Angepinnt FPGASID Ankündigung Firmware Updates

  • Neues FPGASID Firmware release:

    * modify workaround for DE00 bus collision problem:
    - Disable read acces at DE00 Adresses to avoid bus conflicts.
    * swap potX and poty signals between CPLD and FPGA
    * increment revision number to 2
    * fix Source EXTIN setting in register 31 ("disabled" and "other SID" were swapped)
    * fix advanced digi playback (e.g. in Coma Light)
    * fix handling of test bit

    Release download hier.
  • Und wieder eine neue Firmware:

    * improve clock distribution to avoid problems caused by bad clock signal quality in certain C64 computers
    * transfer revision number to FPGA during startup via the potx/y mechanism.
    * reduce power consumption
    * capture CPLD revision number on startup
    * bugfixes in paddle processing
    * modify heartbeat frequency to better match 1MHz and 16MHz clock domain

    * FPGA 03
    * CPLD 03

    Release download hier.
  • Revision 4 ist da!

    * fixed inversion of output signal.
    * reworked register block to move clock rate transition away from registers.
    * repair bug in sustain state of envelope generator.
    * debug code to check differences between both SIDs in mono mode (ongoing).
    * slightly modify 6502-bus timing.
    * improve voice muting by attenuating unmuted voices to 75% whenever something else is muted.
    This results in a more balanced volume distribution among the channels.
    * FPGASID specific registers will not be reset by a hard reset now.

    * SVN commit-ID 84
    * FPGA 04
    * CPLD 03

    download hier.
  • Tadaaa! Revision 5:

    * reworked clock rate transition to avoid duplicate usage of input signals
    * fix reset of exponential counter in envelope generator
    * problem of envelope generator caused by improper enable signals in startup phase. Audible in H.E.R.O.
    * added trace memory functionality for debugging
    * added memory-saving mode in analog block by disabling 6581 processing
    * tidy up code of register block (remove disabled code)
    * repaired SYNC bit behaviour causing strange effects in the sound effects of KATAKIS
    * fixed some synthesis warnings

    * SVN commit-ID 88
    * FPGA 05
    * CPLD 03

    download hier.
  • Als kleines Weihnachtsgeschenk für alle Alphatester kommt nun die Firmware Version 06 mit folgenden Neuigkeiten:

    • Permanentes Abspeichern der FPGASID Konfiguration im Flash Memory
    • Firmware Updates direkt vom C64 aus ohne USB-Blaster
    • Ein neues Konfigurationsprogram 'ConfiGuru' mit diesen Funktionen:
      • 'Easy' und 'Expert' Konfiguration
      • Konfiguration permanent im Flash speichern
      • Diagnose Seite
      • Firmware Flashen
    • Und ein paar weitere Bugfixes (Hüllkurven, mixed waveforms, Paddles...)

    Diese Firmware muss noch per USB-Blaster programmiert werden. Alle weiteren Firmware Versionen lassen sich dann direkt vom C64 aus programmieren!
  • Release Information Revision 07

    * frame color switching during disk IO to avoid unlpeasant raster irq disturbance
    * add support for config index in diag page
    * add volume control in diagnostic page
    * add help function
    * set version to 0.9

    * add support for config index readout
    * add register swap mode
    * fix timing issue in voice generator with additional pipelining
    * change fitter seed to fix a timing issue
    * fix 8580 filter integer overflow
    * set revision number to 07

    * no change - still revision 04

    Download here

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  • Release Information Revision 08

    fix program version display
    update digifix state on startup
    add hint to press space after disk on disk change
    improve diagnostics to reduce side effect of $DE00 register access
    renamed 'save' buttons to 'memory'
    print program version on list after load

    repair loading of saved config at power-up
    changed revision number to 08

    no change

    Download here