swinsid88 start up tone but no music

  • Hi folks. I'm currently trying to put together a swinsid using atmega88pa . So far the best result is an audible tone on start up and that is all. No music during game play. If anyone here has had the same issue I would very much value your input.
    I'm using a usbasp and burn-o-mat. ?(

  • update: the start up tone seems to play at wrong speed, seems longer and lower frequency than the ones I've seen on youtube.
    I've unchecked clkdiv8 and been over the adapter schematic several times and cant find a hardware fault. I've used multiple 88's in various configs and still no luck.

  • i have the right 1khz tone but missing 3 channels. i performed a sidtest and it showed 3 channels no sound but filters were working.

    did you find what was the problem?

    i still have my problem and dont know what to check next?

    i have the JargoV pcb