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Games in D81 format for SD2IEC device

  • Rules for this topic:

    1. Only games with multiple D64 images converted to D81 format working with SD2IEC device can be posted here.

    2. Games must be tested on real SD2IEC device, and when you post game in D81 format should mention which firmware you have in your SD2IEC (how to check your SD2IEC firmware will be explained in one of next posts)

    3. Game in D81 format MUST be thoroughly tested before posting in this topic, or we will have bunch of useless files here (how to check game thoroughly will be explained in one of next posts)

    4. All posted games should be zipped and D81 files should have maximum 12 lower-case letters to be fully visible on SD2IEC device.

    I should mention also this:

    Anyone can try to make working version of any game in D81 format originated from game with multiple D64 images without programming knowledge
    (will be explained in one of next posts).

    Success rate of this way is not too low either ;)

  • How to make game in D81 format:

    1. Download freeware PC program called DirMaster - it's fantastic for manipulations of any kind of C64 files.
    (think to donate some money to Style for this excellent program)

    2. Go to Commodore Scene Database site - http://www.csdb.dk

    This site has almost every game published for C64, and every game has (almost) every crack made for it (!).
    It's not unusual at all that one game has 10 or more cracks.
    Go to the upper right corner and below "Search CSDb", choose "Releases" and below that write game name you want to convert to D81 format.
    Download game you want to convert to D81 format
    Unzip it.
    Just like I said before, we're converting here games with mutliple D64 images, so game must have two or more D64 images after unpacked.

    D64 image has 170 KB, and D81 image has 800 KB - that means you will not try convert very large games with 8 or 9 D64 images to D81 format.
    More disks means more problems and more chance game will not work using this simple way of conversion.

    3. Open every D64 image of this game with Style's DirMaster (just click on it twice).
    Now you will see directory of D64 files.
    Every D64 image has 664 blocks.
    First check how many blocks are free on EACH D64 file and look if every file (PRG, SEQ, REL) has info how many blocks it has.
    DEL files usually has 0 blocks, but you can easily delete them if you want - they are not important at all for game.

    If one, more or all files has 0 blocks inside D64 images (except above mentioned DEL), than forget this crack version and try another crack of the same game.

    Also check if sum of all files inside D64 file plus free blocks are approximately 664 blocks.
    If they're not, than forget this crack version and try another crack of the same game.

    4. Copying files from D64 images to D81 image

    a) Open first D64 image of the game.
    b) Open new D81 image (just press "8" OR choose "Disk" - "New" - "D81")
    c) Grab D81 image and put it beside D64 image you want to copy.
    d) Choose again opened D64 image and press simulataneously "CTRL" and "A" keys to select all files inside D64 image
    e) Drag and drop all files from D64 image to D81 image.
    f) Close D64 image and open second D64 image of the game.
    g) Press simulataneously "CTRL" and "A" keys to select all files inside second D64 image
    h) Drag and drop all files from D64 image to the BOTTOM of the D81 image.
    i) if game has more than two D64 images, repeat steps f-h.

    In this process, DirMaster sometimes doesn't want to copy files from D64 to D81 image.
    In that case, forget this crack and try another one of desired game, because we need to have ALL files inside D81 image of the game.

    j) When you copy all files from all D64 images to D81 image, than save D81 image "Disk" - "Save as" and give the name.

  • Testing game in D81 format on SD2IEC

    Now when you have game in D81 format, copy this file on SD Card, and put it in your SD2IEC on Commodore 64.

    What we need to find it out - and this is CRUCIAL - is to reach point when game asks for another disk of the game, because many games will fail at this point!

    I mean game will ask for second disk, you will press fire or space to continue loading your game in D81 format and there's chance game will not want to load further!
    In that case, proper coding knowledge to fix this is obligatory, and forget about this version of the game.
    Try another crack from http://www.csdb.dk, and repeat above mentioned procedure.

    Of course, there's possibility game will continue to load without problem :)

    Best possibilities:

    a) when game has level-skip option - you will just level-skip game until you will see the end.
    In that way you will know game works as D81 file and you can post game it in this topic.

    b) when game offers you to choose level you want to play - you will choose last one, and this level will not load from first disk.
    In that way you will know game works as D81 file and you can post game in this topic.

    c) when game gives you opportunity to see the end of the game - we're almost sure it will not load from first disk.

    d) if game has trainer option, and you have will, knowledge and ability to finish game with trainer.
    When you reach the end, you will know game works as D81 file and you can post it in this topic.

    Now you understand that easiest way to make and find D81 working game is to download game with two D64 images with as many trainers as possible ;)

    Other possibilities:

    e) If game doesn't have level-skip option and if you're not able to finish game even with trainers (or game doesn't have trainer options at all), than you need to copy not only game in D81 format, but also the same game with mutliple D64 images you downloaded from csdb.dk.
    First, start game on your SD2IEC with multiple D64 images (don't forget to make proper autoswap.lst for this game on your SD card).

    Now you need to reach the point in the game when game asking you to switch disk.
    So, you need then to switch disk with disk-swap button on your SD2IEC and see if game will continue to load.
    If game continues to load, REMEMBER when game asks you to change disk.

    Now you need to reach that stage with D81 version of the game, to see if will work.

    f) It's easy when you have big game with nice introduction, because sometimes game will ask you to switch disk before you start playing.

    Phew, it's a big manual, but I think it's understandable for everyone.

    I REALLY hope, guys, you will post many games in D81 format here! :P

    Let's get rid of this annoying disk-swap-button on SD2IEC :thumbup:

  • Success Ratio

    If you randomly choose any small disc-game crack (1D) from http://www.csdb.dk, you only have 30% of chance that game will work on your SD2IEC.
    But if game has many cracks, chances are going up to 75% you will find working version :)

    Let's say - you're looking for game version with disk-loader supported by SD2IEC firmware by Ingo Korb (known as Unseen here).

    So, choose games with many cracks as possible (these games are usually well-known), with many trainers as possible (preferably with level-skip options), and choose games with two disk-images (2D) - it's easiest way to make and post working versions of games in D81 format here :)

    For example, if particular game with multiple disk images you want to convert to D81 image has six cracks, download all of them, copy them to your SD2IEC, check which one will load game after cracktro
    (you will be still at first disk) from your SD2IEC.

    Let's say, two out of six will work.

    THEN start to convert these two versions to D81 format with Style's DirMaster like I described above.

    Chances are fifty-fifty this game will continue to load as D81 image when C64 will ask you to change disk (sometimes it will not even ask you that, because C64 will just continue to load from second disk).

  • How to find SD2IEC firmware version you have

    Very easy.
    In this post you have C64SD file for your C64.

    Start the program on C64 and you will see firmware you have in your SD Card.

    For example, all games in D81 format I will posted here working with my firmware 0.10.3.

    If you bought your SD2IEC after February 2012. most likely you have this version.

  • List of games with multiple disk-images needs conversion to D81 format

    In this post you have list of ALL games with multiple disk-images needed to be converted to D81 format.
    There are 535 of them 8o

    If you don't see your favourite game on this list , that means it's already converted to D81 format or it's a small disk-game (1D).
    And right now I will post very large amonunt of them here ;)

  • Platforms in D81 format:

    Creatures 2 (1992)
    Mayhem in Monsterland (1993)
    McDonald Land (1992)
    Nobby the Aadvark 1993)
    Shadow of the Beast (1990)
    Sleepwalker (1992)
    Wonderboy in Monsterland (1989)

  • Racing games in D81 format:

    4x4 Off Road Racing (1988)
    F1 Grand Prix Circuits (1991)
    Ferrari Formula One (1990)
    Hot Rod (1990)
    Out Run Europa (1992)
    Racing Destruction Set (1985)
    Street Rod (1989)
    Duel - Test Drive II (1989)
    Turbo Charge (1991)

  • RPGs in D81 format:

    Bard's Tale (1988)
    Faery Tale Adventure (1988)
    Torchbearer (1987)
    Ultima III Gold (1984)
    Ultima IV Gold (1985)

  • Arcades in D81 format:

    Bouncy Balls (1996)
    Cosmic Arc (19??)
    Curse of Babylon (1989)
    Dino Wars (19??)
    Jim Henson's Muppet Adventure (1989)
    Lemmings (1994)
    Myth (1989)
    Simpsons Arcade Game (1991)
    Sly Spy Secret Agent (1989)
    Terminator 2 - Judgment Day (1991)

  • Strategies in D81 format:

    Defender of the Crown (1987)
    Duck Tales - Quest for Gold (1990)
    Empire - Wargame of the Century (1988)
    Field of Fire (1985)
    Oil Barons (1984)
    Oil Imperium (1989)
    Panzer Strike! (1987)
    Roadwar 2000 (1986)

  • Shoot'em ups (1st part) in D81 format:

    Airborne Ranger (1987)
    Alien Syndrome (1988)
    Argos Expedition (1984)
    Boom (1991)
    Dragon Breed (1990)
    Gauntlet III - The Final Quest (1991)
    Hermetic (1993)

  • Shoot'em ups (2nd part) in D81 format:

    Retrograde (1989)
    Solar Jetman (1991)
    Soldier (1987)
    Turrican (1990)
    Turrican II (1991)
    Turrican 3 (2004)
    X-Out (1989)

  • Arcade Adventures in D81 format:

    Three Stooges (1988)
    Bad Blood (1991)
    Doctor Doom's Revenge (1989)
    Indiana Jones and Fate of Atlantis (1992)
    Last Ninja (1987)
    Last Ninja 2 (1988)
    Last Ninja 3 (1991)
    Last Ninja Remix (1990)
    Mean Streets (1989)
    Vendetta (1990)

  • Educational games in D81 format:

    Mind Pursuit (1986)
    Operation Frog (1989)
    Teddy Bear-rels of Fun (1987)
    Trump Castle (1988)
    Welcome Aboard (1985)

  • Sport games (1st part) in D81 format:

    ABC Monday Football (1990)
    Alternative World Games 1987)
    Aussie Games (1989)
    Budokan (1991)
    Championship Wrestling (1986)
    Dream Team Challenge 3 on 3 (1991)
    Games - Summer Edition (1988)
    Games - Winter Edition (1988)
    Hydra (1992)

  • Sport games (2nd part) in D81 format:

    Skate or Die (1987)
    Ski or Die (1990)
    Street Fighter II (1992)
    Summer Challenge (1988)
    Summer Games 1 & 2 (1985)
    Super Bowl Sunday (1985)
    World's Greatest Baseball Game (1984)
    Winter Supersports 92 (1992)
    World Games (1986)

  • Adventures (1st part) in D81 format:

    Bozuma - Mystery of Mummy (1988)
    Dark Castle (1987)
    Gamma Force (1988)
    Gunslinger (1987)
    Intrigue! (1987)
    Journey to the Center of the Earth (1988)
    Lane Mastodon vs. Blubbermen (1988)