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  • Hello!

    I hope it is ok to share my YouTube videos here. No ads on these Mist videos.

    I have only done one so far, but the goal is to create a series, showing people how to use the Mist, how to configure it and so on. Really it is to get more people excited and interested in FPGA computers.

    In this first video I mostly explain what a FPGA computer is and why it is different to classic software emulation. Anyway, hope you like it!

    Here is the link: What is the Mist FPGA computer? #1

  • Quote from Tom Phobos

    Wow! Really nice video with much informations and a really good explanation, Thank you! I'm looking forward to the next episodes :)

    Thank you for your kind words :)

    I'm also open to any suggestions.

    In the next video I want to give an overview of the unit and how to run your first game. I think I'll go with the Amiga, as I'm more familiar with it compared to the Atari ST, but not 100%. Or C64, which is simpler and doesn't need a ROM?

  • Hallo Mist Freunde / Hello Mist fans!

    Mist FPGA C64 core review 37 games tested

    This is a video review of the C64 core for the Mist FPGA computer. I will show you how to download the core and prepare your SD card.

    The core supports D64 and PRG file formats. I will show you what options the core menu has and how to load and run games.

    I will give a conclusion and a compatibility score and at the end, the highlight of this video, 37 games directly VGA captured as they appear and sound on the Mist FPGA computer.

    The following C64 games are featured:

    19 Part One - Boot Camp
    Arkanoid - Revenge of Doh
    Auf Wiedersehen Monty
    BOFH - Servers Under Siege
    Chuck Rock
    Cybernoid - The Fighting Machine
    Cybernoid II - The Revenge
    Dan Dare III - The Escape
    Deliverance - Stormlord II
    Hades Nebula
    Kickstart II - The Construction Set
    Licence to Kill
    Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge
    Over the Net
    Rolling Ronny
    Smash TV
    Stone Age
    Super Cards
    Super Scramble Simulator
    Super Space Invaders
    Time Machine
    Trailblazer II
    Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego
    Yie Ar Kung Fu II