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  • Retrocade Synth

    Da ich noch nichts dazu im Form gesehen habe und die Platine nun "erst" verfuegbar scheint:

    Der Retrocade Synth ist ein MIDI-Geraet. welches einen SID (C64) , ST YM2149 (Atatri ST und CPC?) Soundchip emuliert und auc .MODs abspielen kann (gleichzeitig) und dies gesteuert ueber MIDI.

    The RetroCade Synth boasts the capability to play the built-in Commodore 64 SID chip, the Yamaha YM-2149 chip, and .mod files - all at the same time! The RetroCade Synth can be played via any external MIDI control interface or via your favorite audio/ sequencing software. We have built a custom VST software dashboard which gives you visual control over all the various parameters the synth has to offer!

    RetroCade Audio Chips
    The audio chips used in the RetroCade SOC are Open Source VHDL implementations that recreate the SID and YM2149 inside the FPGA.
    It is not software, the VHDL files tell the FPGA how to connect logic gates inside the FPGA to make real hardware.

    The VHDL files are created by talented VHDL developers by studying datasheets, observing the original chips, and even from interviews with the original designers.

    VHDL Developers like and Jan Derogee decided to release their work as Open Source, which allowed us to connect them to the ZPUino and make the RetroCade Synth.

    There are many more VHDL definitions for other classic audio chips, like the NES and Atari 2600, that can be implemented.
    The designs are not perfect, but they are VERY good. Since they are Open Source we will be able to fix any bugs.

    ACHTUNG fuer echte SID-Fans:
    The C64 SID design does not currently implement the analog filters. Everything else is complete and working, we expect to use the FPGA DSP blocks to implement the analog filters. This is our highest priority for the RetroCade Synth.
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  • nette idee, leider ohne filter. wohl für "chiptune" artists eine tolle sache. wenn man die VST kontroll-oberfläche auch nutzt kann man sich den ganzen harwareschlauch gleich sparen und nur mit plugins arbeiten, die klingen echt gleich. in dem formfaktor und der preisklasse greife ich lieber zum shruthi-1, der kann auch c64 sounds erzeugen und hat viel mehr möglichkeiten.