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Slime - World of Commodore Version

  • Today I attended my first World of Commodore and met friendly people with similar coding interests. I also learned a bit about some of the new hardware for the C64.

    In preparation for the meeting, I updated my Slime game for the Commodore 64 with some additional features:

    - A loading picture
    - Bug fixed the level display
    - Bonus life at 10,000 points- Starts in single frame mode (F1 / F3)
    - Improved ship control code
    - Fixed a bug where the smart bomb would go off in error
    - Delete high score option
    - Cheat now offers infinite smart bombs (effectively becoming a level skip as you continue to use it)
    - Proper slime animation which was in the original game but not activated
    - An Asteroid style variation without borders and thrust control (with inertia).
    - Eight way firing in Asteroid mode (compared to 4-way in Slime)

    and of course the source code is included so you can modify the game or learn how it was made. :D

    This will be the last version of this game, honest :) Coming January 2018 - Spyders II