VICE C65/Mega65

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    Sieht aber nach einem Feature-Request von 2008 aus. 2016 hat das letzte mal jemand was dazu geschrieben. Sieht aber nicht so aus als gäbe es da aktuell etwas was man nutzen könnte. Dürfte an mangelnder Unterstützung liegen. Aber wer weiß, evtl. kommt da was wenn die Hardware mal draußen ist... sofern sich ein paar Freiwillige Programmierer finden.

  • I've implemented some sort of C65 emulation inside my own Xemu project, before any Mega65 work (other sub-project of Xemu, C65 and M65 emulators are different ...). Just to note, that initially I've planned to implement C65 emulator inside the VICE project (also the Commodore LCD emulator, since I had the first working emulator for that machine which actually able to execute its ROM code and do something at least ...). However for me, VICE source seems to be too "cryptic", which - surely - is my problem not VICE's (I bet others would blame Xemu too have very ugly source, and well, I can't argue there, but I know my own code at least) ... Anyway I've decided to do within my own project to emulate these machines, and later (on Paul's initial question if I would like to help of M65 project to have an M65 emulator as well ...) M65 too. However, since Xemu is GNU/GPL, and AFAIK VICE is, as well, I can't see any limitation if someone wants to re-implement the emulation of these machines within the VICE project using my sources from Xemu in some way ... For me, it's even too much to try to take care about my own creation (Xemu), so I have no time too much for anything else emulation related stuff.

    Update: it's an important thing to note, that Paul helped me a lot even in the C65 emulation (before the Mega65 emulation), when I wanted to create a C65 (only) emulator and after I found his blog, I assumed that he has lots of knowledge on the C65 hardware.