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VGA-Adapter bei Protovision schon erhältlich?

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    Original von Bender
    VGA Adapter für den Cevi ? FREU.............. gibts shcon nähere Infos bzgl. Qualität und Preis ?

    Ja, der Frage schließe ich mich an! Könnte vielleicht einer von Protodingsbums sich mal erbarmen und sagen was das ist??? =) =) =)

    Ne, ernsthaft: Hab zwar dunkel in Erinnerung, dass da was war...so Adapter-mäßig! Aber das Projekt scheint ansonsten völlig an mir vorbeigegangen zu sein! *schäm*

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    Original von Caine
    @ chris:
    Könntest du, wenns neue Informationen von Allan gibt, diese hier im Forum vielleicht auch posten? Ich glaube, der Adapter interessiert mehrere.

    Hatte ich hier

    Neuer VGA-Adapter in Arbeit!!!

    schon gemacht.
    Das letzte was ich von Allan bekommen habe:
    "allan.bairstow" <allan.bairstow@btinternet.com>


    22.01.2005 21:58

    Hi Everybody,

    Its now 2005 ! and after the year I had in 2004 I am glad we are here. As most of you already know, I am having a break from CS during 2005 so I can concentrate on getting the C=VGA finished and trying to get the CSdoom64 project somewhere near to being started !!!!

    I will be uploading some new pictures of the C=VGA for you later this week so keep checking back. I am also learning some new web development software so you will see a gradual change over the next month or so. Please bear with me.

    I asken Neil how the C=VGA was progressing and here is his reply ;


    Well, the NTSC looks great. It took me a while to find the right settings
    in the firmware, but it looks very impressive now.

    I ran a few demos and test programs, I can say that it scrolls smoothly with
    no tearing, the colors are bright and crisp (as long as you use a
    high-quality shielded cable!! this is very important!! it looks like crap
    otherwise), and will be very usable for demo-watching, gaming, programming,
    and so forth. There's a picture or two of an intro from your commodorescene

    I haven't been so lucky with the PAL.

    At first I was thinking it was the settings of the video converter (the
    output was readable but the colors were off).... I've been playing with it
    for a while now (several weeks), but any tweaking just made it worse. After
    some head scratching, I drove all the way back to my apartment and grabbed
    my DVD player, I remembered it would do PAL or NTSC, since it's new. I
    switched it to PAL, and it looked great. So all along, the C128 has had
    problems, probably when it was shipped over here (remember I don't have a
    PAL TV to hook it up to, so I've never seen it work). I'm thinking it's in
    the character ROM. The colors are messed up, sometimes the text just
    randomly garbles, some characters work, some don't.... Are there any common
    problems with the 128s that are fixable, by replacing chips or something?
    Are there any troubleshooting steps I should start with? I looked on EBay,
    I couldn't find any PAL C64 or 128 systems for sale. I won't be able to
    make much progress until I can get another one.

    Three of the pictures are of the C128 doing weird things. Let me know if
    you have any ideas. (it's hard to see the colors on the last two, but they
    aren't what they're supposed to be)

    But, since I've verified that the PAL is usable, I'm going to start on the
    final design tonight, and the enclosure that it will go in. The board will
    use surface mount (SMT) parts, just like the reference design I'm using now.
    I will be assembling them here at work, with our new robotic pick&place
    machine (I'll also be using a stencil printer and a reflow oven for
    soldering). This means each board shouldn't take more than a few minutes to
    go from bare board to fully assembled. This will keep costs down (a board
    of this size would take an hour or two each by hand--that's like two
    forty-hour work weeks for 100 units--I'll have 100 done in a day). I was
    fortunate enough to find a job with production equipment (and unfortunate
    enough to have to work at it 80 hours a week).

    I'll have the actual production specs (resolutions, refresh rates, modes,
    stuff it will do, stuff it won't do) to you very soon.

    I've picked out the enclosure, they will look very nice. They will be made
    of steel and aluminum, and will be color matched (we can do Pearl White to
    match the C128's, or Pebble Gray to match the C64's, or some of each--let me
    know on this one). The labels for the front and back will be professionally
    done by a label company we represent. I've attached three pictures of some
    boxes we did for a company that does cash registers. The front panel will
    have some retro-80's looking commodore logo on it (possibly the rainbow that
    comes on the older C64's), a big ugly red LED, and a mode select switch.that
    doubles as a power switch. The back panel will have the DC power in jack, a
    VGA in and out connector, three RCA jacks for video CHR/LUM and audio, and
    audio passthrough connectors. Maybe a C128 80-column mode connector, but I
    still have to see if it's possible with the chips I'm using.

    The unit will ship with a VGA cable, a DC power adapter (US or EU),
    instructions, a box, and maybe a video connector (most people should already
    have one)

    So there you have it, neil still needs some help to resolve a few problems but other than that we should be seeing it finished soon - I know I keep saying that but it is still here !

    There are just a few things to clear up at the moment to help quell any rumors :

    1) This is NOT vapourware - I have seen the device running myself and in any case - if it all fell on its bum then I would personaly refund everybodies money.

    2) This is NOT just a video conversion box - I am well aware that the main board is the generic 'cheesebox' that is available 'off the shelf' at any retail outlet. The firmware for this device is being rewritten speciffically for the Commodore. I suggest those of you who think you are getting a repackaged cheesebox should go and buy one and try it out for yourselves - when you are disapointed with the quality of the 40 column output and the complete lack of 80 column compatibility, the term 'I told you so' should spring to mind. Those people who think the standard video conversion boxes are okay either have not tried one or have never pushed their Commodore's screen display to its limits - you need something special to display that type of thing. I've tried many devices and NONE of them are any god.

    3) I have set aside the first 6 months of 2005 to get the C=VGA done, we may need help with spare C= parts and we may be asking for your help in other areas too so hang in there a bit longer.

    I hope that clears a few things up for you all, please feel free to ask any questions you wish - hopefully I will be able to incorporate some sort of Q&A forum on the new website when I get around to it ;-)

    All the best, Allan

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    Original von Caine
    lt. folgender Quelle (Klick mich) sollte der neue VGA-Adapter über Protovision erhältlich sein.

    Das steht da aber so nicht! ;)


    Ist der schon lieferbar bzw. ab wann?

    Er ist noch nicht lieferbar, wird sicherlich auch noch ein Weilchen dauern. Ich hab mal bei Allan angefragt, ob es seit seiner letzten Mail (siehe oben) etwas neues zu berichten gibt - ich warte aber noch auf Antwort.

  • @ MacGyver:

    Wortwörtlich steht es da nicht, aber sinngemäß. If you requiere hardware or software ... und darüber u.a. Links zu dem VGA-Adapter. Aber ist ja egal wie es da steht, ich hatte es halt so verstanden, auch wenns evtl. mißverständlich ist.

    Auf jeden Fall bin ich auf das Teil schon gespannt!

    Es grüßt


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    Original von Caine
    Wortwörtlich steht es da nicht, aber sinngemäß. If you requiere hardware or software ... und darüber u.a. Links zu dem VGA-Adapter. Aber ist ja egal wie es da steht, ich hatte es halt so verstanden, auch wenns evtl. mißverständlich ist.

    Okay :) Das ist halt eher allgemein gemeint.

    "Projects currently ongoing" heisst ja, dass sich diese Projekte noch in der Entwicklung befinden - wobei das CSDOOM64 momentan in der Schwebe ist :( Aber das ist 'ne andere Geschichte, und soll in einem anderen Thread erzählt werden ;)


    Auf jeden Fall bin ich auf das Teil schon gespannt!

    Ja, ich auch! :)

    Allan hat wahrscheinlich noch nicht geantwortet, weil er sich erstmal beim Entwickler schlaufragen muss.