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    Hi everybody,

    while most of us are atm working from/at home, we (The MEGA65 team) is using this time to work even more on the MEGA65.

    (So while this COVID-19 crisis is a disadvantage for most, it does support our project, we are running on full steam !!!)

    OK, now to the main point, why we have created this thread:

    We are looking for some 6502/6510 assembler geeks here in forum64.

    We have some bugs in our Hypervisor which is based on 6502 assembly code.

    Paul will provide some further information, and of course we would support as much as possibl.

    we just don't have the time atm to tackle this by ourselves and we thought, that this might be a nice task, to work on from home.

    Apart from this, we have some big news coming up soon.

    Good luck ! Keep us informed ! Interresting side-project !

    EDIT: PS: You know, that you can get the latest Nexys4DDR (Nexys A7) Bitstreams from our fileserver (in my signature) ?


    i was able to test your bitstream.

    It looks good !

    Connected USB keyboard works.

    Connected widgetboard with keyboard did not (i've tried the c65 and the c64 keyboard).

    But since you're only looking for the Nexys4 variant without widgetboard, this is nominal.

    So overall, well done.

    Here some Pics. check the 1st pic. it shows the built date..

    PS: my name is Anton ;-)

    Since the Filebrowser of the Ultimate64 is more or less an included 1541Ultimate, with many years of development, it's no wonder,

    it has atm a higher functionality compared to the MEGA65. But the MEGA65 is Open-source. So changes can (and hopefully will) be done by the community as well, so everybody can create the FB in the way he likes it.

    We only get a functional filebrowser at the moment ready, everything else is for the future.

    It already works. Future updates will change the available formats and you also can select the 3.5 disc drive, then it would load from real floppy drive.

    Since i don't have a Ultimate64, i can't tell the difference. But i am superhappy with it.

    Ich hab das nicht mehr ganz in Erinnerung, aber wird der Mega65 auch so eine simple aber effektive Benutzerführung und Filebrowser haben, wie der Ultimate64?

    The MEGA65 has an built-in freezer modul, where you can set all kind of certain things, like NTSC/PAL, Image browser, Device ID setting, save states, monitor, etc. pp.

    (For later it is planned to have a Sprite Editor in it as well)

    That's how it looks in the current state:

    NEWS **** NEWS **** NEWS **** NEWS **** NEWS ****

    Space observer to mission control: we have spotted a strange object !

    Mission control: take pictures ! can you identify the unknown flying object ?

    Space Observer: It looks like an alien device ! sending picture.....

    ..... downloading picture:

    Space Observer to Mission control: It has now entered Mars orbit:

    Mission control to Space observer: HELP !!! It has taken over ground control......

    ... to be continued !

    (PS: for all those who are asking for more pictures ;-) )

    Forum 64 is the official board.

    Whenever we have something to post, it will appear here first.

    If Paul is writing an update on the Blog, (that's where he documents his work), i write a new post here as well and link to his Blog.

    Deft is taking care on facebook, but what appears there, always appears here as well. (Since i know, that several people don't like FB.)

    Generell news will always be in the, MEGA65/etcetera (sonstiges) subforum, while specific news, software or hardware related are in the relevant subsections.

    ...Twitter ? I am not using Twitter and i have never checked it.... Who is posting there ?

    ...did i miss in the end some news on Twitter ;(

    Es wäre nett, wenn es mehr Beiträge mit Bildern und auch mehr Videos zum Mega65 geben würde.

    This is easy to say and quite vague !

    Whenever we have something to post (pictures/videos) we submit them immediately.

    (Have you seen Paul's latest video (8 days old), where he presents the flash menu ?)

    We spend most of our time, working on the MEGA65. AS A RESULT out of this work,

    we are able to present the community with the fruits of our labour in form of pictures or videos.

    Certainly it would be good, if we would have some media expert, who would create some fancy videos for us.

    The position is vacant !!! *wink*

    I believe, everybody who follows this project can tell you exactly, what the current state is and also

    what the latest video/picture was, that has been released by us.

    We stuck at the moment, let's use the german phrase: "Bis zum Hals in Arbeit"

    and getting the Revisions for pcb, case and keyboard completed is our highest priority atm !!!

    But we're listening to the community as well (You'll see this soon, once the case revision have been confirmed), so what would you like to see ?

    Öhm adtbm eine 'internationale Tastatur' gibt es nicht.

    Ich denke, du weisst was ich meine. ;-)

    Der MEGA65 wird eine standartisierte Tastatur haben aber keine lokalisierte für individuelle Länder.

    (Zumindestens ist es im Moment nicht von M.E.G.A, eingeplant.)

    It sounds very interesting !if you're following this road, please keep us up-to-date.If this works, it would really be the cheapest version of a real MEGA65 !

    Außerdem hat Paul gesagt, daß es nationale Keycaps-Sets geben wird. Damit kann der User dann selbst die betreffende Tasten austauschen (nebenbei gibt es immer noch die Möglichkeit mit Tastaturaufklebern).

    Das stimmt so nicht ! Paul, hat gesagt, dass es möglich ist, nationale Keycaps später zu bekommen.

    Paul & M.E.G.A. haben nicht gesagt, dass WIR nationale keycaps rausbringen werden !

    Dadurch dass es Open-source ist, wird man unseren Tastaturhersteller "GMK" später kontaktieren können und dort eine

    solche Anfrage stellen können. Unser (M.E.G.A.) Ziel ist eine internationale Tastatur.

    first observable difference is immediately, that this board only has two PMOD connectors (compared to the 5 of the Nexys A7).

    Which would mean, you couldn't use the DM65pic board to connect c64 keyboard and joystick.

    The board also doesn't offer a microSD card slot, so you HAVE to always flash the bitstream into the fpga. you just can't test it quickly from an microSD card.

    The core probably could run (it's the same Artix A7 100T) and it's using vivado to flash the bitstream.

    (That's without checking much further).

    If you really want to save some money, try it ! I would be interested as well in the results but you couldn't get much support from us, since we all use the Nexys A7 and let us know the result ! expect drawbacks and more !

    I would suggest, try to find a student and get the academic discount of a normal Nexys A7.

    My experience with things like this is, who buys cheap - buys twice....

    ... but like i said, it would be interesting to know if it works as a MEGA65