Anleitung für C65-Emulation auf dem MESS

  • Anleitung für C65-Emulation auf dem MESS

    Hallo Zusammen,

    hat jemand eine Schritt-Für-Schritt-Anleitung wie man mit dem MESS eine C65-Emulation aufbauen kann?

    Ich würde gerne etwas SW für den C65 schreiben, blicke bei der MESS Anleitung aber nicht durch (z.B. finde nix zum Theman C65).
    Der Hi65 ist für die vorab-Entwicklung für SW, die dann später auf dem C65 laufen soll nicht geeignet (find ich -oder kann man das ander sehen?).

    CIA and Co have reached the C64 - see the proof in the Hack Attack Trailer
  • Zaadii schrieb:

    Richtig-und selbst da - wer weiß ob selbst im Basic alle Pokes an die richtige Stelle gehen, bzw. den richtigen Effekt haben.
    Wozu POKES? Die sind doch nur so eine Krücke für minimalistische BASIC-Interpreter, die es nicht besser können. Das C64-BASIC ist doch schon langsam genug, aber die POKE-Orgien machen es erst richtig zur Schnecke. Seit dem C128-BASIC kann man aber doch ganz gut ohne POKEs programmieren. Und am C65 soll das BASIC doch sehr ähnlich sein.
  • Hi!

    I'm owner of Mega 65 and for testing Commodore 65 in Windows I'm using two emulators.
    MESS version 0.132b compiled at 9.6.2009 - I heards that in newer versions C65 emulator works not. I have only Windows version.
    XEMU - this emulator is open source by Gábor Lénart - emulates C65 very pretty but don't emulate all - unfinished hobby project, xemu emulates also Commodore LCD, VIC20 and for public unknown GEOS64 (this is only experiment). Emulates Mega 65 too, but it's only bit emulation targetted to Hypervisor. XEMU binaries are for Windows (32/64) and OSX

    I'm not sure if is MESS 0.132b available, if not I can upload it and give link.
    Link to XEMU:

    I'll be happy if it will be useful.
  • Great.

    Do you know where we can find a Step by Step Introduction on how to setup the MESS for the C65 Emulation?

    I think we should enabele the Community to create more C65 Software.
    I recently saw a video where they also spoke about the Mega 65 and although I do not agree on every point they mentione I think tehy are right wirh the statement, that wether the Mega65 will be a success or not will mainly depend on the number and quality of software avilable at releasetime for the C 65.
    CIA and Co have reached the C64 - see the proof in the Hack Attack Trailer
  • Simple use is to add ROMs to correct folder - it is possible to set.
    MESS - access to disk is by drive 10 and read-only - use D64 images, also MESS is not so perfect emulation, in my eyes is XEMU better.
    In case of XEMU - there is not yet finished keyboard layout and some keys are missing, disk access is also read-only and access drive 8, using D81.
    MESS allows easy personalize keyboard layout - not by menu in emulator, in CFG file of selected emulator.
    In case accessing drives: original C65 had available drive number range 10-30, except drives connected by IEC port - there were available also 8 and 9 - and used D81 formatted 3,5" disks
    Current Mega 65 bitstream disk access is also read-only D81.
    - Basic: creating program can be in standard text editor, compiled by VICE's PETCAT - warning at least VICE 2.4.31 - before PETCAT tokenized Basic 10 not, only creates lines like comments without using REM, now it is fixed
    - ASM: easiest way is using TASS, supports 65CE02 and tested, works in emulator (MESS/XEMU) and FPGA (M65)

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