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Ultimate 64 - Neue Firmware Releases

  • Firmware 3.10 now available for download!


    Fuer das alte Ultimate 2 Modul gibt es, auf Grund der Speicherknappheit, nun 3 verschiedene Versionen der Firmware:

    update_3.10_au.u2u -> ein Laufwerk und Audio

    update_3.10_dd.u2u -> zwei Floppy Laufwerke

    update_3.10_gm.u2u -> ein Floppy Laufwerk und komplette gmod2 Unterstuetzung (incl. Eeprom)

    Für die 1541 Ultimate II ohne Plus ist dabei leider ein Fehler unterlaufen, die Datei update_3.10_gm.u2u hat fälschlicherweise den selben Inhalt wie die Datei update_3.10_dd.u2u. Die Version der Firmware, welche GMOD2 unterstützt, wird Gideon also nachliefern müssen - ich habe ihn gerade per E-Mail informiert.]

    [Nachtrag 2: Gideon hat soeben eine korrigierte Release hochgeladen.]

    Eine Tabelle mit der Uebersicht welche Version welche Features unterstuetzt findet ihr hier:


    Hilfe zu den neuen Features findet Ihr hier:


    Changes since official release (3.9 / 1.37)

    Added features:

    - Hardware emulation of 1571 and 1581 drives (U2+ / U64 only)

    - MFM support on 1571, with enhanced G71 format to store MFM tracks

    - Added audio samples for insert / remove floppy disk

    - Added second drive sound to speaker output

    - Possiblity to use your own drive sound samples

    - Custom U64 palettes

    - SystemInfo Page, showing drive, cartridge and storage status

    - Flash Disk, to store drive roms, sounds, cartridges and such

    - Cartridges are now always CRT files. Selected by filename in the config

    - Cartridge compatibility check and reporting

    - GMOD2 support, including EEPROM (U2+ / U64 only)

    - Zaxxon Cartridge support

    - Implemented writing CVT files back to a disk image (enables copying CVT files across disks.)

    Various UI Improvements:

    - Select & Delete, using Shift-DEL

    - Recursive delete from context menu

    - Long filename truncation (thanks to 'naali' / Antti Svenn)

    - Scrollable string edit box

    - Adds save function for all cartridges, including EasyFlash and GMOD2

    - Full Clear function of configuration in Flash

    - Added 'F3' Help screen to config menu

    Technical Fixes:

    - Fixed RGB mode (U64 only)

    - Fixed block read command

    - Fixed access of files with special chars in CBM disk images, accessed from IEC

    - Fixed UCI issues with SidPlay and others

    - Fixed colon issue in Ultimate Kernal ROM

    - Fixed crash on invalid file chain CBM filesystems

    - Fixed check order DIR / VOLUME; fixes some issues with exFAT directories

    - Added M and V commands in modem emulation layer, V now supporting numeric responses. Thanks Scott Hutter

    - Fixed the root cause of the VOLUME bit set in exFAT directories

    - Fixed missing 'probe' for filesystems on multi-partition disks

    - Fixed loading from wrong device ID when issuing the 'run disk' command

    - Fixed many little bugs in the generation of CVT files (copying GEOS files from a disk image)

    - Adopted changes to U64 Kernal to set default loading ID, as submitted by Leif Bloomquist

    - Adopted USB modifier key handling, as submitted by Peter de Schrijver

    - Corrected bug in extended partition table reading

    - Relaxed C128 cartridge timing (for C128 carts)

    - Extended UCI I/O bytes to support Hyperspeed Kernal properly

    - Check for file copy onto itself

    - Increased robustness against loading faulty disk images

    - Fixed VIA latch mode in 1541/1571.

    - [Issue 227] Fixes 'get sensible name' function for Ulticopy

    - Fix for .d71 sector allocation - format should give 1328 blocks free, not 1347.

    - Fixes possible crash when decoding a GCR track to binary

    - [Issue 160]: SpeedDOS / DolphinDOS loading errors

  • 3.10a, with fixes on 3.10 now available for download.


    Changes in 3.10a, compared to 3.10


    [Issue-246] Fixed: Virtual Printer crashes when file cannot be created.

    [Issue-234] Deleting last item in directory makes selection invisible

    [Issue-236] Confirmation modal asking a question only gives 'OK' instead of 'Yes/No'.

    [Issue-R17] Added mapping of ESC key to RUN/STOP.

    [Facebook Request] Added: Leave menu on mount (can be selected per drive)

    [Facebook Bug Report]: Allow Maverick (and others?) to write wrong sector headers on MFM tracks.

    [Facebook Bug Report]: Unable to select GeoRAM. Is now a mode of the RAM Expansion Unit.

    [Facebook Bug Report]: Fixed color palette not loaded at boot (U64 only).

    [Facebook Bug Report]: Fixed USB sticks not recognized

    [Messenger Report]: Improvements to palette file read. Rejects faulty files. Fixes hang-up

    [Messenger Report]: Fixes 'Create DNP' when run from Telnet. Turned out to be a stack overflow.

    [Email Discussion]: Adds EEPROM segment to GMOD2 when it is missing in the CRT file


    Fixes that U2 updater killed the flash before asking to update, leaving a semi-bricked device.

    Fixes drive sounds.


    ACIA NMI pulse extension to extend over bad line. This allows the 6502 to see it always.

    Performance optimization ACIA / Modem

    Allow spaces after ATDT command.

    Cartridge Support:

    Additional C128 cartridge variant that allows banking and offers some RAM (U2/U2+ only).