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  • Hello,

    Im a kid who loves retro computers. I stumbled across this project and realize that my friends and I could live our dream of having our retro style business out of my room.

    I also help out with the middle school tech club that I helped out when I was there and feel that this machine could be used for coding education.

    What do I need to do to get involved in this project and make software and test it for educational use?

  • 1) zero-cost option:

    a) You could use this:


    in theory, it's supposed to fully emulate mega65 but there are still a few things missing.

    b) download xilinx ISE and play with FPGA code - you can do quite a lot using just the ISE without even owning the Nexys-4 board

    2) costly option

    Buy a nexys-4 board - I assume you're still in school so you would qualify for a discount - the board might cost you about $150 (assuming you live in the U.S.).
    Then you can play with full development on the actual hardware that's pretty close to what mega65 will run on.

  • I play xemu c65 in basic 10.0
    binary version for Windows
    lots of mistakes

    BORDER command does not work

    BORDER color

    Sets the screen border color a given color. The color must be in the
    range (0-15). See the Color Table.

    emulator ****************************
    BORDER 0


    WORKS range (1-16)

    whether it be a problem if the emulator rom ver.

  • @Dafix First of all, Xemu (C65 or M65 emulator) does not emulate the border - yet :) Well, besides of that the command "should" work, maybe you can't see the result though :) But the important point: the BASIC interpreter is the original ROM, so if it says an error message like this then it's nothing to do too much other than the ROM/basic itself, let it be on the emulator or the FPGA realization ... Surely, Xemu for emulating C65 (and especially M65) is kinda "young" in terms of maturity, that's true, however I think, this must be some kind of BASIC problem. Btw, it seems, BACKGROUND command has similar behaviour.