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The MEGA65 on the net

  • Nice find, even if the first part in this discussion is about the HELP key :-D

    and the second part goes for and back around Vaporware or not.

    But it's nice to see, that Paul and Shallan already answered there.

  • In the "Tokyo Retro Computer Users" meeting on May 15, 2021, a DevKit was present along with many other older computers. :)

    Meetup #16 – 2021-05-15


    Greg brought along his Mega-65, the re-imagination of the Commodore 65 by some hardcore enthusiasts. The Mega-65 was having some graphical issues but it was at least running well enough to allow us to watch 3 Stooges.

  • In the Finnish retro magazin "Skrolli" issue 2021.1 you can find at page 56 a review of the MEGA65 DevKit.

    Skrolli 2021.1


    - MEGA65 DevKit (Commodore 65:n uudet vaatteet) (s. 56)

    Because it's a current issue and you still can buy it, there's only a very little thumbnail picture of the review on the net.

    Maybe a Finnish fan has this issue and can read this review? ;)

  • In the epsiode 273 (Published on April 30, 2021) of "The Retro Hour" you can listen 95 minutes to a audio stream about the Commodore 65 and MEGA65. You can also download the episode as a MP3 file on this site:

    Commodore 65 & Mega 65 - The Retro Hour EP273


    The Commodore 65 was a cancelled super 8-bit computer from the early 90s, but in 2021 a team of hardcore fans have created a 21st century realisation of it. Running 40x faster than a C64 with some stunning modern features. We chat to project founder Paul Gardner-Stephen.

  • This 4 weeks old thread in "Hacker News" started with a hint to the C256 but after a few comments there is also a branch with some posts about the programming of the MEGA65:

    Thread in "Hacker News"


  • I just stumbled across this Hungarian blog post dated July 30, 2021 about the MEGA65:

    A Mega65 projekt

    Here is the DeepL translation into English: