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In the future the core/kickstart should be on writeable chip on the motherboard

  • I know right now the mega65 is in prototype stage! In the future when it does have it's own motherboard, it will be cool that it also have a kickstart chip (like the Amiga) with all the cores/kickstart/engine...everything...I would not see the verbal text that I see right now with the prototype when you boot it...and it gives different color screen if there is a problem with booting the system.

    For example:

    1) Red corrupted core/kickstart
    2) Green corrupted RAM
    3) Blue corrupted CPU
    4) Yellow corrupted...etc

    It would boot the core in an instance as soon as you turn the computer on and that will be the bios/kickstart.

    What do you guys think? Of course, it will be writeable so you can upgrade it with new versions and features.

  • I mean that it's not good idea.
    Yes, our Commodores have ROM chips - exchange possible.
    You wrote writeable - yes - compare BIOS of present, better to say near past PCs.
    BIOS is possible to write, but new updates are near unavailable. Present PCs uses UEFI and it's more flexible and can easy upgrade.
    In all - possible flash minimal code executing search for kickstart - no like Amiga - on floppies, now are much faster solutions, if not found e.g. red screen as error report. All other checks can be in Kickstart
    Kickstart allowing to select ROM 0-9 by keypress, if no key starts 1st (similar like holding C= key at startup of C65 or C128).
    Finally: Turn on and work - no wait

  • I maybe there should be two case versions...one without disk drive but have numeric pad and one with disk drive without numeric pad. Me? Me personally? I want the disk drive version without numeric pad. Me? I want to run apps/games on disk drives and store information on disk drive.

  • To answer you first question: Latest bitstream already comes with flashable file making the core and kickstart start super quick (about one second) from flash memory. Final model will have around 2 seconds total bootup time and not display any text meanwhile - unless you want it to - just like the original!