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New Release - Get The Diamonds (VIC 20) by Reset Magazine

  • https://reset64-magazine.itch.io/get-the-diamonds-vic20

    Reset64 is proud to present:

    Get The Diamonds (VIC20)

    By Derek.


    Guide Diamond Dylan through each cave, collecting enough diamonds so he can finally retire and afford to buy a nice cottage in the country, away from the traffic.

    Get The Diamonds is a 1 player game for your 3kb expanded VIC20, featuring colourful graphics, in game sound and 8 fiendish levels.

    Get The Diamonds will work on both PAL and NTSC VIC20s.

    VIC20 instructions:

    • Collect the diamonds to proceed to the next level
    • Exit each level via the steps
    • Collect a key to open 1 door
    • Shields give Diamond Dylan temporary invulnerability against the cave inhabitants
    • Shift + F1 - Reset level
    • Shift + F7 - Abort game

    Get The Diamonds will work on a Commodore VIC20, TheC64/TheVIC20 or your favourite VIC20 emulator. A file configured and ready to play on the The C64/TheVIC20 is included in the downloads, as well as a standard PRG file and D64 image.

    NOTE: Get The Diamonds requires 3kb RAM Expansion to work.


    Design, Programming, Graphics & Sound: Derek