Exterminator von Audiogeni

  • Exterminator von Audiogeni


    Exterminator von Audiogenic

    Für EasyFlash und sd2iec. Es müsset auch mit allen anderen

    Laufwerken harmonieren weil kein Irq-loader mehr vorhanden ist.

    viele Spass mit dem Game.

    Gruß: Stephan
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    Many thanks to fulfill my wish to have this game in Easyflash format!
    Game has very original idea (nobody didn't do it anything similar to present time), excellent graphics, frantic action and good music.

    EF version works without problem (I came to 2nd house).

    D64 version has few bugs that doesn't affect gameplay.
    After each room, sometimes game doesn't load house layout to see which room is next (it loads briefly cleaned room I just finished).
    After one house is cleaned, it doesn't show street view with houses, just some garbage picture.