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    You are a genius sir ! I have 3 "ME16" and one "ME15" and they all work in a VIC-20 by bridiging 34 and 36 !

    Good question - lol. I tend to mod first and figure out what to use it for later ... (I know kind of backwards ...)

    BTW, I have a recommended mod for you - I noticed the SX-64 case being so crammed with electronic goodies that now with the MixSid and the Lumafix64 a lot of heat is generated in that top of the MPU board area. So I went into my 1980's parts bin and found a nice ball-bearing i486 cpu heatsink fan and I mounted it on top cover right above that area to exit the warm air out the top. I decided to use an external 12v brick power supply so as to not tax the SX-64 power supply further (even though the fan draw is only 150ma). Also didnt want to introduce any more possible electrical fan noise into the system

    Pictures below:


    Your-SX64 now has a MixSid twin on the other side of the Atlantic :-)

    Works great just need to do the final front panel storage compartment switches for the mode / SX spkr on / off / stereo mini jack and a 8 position blue dip switch for the mixer / io and priority jumpers)