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    I download exomizer in working directory (GIT_ROOT) but I cannot get it installed with make install

    (Ι've to replicate the same environment -before HDD failure- i.e: Ubuntu 18.04 , Vivado Web pack 2017.4 , etc. The only thing I am not sure is how I can compile older version archive(march2020) from github source)

    Hi everyone! I am pleased I am back after some months now!

    Well to make the long story short....: After an HDD crash I had to re-install my MEGA65 development enviroment from scratch.

    I installed Ubuntu 18.04 on VM with Xilinx Web Vivado 2017.4

    After trying to arrange everything according to my own posts here (!!) I get the following error while trying to compile

    Any ideas why exomizer: not found error?

    Thank you for your time

    SUCCESS! (I hope)

    After aprox. 30minutes to build single bitstream here is the results:

    Really thank you Paul (and of course Markus and adtbm) and all the others who helped me.

    The only thing left is if anyone has a ready made Nexys4ddr on the bench to try out my compiled bitstream to check if everything is ok!

    (I would really appreciate it)

    Next thing is to wait for my Qmtech cheap 100T board to arrive and re-compile everything according to Paul's instructions.

    So far here is a summary of my build platform I used:

    Real machine PC I7- 16Gb RAM

    Ubuntu 18.04 (64bit) Installed in Virtual Machine (VirtualBox) using 8Gb ram and 4 CPUcores

    Basically I followed the instruction from here BUT I used git clone --recurse-submodules instead

    and also needed to install:







    Finally installed Xilinx Web Vivado 2017.4 and issued make bin/nexys4ddr.mcs (i.e for Nexus4ddr) to start compiling!



    After a lot of hours/days trying to compile here are my results so far~

    the only time the compiling seems to work properly was after I issued:

    1>> git clone --recurse-submodules

    2>> git checkout master


    3>> make (make bin/test.bit does not work)

    after about 18minutes! compiling time I got stuck in message (for ages): Start Technology Mapping....

    (VM Ubuntu 18.04 64bit / Vivado 2017.4)

    Here is Vivado.log file


    PS:Noticed that start compiling for mega65r1 how can I change to Nexys4DDR?

    Hi Markus

    According to your thoughts my friend I think I made a little progress.

    After installing autoconf the following needed to be installed too:






    After all above steps conpilation (seems) to started as it should!

    It starts compiling for minutes and now I get an error of Ophis

    I have read somewhere of Ophis but I cannot find it . Please advice

    Thank you.

    Hi Paul here is the info you asked

    Really thank you for your help as I am trying to compile this for Cheap XC7A100T core board with DIY addon sdcard/c64 usb keyboard/vga/composite plugin board

    so I really want to involve in some way with your excellent project / effort of yours.

    Well my friend unfortunately no success with compiling yet!

    Here is my progress so far:

    I followed this guide:

    so far

    Installed Ubuntu 18.04 (on VM)

    Installed Vivado WebPACK 2019.1 from Xilinx (in root opt/Xilinx dir)

    tried to compile development branch with no success

    (all installations as user in home directory ,except Vivado 2019.1 which is installed in root opt/Xilinx)

    Noticed that could not even found the vivado.log file when run make from command line.

    The only file exported is when I run Vivado 2019.1 graphical interface within Ubuntu (vivado.log created in user home dir)



    I don't mean to disturb Paul for support so this is a message for everyone else that could help me out.

    Why I keep getting this error :package 'victypes' not found in library 'work' ?

    I am trying to re-compile the original files but with no success.

    I want just to make sure I can compile everything before move on changing development board for experiment.

    Thank you for your time

    I really apriciate Paul for your time. I will check this out.

    Again congratulations you (and your team) for time effort .

    Just noticed that there are no vivado/mega65r2* files in this repositoryhere , only mega65r1 files.

    Unfortunetely after a work around pinout list ued in MEGA65 project from both Nexys4 DDR and Qmtech boards NOT all signals populated on Qmtech board!

    So the above usage of theese (cheaper) boards is NOT an option for a low cost MEGA65 implementation :(

    Possible solution: a way of re-maping the original pinout scheme used in MEGA65 project

    Here is the pins that are used (but NOT ALLo populated) in order to implement VGA , SDCARD , RESTORE / IRQ , Keyboard in Qmtech board

    and here it is the cheaper 80USD board pinout we must re-map the original to

    Finally I came to the following assumption/conclusion:

    I think the only add-on you will need is a DIY board (according to the following Nexys4 schematics) connecting to Qmtech I/O pins:


    With the above add-on & Qmtech 100T board you can use a usb keyboard (emulating C65keyboard) + sdcard

    UPDATE: I dare to think that with the above DIY add-on board we can even use this Qmtech Core board for a quick 'dirty' MEGA65 coming alive!

    Searching a little bit futher this weekend I came up to theese facts:

    This is the schematic of Nexys4 DDR and here is the schematic of Qmtech XC7A100T.

    I am wondering if we can just add a DIY SD card to second (cheaper) board.

    Are there any specific infos which resources does MEGA65 core uses of Nexys4 board?

    Thank you for your time