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swinsid buy where?

  • Normally you can buy SwinSID Nano here:
    They also ship to Italy.
    Right now it seems sold out, though. But you might contact the shopowner here in this forum as user
    via PM and ask when they will be available again

  • Hi. No problem you're Italian. The schematics and firmware are available for building your own on a experiment board. Cost of components is below 10 Euro.

    The firmware is made by Swinkels and the Swinsid88 board is made by crisp, both are users here, if you have questions and need help.

    Maybe I can also help, because I made the nano swinsid based on their work.

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  • Guten Tag everyone,

    Sorry my 1st post is a question but...
    I was also wondering about the SwinSID availability.
    There is a new Eurorack Module the SID GUTS that can use the SwinSID and I'd LOVE to get one to put in the module!


    I think a lot of us Modular heads would be interested in the nano!
    Sinchai.de seems to be out of stock and Im waiting to hear back but I think my lack of German might be a problem :)

    Anyway, thanks for any help locating some and thank you for having me :)

  • Quote

    The SID GUTS does not support the following SID features;
    -Remaining 3rd oscillator

    Only 2 voices?

    But if you buy a real c64 (because in most cases it is cheaper than a single sid today) for that chip you maybe should give the computer and some software like Mssiah/Cynthcart/SDI/Sid Wizard a try before you remove that chip :) There are a lot of modding-possibilities if a standard-one does not work out of the box for what you need it, too. Is that SID GUTS so interesting? I am going to look for a video after writing - but the lack of adsr and the third oscillator sounds hard to me...

  • Thank you for the reply's chaps! I do appreciate it!

    The SID GUTS uses only one main voice and the other as a modulator - the reason I was asking about the SwinSID is I was a beta tester for the GUTS and found the 6581 I tested had a weak square wave and a terrible triangle. The filter in bandpass and highpass was very erratic and it was just the whole thing sounded different every time I powered it off and came back later. The 8580 was a little better but the lowpass filter had a teeny, tiny usable range.

    I was hoping that the SwinSID would be more 'predictable' if that makes sense? I have a Pokey.Synth module too so I know nothing is going to be crystal clear and to be honest I wouldn't want it if it was too clean :) As mentioned, I do have ADSRs, Filters etc so it would be just for the one voice and the SID fun in my rack I would like one :)

    As a little background, I started off with a HardSid Quatro ISA card, got a Sidstation, the pre midi version of MSSIAH (and later the 2nd version) and finally the HardSid 4U. So I do have a few chips knocking around I guess I'll have to find the 'best' of my bunch and put it in the GUTS :) It would be nice to have the 'tone' of the SID chip but with the stability and accuracy of something made today - Im sure my SIDs have been sitting in basements for years :)

    Thanks again guys!

  • Oh and just to add - the GUTS is going to be made available in a kit later so I was hoping to (cheaply as possible) have one each for the 65, 85 and SwinSID.
    I have a Pokey.Synth module (ATARI Pokey sound chip) and Im DIYing a SN Voice & SN Controller (SN76477 chip)...

    I think with the 3 versions of the SID , ATARI Pokey chip & 2 SN76477s - I would be in retro music heaven :)

    Thanks guys!

  • for the retro chip orchestra, i also like the YM2151 a lot.

    so if it's only about the oscillators - i never heard much difference there between the different sid revisions and 6581 vs. 8580, also the swindsid sounds good if you just use it for the oscillators. in the end these are just digital counters representing a waveform. is it true this sid module cannot do mixed waveforms? you miss out a lot of nice sounds the 8580 can do, especially if you have mixed pulse waveforms and modulate pulsewidth, it's a very unique sound. i would try to get the best 6581 chip you can and use it in there, since the 6581 filter is what really stands out. i once ran a guitar thru it and the guitar sounded like a sidchip sound - it's a very characteristic filter, also with the filter distortion. the swinsid filters are, as said, terrible. if you turn up the resonance, some filter settings sound like a guitar wahwah or a family of ducks walking the street, it's really off spec.

    maybe this little tool helps to measure your chips, though the working principle is not 100% approved yet since nobody uses it besides me ;)
    > http://csdb.dk/release/?id=119990

    and here are sound examples of my chips: https://soundcloud.com/zerozil…n/sets/commodore64-filter

    in my theory, when your chip's filter upper level (UF) is around 1750, it is guaranteed to sound good at least with "nemesis the warlock", furthermore this ensures that the filter response curve is evenly spread across the whole range, so you don't get a sudden cutoff or an unusable tweaking range in the upper end.