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    I don't have issues with the KFF in my SX64 regardless of the cable to the expansion port.

    Are you using the right version, e.g. pal or ntsc? Also try loading the latest version of the firmware onto the KFF.

    OK, gewonnen.:thnks: Dieser Hardwarenachbau ist mir völlig unbekannt und ich habe ab 1995 alles an Hardwarenachbauten/Entwicklungen für den C64 gesammelt und auf CDs gebrannt.

    Letztes Jahr hatte ich dann alles auf 25GB M-Disc (Blurays ohne organische Bestandteile) gebrannt. Der Nachbau hat sich wohl aufgrund des PCB und der anderen Komponten nicht gelohnt.

    Zudem bezahlte man zu der Zeit ja auch keine Märchenpreise, bei dem man denken muss, ist das PCB mit goldenen Leiterbahnen bestückt oder lagert der Motor auf Rubine, Zwecks Verminderung der Reibung.:)

    Are you planning to release those info? I recently rediscovered my 64 and love to have more hardwareprojects for it..

    I had one also. I only remember the software that came along with it.

    I found the archive on Expert Cartridge - ReplayResources ( Are there more programs more this? They all seem simular

    I know they are different but hopes the wrom could be dumped (is it located at the same memory region as regular kickstart?) To a rom for the other amiga's

    I'm in the progress of restoring a SX64. Currently it has an issue on the main cpu board (whte screen), probably due to a gone wrong socketing :( I noticed missing pads and a few missing traces.

    Are there any good scans of the boards in the SX64? Googling didn't find any, but i would help me a lot in restoring this thing :)

    I assumed you used the ramdisk functions from turbotrans ramdisk to quickly load a disk.

    My RAMROM implemention is a bit alike megalodos. It features a 2 Mbit flashrom and 256K SRAM and the CPLD supports mapping ROM and RAM at various location in the addressing space of the 6502. It is lacking the bit shuffling of profidos, but for now Dolphin DOS is good enough. It lacks the arduino, OLED and rotary encoder, which is fine for my as it is fitted into a SX64 and i don;t think an OLED would fit into a vintage device. Probably gona use bubble display or 7 segment display with a rotary with vintage knob :)

    Will post pictures if it ever gets into a more polished state. Unfortunately the SX has a white screen and it is nonworking at the moment so nothing much happening here soon :).

    the 10 seconds copy is a nice addition to the megalodos. Nice work. It is kinda the turbotrans ramdisk clone? Prolly using a trackread from an other speeder?

    If the U64 board does not supply a stable PHI2 clock on the expansion port during power on that could explain issue but as I don't own a U64 this is purely guesswork.

    Good guess - At the time where the U64 is powered on the FPGA needs to be loaded and started, therefore some time passes before PHI2 is available.

    Das Laden und starten von .PRGs und .D64 klappt aber. Also wird doch das KFF ordentlich gestartet? Bzw. wo ist der Unterschied zum Start einer .CRT von der SD-Karte im Gegensatz zu .PRG und .D64?

    Does it help if you keep the KFF in reset for a couple of seconds or wait a bit and reset the KFF?

    The reset button is connected to the reset of the MCU (and some resistors/transistors make sure the C64 is also reset). THis perhaps can resync to the PHI2 clock.

    to my S64

    What is a S64??

    I ment SX64. Also mt keyboard has issues :P

    better sockets (machined sockets)

    What's that? Precision IC sockets???

    I think the official word is machined, but they sometimes called that

    Short pin chips have usually been "cut" instead of being desoldered properly.
    You could solder them into a precision socket to extend the legs - it's what I usually do.

    I personally desoldered them, but they have been filed off to make the other side less protruding. around 1 mm.

    Prolly need to do this.

    I decided to add better sockets (machined sockets) to my S64, but it doesn't work anymore :/

    I noticed some of the chip have shorter legs and doesn't make a solid connection with the socket (they are a bit loose) Also most of my desoldered chips from a regular (scrap) C64 board have it also. Is there a proper (?) way to extend the legs easily?

    i think they are compatible (have both revisions but not next to each other so cannot check)

    The leds are different colors red and green vs green and yellow (anyone know a source of them as i like the 'old' colors)