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    Thanks LGB-Z !

    It is ridiculous, but like this we hopefully prevent every possible way to attack our project now and in the future.

    If we would have money to burn, we probably would get some lawyers. But our goal is our project.

    The MEGA65 and the accompanying XEMU/Mega65 emulator, everything else, we don't care and we don't want to invest energy into.

    And i am sorry to you Snoopy and you LGB-Z that you have to hassle with such crap...


    Wir haben unseren Deal, den MEGA65 mit C64 Kernel Rom auszuliefern, mit Cloanto.

    Wir verwenden weder den Namen noch das Logo Commodore.

    Und solange eine Soft- oder Hardware nicht den Namen Commodore hat oder das logo, kann der Rechteinhaber keinen Anspruch haben. Sonst könnten sie ja schon tätig werden, wenn nur jemand "COMMODORE" in einem Artikel schreibt. Oder der Name Commodore hier im Forum erwähnt wird.

    Es geht um die kommerzielle Nutzung des Names und das vermeiden wir ja.

    Wie gesagt, mein Vorschlag, den TXT entfernen und ansonsten ignorieren.

    It's absolutely amazing.

    Since we all know, that your iso doesn't contain any protected material at all and you don't even

    offer to download the Kernel anymore, i really don't understand what they want.

    especially, since the dutch only hold the right for the Brand but not the Kernel...

    I can only repeat our offer: if you have enough of this crap, take the file down and we will offer it on our servers

    Or leave it and let them invest money, that they will loose, but this might be stressfull.

    we support you in your decision.

    "Hey, Psst, don't say the "C- word" ".... "who said Yehova ?"

    Hi PowerfulBadBoy

    i fully understand your wish and it is similar to the one, where they've been asking for a new MEGA65 mouse.

    But our team is so extremely busy at the moment, that we just do not have the resources or time developing something like a MEGA65 joystick (Even if i really like the idea).

    Our main goal is to get the joystickports compatible with the original C64/C65, what the end-users will do with those ports or what they will connect to them is up to them.

    We hope, that the community will see the potential, the MEGA65 has and that they will start tinkering with it, once it's in their hands.

    At the moment we are just experimenting with old PC speakers, so to be honest we really can't give a suggestion at this time.
    I am quite certain you should be able to mount some speakers inside the Devkit as well, but there are no screwbosses prepared for mounting.

    but since there is a huge variety of 8 Ohm speakers, you can choose yourself.

    Within the next couple of days, there will be an update, regarding the Tests we have done so far, probably together with a small video, showing the internal speakers in action too.

    I have at the moment one of the latest Revision DevKit case over here, so thanks for your question, i'll have a look where it would be possible to mount some speakers.

    i have implemented Snoopys changes to the ISO in the first Post. So the first post contains now again all the latest informations and requirements for the latest version.

    Thanks Snoopy forpointing me to the changes. If there are any other changes needed, let me know.

    Thank you. Yes ! It's a beauty ! Probably some people will notice, that we have not been able to change the RTC battery holder anymore, that change request just came in to late. But i will plan to build myself a small Battery adapter to use the more commom CR2032.

    But overall the new Mainboard fits together with the new case like (Die Faust auf's Auge ;-) )


    as some of you maybe noticed already.

    Paul did a nice Blogpost update.

    We have received the first 3 Prototypes of the revision 3 Mainboards of the MEGA65.

    One of those boards will be sent via express delivery to Paul/Australia tomorrow morning, to get it into Pauls hands as fast as possible.

    I had the chance to test the board already together with Paul.

    (While i made a serial connection from my PC to the MEGA65, Paul connected remotely to my PC and directly worked on the R3 board. So YES Paul was able to use a MEGA65 located in Darmstadt Germany from the middle of Nowhere in Australia !)

    So far we are absolutely happy with the Revision 3 ! and if our further tests proof, we will be absolutely in our planned release schedule.

    Here is one of the small tests we did

    So have fun, reading Pauls Blog and we keep you updated !

    Stay tuned !!!


    Hi Beauvais ,

    we have implemented the internal speaker connectors as optional.

    We even added screw bosses directly below the connectors, so that you are able to mount them,

    but we do not plan (at least at the beginning) to add the speakers.

    I am quite certain, that once the MEGA65 is out in your all hands, that some people will design something, especially for that purpose and that there will be the possibility of a combined order.

    At the moment you have the possibility with the MEGA65 to get the sound, either via the 3.5mm Audio-out jack on the back side of the MEGA65 or mixed with the digital video signal, through the Digital video out port, or through the speaker out connectors.

    EDIT: if i understood Paul correctly, you can use any standard 4 & 8 Ohm speaker and since we have a nice powerfull amplifier and the possibility to change the volume in the MEGA65 Freezer menu, you should be able to get some nice noise ;-)

    Great that you got it fixed. Have you tried making a 16-color sprite with 16-bit sprite pointers? I don't get the colors right, it seems like it's only the 16 C-64 standard colors and not the 24-bit colors. (or 23 as the manual says for some reason).

    That's not a bug, i've run into this issue as well. the easy reason is, that you have to define the color bank of each sprite.

    If you check the MEGA65 christmas demo, you can see this in the listing, where i've copied the c64 standard colors of Sprite0 over to the color banks of the other sprite. each c64 color is defined by a seperat value for R, G and B. That's how you can set the 24-bit colors.

    you can see this in line 295 here in the blogpost. i hope this makes sense.