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    Dear friends,

    Welcome to another Retro Programmers Inside (RPI) Game Jam, which is also hosted by Phaze101 on

    This time Retro Programmers Inside offers you a Game Jam that brings a famous modern web browser game to your retro machine.

    As always the idea behind our Game Jams to increase knowledge and awareness around the retro computers that we all love.


    The challenge consists in creating an identical or original version of the most famous Google Web Browser game, that is Google Trex which you can find references here.

    The challenge is just a way to have fun with our beloved retro computers, so let's bring Google Trex to your favourite retro machines. Most of us has played the game on your favourite Google Browser so why not build and play it on your favourite retro computer?

    If you never participated in one of the Retro Programmers Inside (RPI) challenges, this is the Golden opportunity for you to start! The game, thanks to its simplicity, can also be programmed by beginners, on any 8/16 bit retro computer.

    As most of you know this Game Jam is just for the fun of it and for learning purposes. Your win is your achievement in completing such a challenge.


    • You can use any programming language of your choice.
    • Solo Developers or teams are allowed.
    • You are allowed add variants, nice graphics, etc. etc.
    • No Consoles / DOS / Windows / Linux / Mac or any x86 machine

    In short, it really is a game for everyone. Anyone who has difficulties, however, can always get in touch and we are always happy to help.


    At the end of the challenge there will be a live stream event in which all the games made will be shown.

    This is our way of celebrating the Game Jams and how everyone gets his glory.


    The games created must be sent, with instructions of how to run them on your favourite emulator.

    Please send it to

    The Game Jam ends on 10/09/2022 at midnight.

    This Game Jam is made available on Retro Programmers Inside Facebook group and also on and it is open to everyone.

    Please note that you can also use Phaze101 Discord Channel dedicated to Retro Programmers Inside Game Jams, invite link here


    Title: 10 Basic 10 liner games [OR] 100 lines of Basic

    Platform: Unexpanded Commodore VIC-20

    Video: PAL/NTSC

    Interface: Keyboard only

    Game type: Various

    Written by: W E de Villiers, core game engine: Jeffrey Daniels

    BASIC! Yes Basic, that old stalwart language that most everyone with an 8-bit history has had to contend with. Its actually quite brilliant and yes the fact that it has the keyword GOTO makes it BETTER not worse :)

    I haven't written Basic 10-liner games before, but now I have and here I present the fruits of my labor.

    I have included a listings file within the zip archive so that you can use the code in any way that you see fit.



    (User handle on the Vic-20 denial forum)

    Install instructions


    for disk use: load "*",8 then type run and press return.

    for tape use: load: then type run and press return. Don't rewind the tape for loading and running the next game.…ame-venture-for.html#more

    Here you can download my version of the 1981 arcade game Venture for the Commodore 64. It includes elements from the official Atari 2600, Colecovision and Intellivision home versions. You can also print out a j-card for your cassette collection.

    An unusual Pool of Radiance save disk…ol_of_radiance_save_disk/

    Posted byu/turtlekitty2084

    3 years ago

    An unusual Pool of Radiance save disk


    What: A d64 image with a saved game. The savepoint is right before the big battle in the Kobold Caves. It's a party of eight, but only three are PCs - the other five are the five named NPCs that join you throughout the game:

    Dirten, Level 5 Cleric: you get him at the Temple of Tyr after the clerk gives you the commission. He stays with the party until you cleanse the Temple of Bane across the river. He helped the PCs out for awhile before the gathering, so he's level 6 now.

    Mad Man, Level 1 Fighter: an insane fighter found in Mendor's Library. He never leaves the party, but causes lots of trouble if you take him back to town. Kinda useless in a fight, as he automatically flees every time (and refuses to even fire a bow at the end of his move), but I found it is possible to get him to fight if you cast Bless before the battle. He actually took down two trolls in the next fight. Doesn't seem to work on undead, though - guess they're too damn scary. I guess he tangled with some undead, because Dirten used Restoration scrolls to get him up to level 8 (with 16777215 exp, no less!), which beefed up his THAC0 - but he only gained one hit point every time, so he's basically a glass cuisinart.

    Skullcrusher, Level 4 Fighter: Lord Cadorna's servant. You find him in a cell in the Textile House. He'll help you fight the hobgoblins and stays until the party walks near City Hall.

    Princess Fatima, Level 4 Fighter: You meet her in the Kobold Caves. She'll help you kill them, but leaves the moment you exit the caves, whether you've cleared them out or not.

    Genheeris, Level 7 Magic-user: Servant of Tyranthraxus. If you threaten him, he assumes Big T sent you to kill him, and joins your party to fight him instead. Try to walk past T's lair without fighting him, however, and Genheeris takes off. His lightning bolts do lots of damage - too bad he's as likely to hit a party member as an enemy.

    I, of course, equipped my NPC pals with far better equipment than they arrived with.

    How: It's tricky. This gathering can only happen in the Kobold Caves, since Fatima leaves the moment you do.

    Dirten is easy - just don't clear the Temple of Bane, and he'll hang out.

    Skullcrusher and Mad Man are tougher - the former, because you can't go to City Hall without losing him; the latter, because he freaks out in town and gets the guards called on you.

    Genheeris is the hardest, as he leaves you the moment you walk by Tyranthraxus's lair without entering.

    So I got Dirten, and he helped get my PCs through some adventures to level up. When I was ready to get this NPC party started, I went and grabbed Mad Man and Skullcrusher, then headed straight for Valjevo Castle to get Genheeris. I had to kill Tyranthraxus with this ragged band in order to keep G in the party for our trip to the caves, where we met up with Fatima.

    Why: Mostly for kicks.

    Though Ultima IV is my favorite computer game of all time, Pool of Radiance is the game I have played the most. I tend to fire up the emulator at least once a year; I've probably played through it 100 times or more, with 100 different parties. The ability to mix-and-match classes and races gives it enormous replay value well beyond the other games in my Top 5. Going out with a whole party of fighters is a lot of fun. So is soloing the game with a single cleric/fighter/magic-user. A whole party of clerics is a difficult run, but they kick the Hell out of that damn Valhingen Graveyard.

    I've been adventuring with these NPC companions for thirty years; I guess I felt it was about time they all met each other. This is my love letter to Pool of Radiance.

    I am at work can't wait to try these codes out at home!

    You rock!

    Probably just another excuse to explain why there is not any updated screen shots or anything of that nature.

    After over US $126,000 received by SDG,

    on a development started in 2017,

    last updated in May 2020,

    I don't know if I should still really believe in anything SDG has to say,

    After years of waiting,

    I have already lost my interest in "Avatar II",

    "Terminator: Dark Fate" really stinks.

    The new Star Wars and Jurassic Park series are just not as Refreshing as the First Ones.

    The hype is just simply not there anymore,

    for something that happened in 2017.

    The "Truman Show" was Great right?

    In the movie itself at the end people just changed the channel to see what else is going on.

    Yeah I have already lost interest in a Chance to Ever Play this game.

    I am more interest in what happened to the over US $126,000 of money from people and what are SDG's explanations for that.

    Ask any other C64 developers how much $126000 they could do.

    Imaging Lykia and Briley Witch developers what they could have done with over $126000.

    or Give the money to "Eyes of the Beholder" Team.

    One team could probably build a entire "Fall Out" on C64 with that money.

    Destroying It? Let it be something worthy to be destroyed first.

    In this Zip File,

    I can load up the .vsf file using Vice 2.2,

    however there is this .d64 file cannot be loaded up no matter what.

    It says "data manager" with Zero Block Free when looking inside with DirMaster.

    Does any one what is included on this .d64 file and how one is supposed to load it up?

    oldschooljoe, certainly not. VSF format is "Vice Snapshot File" and opening a snapshot, with a different emulator type, than the one, it was taken on, how is that supposed to work? Especially, when loading a snapshot in the most cases even don't work on later versions of the same emulator. :) Denise snapshots can't be opened in VICE or HOXS either, so unfortunately, this will not work, because they are all different file types.

    You could maybe try, to load such a vsf-snapshot in that VICE version, it was made off and when the game starts, then freeze it with a freezer-modul and see, if this works? To try this out, you must turn off "Reset on cart change" in the VICE menue first, before you insert the modul (otherwise the snapshot is gone again), but even then, i am not sure, if this will work, because the question is, if the freezer-function will work, when a modul is inserted without a Reset? But it's worth a try anyway. If the freezing itself works, then the saved freeze-file can be used in all emulators of course.

    Maybe that's one of the reasons why C64 Endings Website got abandoned.

    We need to come up with New C64 Endings and with Newer Ending Modules that works on all emulators.

    Trying to open a C64 Endings .vsf file.

    Old Vice 2.2 could do it but none of the newer from Vice 2.4 could open it.

    Tried on Newest Denise v but does not work.

    I just dragged and dropped it on Denise.

    Is there anyway top open it with Denise?



      (26.34 kB, downloaded 7 times, last: )

    V. just released on September 4th, 2022

    Dudes, you guys over-reacted,

    Another member once asked for EPUB files the last time with the FREE BOOk Offers which had these EPUB files and some how he could not downloaded them and I helped him by sending him the EPUB files privately.

    My message was to let them know EPUB files are not available ahead of time.

    I should have send him the private messages about that. I didn't expect such sensitive reactions here.

    I appreciated all the posting here, I also have Prime but my wife forbids me to use it for Games, that's her shopping platform, and that's why I envy the guys who could download them "freely"...

    I don't expect to be your friends here at least I have been trying my best to post information to show my appreciation to the community with all my postings.

    I am sorry for the misunderstanding, however

    I can also feel it and see it as some of you probably do not like my presence here and are looking for every chance to threat me like an enemy here and get rid of me.