games (mostly disk games converted to EF format)

    - 42 Easyflash game compilations containing 149 games (tape/disc games converted to EF format)

    - 8 Easyflash demos

    d) Disk2Easyflash games

    - 24 Disk2Easyflash (D2EF) games (fast loading)

    - 20 Disk2Easyflash (D2EF) games (standard loading)

    Remark: All other Disk2Easyflash games are converted to their native D64/D81 containers

    (These ones don't work when converted to D64/D81 format)

    2. DISC GAMES (D64/D81 format)

    - 647 disc games (fast loading)

    - 139 disc games (standard loading)

    Remark: Most of these disc games derived from Disk2Easyflash CRT images.

    Since they're converted to D64/D81 containers, they have instant loading like EF releases!

    You don't need to flash these games at all like EF releases requiring!

    Disc-games are divided in Adventure, Classic and Educational games

    3. TAPE GAMES (PRG format)

    - 374 tape games in PRG format in separate folder (Best Of)

    - 1859 tape games in PRG format in separate folder (Blast from the Past Disk Collection)


    Remember to go to Kung Fu Flash menu pressing F5 key, choose Autostart disk image: Yes and then on Save.

    This is very important thing to do to avoid going inside and outside directories every time you want to

    start new disc-game!


    As usual, there are Game databases in Excel format.

    Thanks to all involved making this collection possible - Skoe, Alex, The Joker, Metallic, Master, Knight Rider, CSixx, Evie, Kim, Soci, Nostalgia guys, CapFuture1975 and others!

    This is THE collection for Kung Fu Flash owners! :sabber:

    He's expensive asking 45 pounds for KFF cartridge.

    Here's KFF cartridge for 30 pounds I bought from:…075675:g:EJcAAOSw-IRflKlz

    TF8Wbit has injection mould casing, this one is 3D printed, and on mine semi-transparent button doesn't work. But it offers 11 different colours, TFW8bit I see only green colour.

    Quality of my KFF is really good. And you all know how much I use mine :)

    I tested all "classic" games from SD2IEC Nirvana collection that still don't have D2EF version with new D2EF version 0.9.3-r2.

    Out of the 605 tested games, I found 4 more compatible with actual D2EF program:

    Genius Enhanced - Into the Toy Warehouses (2016)

    Genius 2 - Into the Toy Caves (2017)

    Mask of the Sun (1984)

    Star Trek - The Rebel Universe (1989)

    Genius games using on-the-fly depacking, other two have fast loading times.

    Next thing is to test all "adventure" and "educational" games from SD2IEC Nirvana collection that still don't have D2EF version with D2EF 0.9.3-r2

    All IDE64 versions of games are already tested with it.

    In other words, don't expect many more games here.

    And that means one thing you all expecting now ;)

    Happy New Year to everyone! :party2:

    You have D2EF version of "In 80 days around the World" in post #975 in this thread.

    XBank game versions are not executable alone.

    XBank versiions of Disk2Easyflash games are aimed to make compilations of them up to 1 MB, using NDEF Pack program:

    XBank game versions are useful for users of Easyflash & Easyflash 3 cartridges only to fill whole 1 MB banks with games they want.

    With this program they can mix PRGs, 8K CRTs, 16K CRTs, XBANK CRTs and one Ocean CRT until they fill whole 1 MB.

    All others (users of Back Bit cartridge, Kung Fu Flash cartridge, 1541 Ultimate cartridge, Ultimate 64 FPGA motherboard) can forget Xbank versions, because they're using SD cards that load these games immediately and without need for flashing (only Kung Fu Flash cartridge is flashing, but it takes only 10 seconds to flash biggest 1 MB file from SD card).

    On other hand, users of EF/EF3 cartridge will need to flash for more than 8 minutes if whole 1 MB is filled with software.

    Users that using emulators (PC, Android, TheC64, C64 Mini etc.) also don't have need for Xbank files.