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Saving on MMC64?

  • Okay, I'll stick to english seeing that there are many foreigners on here...

    First of all: Thanks a billion for MMC64! Finally i can transfer stuff to my c64 with my Mac. How many years have i been waiting for this? Since the Silversurfer cannot be connected to MacOS X the only option so far was RR-Net, either via Baccy's HTTP-Load or Contiki.
    But that was clumsy, and MMC64 is easy to use.
    However, to be a viable x1541-alternative (Macs never had LPT-Ports!) i need to be able to save to MMC/SD aswell.
    Last i heard this feature was in the making. How's the progress?
    A fast .d64 saver would also be a great boon and a directory-browser for .d64 files would really seem useful!
    Further niceties would be .pls support in the SID player and/or random tune.
    Long Filename support definately rocks, thanks so much for that! ;-)

    I didn't have any problems with all the MMCs/SDs i tried, both SanDisk MMC and SD 128MB worked just fine, as does my new 1GB SD from CnMemory. I seem to have a lucky hand with my cards! ;-)

  • Hi Deekay,

    dein Multikulti-Ansatz ehrt dich, aber die überwiegende Mehrzahl der Benutzer dieses Forums ist deutsch und deutsch ist auch die gewünschte Sprache hier drin. Ist nicht böse gemeint, aber wenn mehr User da sind, die englisch nicht oder nicht so gut verstehen als Leute, die es können, sollte man bei deutsch bleiben. Bayrisch geht zur Not auch noch. ;)

    Ach ja, das mit dem Saven geht leider immer noch nicht, keine Ahnung wann das kommt.