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Announcing the MEGA65 Developer Support Programme

  • Hi !

    you're a developer ?

    you would like to work on the MEGA65 ?

    you don't have the dough ?

    Check out the MEGA65 Developer support program and convince us !

    Announcing the MEGA65 Developer Support Programme

    Howdy folks! We thought it was time to (very slightly) formalise our MEGA65 Developer Supporter Programme (M65DSP). We have already been informally finding solutions to help people get access to MEGA65 development hardware, for folks who don't have an official DevKit. We now want to make it clear that we are keen to support folks who would like to develop software, games, tools, documentation, promotion or other goodies for the MEGA65 platform.


    What are the eligibility requirements for the MEGA65 Developer Support Programme?

    Unlike some developer programmes, we don't require you to have a promissory letter to the value of US$4.7M, a private island or a double-degree in rocket science and underwater basket weaving! All you need to do is to have a clear idea of what you intend to do or to create, and explain that to us.

    To be clear: If you can't afford any hardware, this is not necessarily an impediment. We have some R2 PCBs, Nexys4 development boards and other bits an pieces that we can potentially make available. But if you are able to afford your own development hardware, that will make it easier for us to support more developers, and thus help even more cool goodies come out for the MEGA65 sooner.

    I'm convinced. So where and how do I sign up?

    You have several options:

    1. Carry your One Ring of Windows 98SE Installation (CD or DVD) to the summit of Mount Doom and throw it into the Schicksals Kluft, and await pickup by the first cooperative oversized avian.

    2. However, recognising the difficulty of definitively locating Mount Doom on modern maps, you may instead simply fill out the contact form on the MEGA65 website, explaining that you would like to be considered for the MEGA65 Developer Support Programme, and what you would like to make for the MEGA65 (or if you prefer, volunteering to work on whatever we think is most needed at the time).

    3. Attempt to convince an existing DevKit owner to temporarily or permanently part with their MEGA65 DevKit in return for some object of mystical value*.

    4. Move house to live conveniently near to a known MEGA65, and dig a secret tunnel that allows you to access the MEGA65 when its owner is sleeping. Be sure to mend and polish the shoes of the owner, so that they think it's just fairies, and don't become suspicious.

    5. Enrol in a PhD programme related to the MEGA65 or MEGAphone, and maybe even get paid to do awesome 8-bit goodness for three years. In this post-COVID world, it probably isn't even necessary to move to Adelaide to do this (although we have basically eliminated COVID, and have awesome beaches and stuff that we are all free to use again). In case you think I am joking about this, I'm not: There are opportunities to study the education of students in CS using 8-bit systems, the development of resilient and secure communications systems around the MEGAphone hand-held, including hybrid space-terrestrial mesh networks, FPGA-based cryptography and all sorts of other fun and interesting things.

    * We cannot guarantee success of this method. We recommend MEGA65 owners verify the actual value and function of such mystical value before accepting a trade. The origin of any Palantíri should be subjected to particularly thorough scrutiny.

    I'm not convinced, yet. What should I do?

    Hmm.... Look closely at this watch swing on it's chain... Closer... Deeper...

  • Link corrected. Thanks Snoopy !

  • When adtbm asked me yesterday if I would like to be part of the "MEGA65 developers support programme", I was very happy and gratefully accepted. Among other things, I will have access to the current documents of the further development of the ROM for the MEGA65. Besides that, I can also go and fetch the bread rolls and make the coffee. :)

    This evening I received the official invitation mail with the access code to the company safe.

    Unfortunately, no one explained the fine print to me in advance:

    ------- start of excerpt from the contract ----------------

    The member of the "MEGA65 developers support programme", hereinafter referred to as "Sl.Aves", commits to the following for the next 5 years:

    - he will leave his family and move into a remote cabin in the woods with the other members.

    - there he will be provided with sufficient computer, electricity, water, coffee, pizza and cookies.

    - a toilet visit of no more than 2 minutes is allowed every 5 hours.

    - bedtime is every second working day from 2:00 am to 2:45 am.

    - every other Friday, the member has free time from 2:00 pm to 2:30 pm. It should be noted that this free time is not obligatory. A waiver of this is recognized by the mega-association as a positive sign of company loyalty.

    - every first Wednesday of the month, private telephone calls with the family are permitted from 5:00 am to 5:15 am. In addition the call to use this only if it is really unavoidable.

    - furthermore, the private assets of the member will be immediately transferred to the M.E.G.A. club and will used to support the development of the MEGA65.

    - to ensure a pleasant working atmosphere, a cactus has been placed in each workroom.

    - we ask you to refrain from bringing private items to the workplace, because the common goal: "MEGA65" has the highest priority.

    ------- end of excerpt from the contract ----------------

    Well, I can't get out of it now ... :cry:

    So here again a warm greeting and many thanks to the team for your trust! The invitation made me very happy! :tanz:

    I'm also trying to get involved as best I can, and for now I can clean the company toilets. ^^

  • You're doomed....Aehhh, i mean you're very welcome !!!



    And just continue what you did so far, we're very impressed. Thank you !

  • Wow, do you know my father? He has almost the same work area habits :) And no, please no jokes, like "Luke, I'm your father" or whatever ;)