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Non-Destructive (3d-Druck) Casemod für SD2IEC, XUM-1541 und MeGALoDOS im 1541-II

  • After a long break due to several other projects, I returned.

    Unfortunately, the next printout will go to the trash. It is a pity, Sossenfetischist, that you did not write about the enlargement of the panel. I added my 3 mm and it turned out too big now.

    Is it possible to correct the selected errors? The frame and the hole are missing from the inside. From the outside it would be useful to tighten the notch.


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    After several months of fighting, I'm almost over. Unfortunately, the end result will not be perfect. After printing the front panel for the third time, about 7 hours of sanding and painting, it turned out that still not everything fits together. I had to make corrections to the finished form. This unfortunately can be seen.

    So all that's left to do is connect the sd2iec device with the new sd card slot. Unfortunately, the sd2iecEVO refuses to obey and I don't know if I can handle him. That's why I decided to show the result so far.

  • I just got an anycubic photon mono X resin printer and when I finally set up my maker space and the resin arives i will test print a set out of resin.

    Before that, I will have to make some small modifications (perhaps need to split the side things to fit on my print bed) and am happy to benefit from your experiences. I also would like to add a support for the XUM and some perf board for the sd2iec...

    I would be happy to send you a set then for cheap (shipping/material costs) It will be made out of plant based clear resin on fine print settings, so no sanding required, could also be painted with acrylic paint...

    If that works, I would prepare some sets, together with the LCD screen and put them into the marketplace for a low price.

    We stay in touch, still a bit hectic, but bought the printer for that project too :) Soon like to test it all out...