sd2iec software collection

  • I haven't thoroughly tested my Katakis version since last time (I wanted to check specifically for the problems I mentioned), but I died too early :(
    The sprite bug in the fish boss is not there however (the one time I tried the version from your pack it had a broken sprite in the lower mouth area)
    Anyhow, it's in M2I format, maybe not the best format to use?

    I'd be happy to help to get a even bigger better collection done (Still looking for a Bionic Commando, that manages to load stage 3 *hinthingnudgenudgeknowwhatimean*)

    What I'm wondering, is there actually a difference between SD2IEC versions? I've got the Evo one, with the latest firmware patch, which should allow MM and ZakMcKracken.
  • Endurion, M2I is obsolete format invented before approx. 10 years because original MMC2IEC firmware was not able to write to D64 files, and M2I format can do it.
    MMC2IEC device was granddaddy of SD2IEC device.

    For many years SD2IEC firmware (and firmwares for other similar devices) allowing writing to D64 file, making M2I format uneccessary, and in new SD2IEC firmwares m2i format will not be supported.

    With Style's DirMaster program is very easy to convert M2I files back to D64/D71/D81 format!

    You just load M2I file, DirMaster will recognize it like D64/D71/D81 file and you just need to save it like D64/D71/D81 file.

    At least this is how things works with largest M2I games collection for C64 on net (328 games):

    Ofcourse, there's no need for that when you have my collection V2 ;)

    But maybe you'll find few games there with better SD2IEC compatibility than versions in my collection.
  • manosoft schrieb:


    This image has been created to fully exploit the C64SD Princess card features The image can be burned on an SDCard that is at least 32GB in size (it’s advisable to use at least a Class 10 SDCard) Image contains a menu to manage the Princess card and the files that the it can handle. Prg,p00,d64,d81,tap all the material is the result of in-deep searches in the Internet All organized and structured with a LOT of patience Note: The SDCard obtained burning this image is compatible also with other Boards such as other sd2iec, 1541U2, uiec etc.…rint-read-leggimiNEWS.txt

    download section

    Have Fun

    MEGA limits download too just 5GB in 8hrs atm. - not possible to download the big "IMAGE FOR SD-CARD 32GB WITH RAPID METHOD INJECTION" ... without to need to pay. Can you change filehoster - or split file?
  • Here you have my new compilation of SD2IEC compatible disc-games, version 3!


    1. Instead of 683 small disc-games (1D), now you have 1038 (!!) - this is final number!
    2. To my already very informative Excel sheet, I added two more rows - Lemon64 Votes and Lemon64 rating - now it's easier to find popular and good games

    Perfect collection for SD2IEC devices without disk-swap button!

    Best part is - I don't even start to test games with multiple D64 images ;)

    You can erase my previous versions of SD2IEC compilations posted in this topic and keep this one.

    Until Version 4 comes....

    Comments are more than welcome!
  • Here you have my newest SD2IEC Disc-game collection, version 4!

    F64 Wolke

    Go to Software/C64/CommFor-SD2IEC Disc-Games Collection v4/ directory.
    Than download file called "SD2IEC Disc-game Collection v4 -".

    In this collection you can find:

    - 1.410 small-disc games as one D64 image in separate folder
    - 177 big-disc games in D81 format in separate folder
    - 128 big-disc games as multiple D64 images in separate folder

    You can erase my previous versions of SD2IEC compilations posted in this topic and keep this one.

    To Do List:

    - testing all working and non-working disc-games titles with latest version of SD2IEC firmware v19 from 23-07-2017 (volunteers needed)
  • Many disc-games I thought are not compatible with SD2IEC firmware are - in fact - compatible!

    Actual problem is compatibility issue of CBM FileBrowser with disc-games.

    When I came inside D64 directory using actual CBM FileBrowser v1.6 (, and try to load problematic games, game will not load.
    But, if I came inside D64 directory using CBM FileBrowser, then press Q key to quit and load game regularly with "LOAD"*",8,1 and then type RUN (or just press SHIFT + RUN/STOP if you have JiffyDOS like I have), sometimes game will load without problem!

    This solution works on some games only if they not have cracktros and I came to conclusion every sixth "non-working" game started to work using this simple method!

    My question is - do you use some other C64 browsers for SD2IEC (like FIBR, NAV) and what experiences do you have with them loading disc-games?
  • Neu

    Recently I updated my sd2iec firmware from v0.10.3 (February 2012.) to release v19 (July 2017.)
    Then I tested all 1.410 small disc games (1D) in my collection with this new firmware.

    Here are results:

    Compatibility were lost with 9 games only, but I managed to find working versions for 5.
    That means only 4 games were lost - Fight for Thurn, Gun Runner (Mnemonic), Long Lance and Mystery Master - Murder by the dozen.

    On other hand, we gained much more games with this new firmware - 37, to be exactly (far too many to mention them here).

    I will keep you informed about results for games in D81 format and games with multiple D64 images.

    Afterwards, final version 5 of my SD2IEC Disc-game collection will be posted here.