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    Another Hokuto Force release that works with D2EF, Dynamite Dux +8
    I add a little simple basic menu (nothing special, i'm a noob :saint:).
    This game is already present in a D2EF version (was patched some time ago by metallic using the Mr. Fox one), so let me know if it's a problem :schande:
    Thanks for all your effort!

    In other Master's releases it activates this way (by pressing space when starting the game).

    Stephan Scheuer perhaps it is better to specify it with each of your releases from now on :emojiSmiley-56:

    Öhm, hab's gerade mal ausprobiert. Das erste Bild kommt bei mir gar nicht, sondern der Delorian, der dann wegfliegt und zurückkommt. Das Trainermenü kommt bei mir auch nicht. Warscheinlich bin ich zu blöd.

    Bediene nur mit Joystick 2.

    Ok, wenn man etwas wartet, dann kommt auch das erste Bild, aber das Trainermenü vermisse ich noch. Nicht, daß ich jetzt drauf wild bin, aber wie kommt man denn dahin?

    For Trainer Menu, hold Space down after start the game (before DeLorean screen) :)

    Heute, frisch auf den Tisch gibt es "Back to the Future 2" als Easyflash Anpassung. Meinen besonderen Dank geht an pride64_getting_old, für das sehr akkurate testen das Spiels.:thumbup:

    Ich wünsche viel Spass mit den Game.:)

    It was a pleasure! :)

    Thank you for making this version and fixing some bugs (the year in the last level finally fixed above all) :thumbsup:
    For those interested, ---> here <--- you can find back to the future part 3, always made by Stephan Scheuer :verehr:

    Hi, it's possible an EasyFlash version of Back to the Future 2?
    The first one is a single load game and the third one, made by Master here, works flawlessly from start to finish.
    The second one will be nice without annoying loading times (and maybe also a fix in the bottom text with the year on the last level from 2015 to 1955) :D
    Thanks as always for all the work with all the games released! :verehr:

    Thanks to you for all the work you have done ;)

    it was a pleasure : pollice in su:

    Twinworld (1990)

    Untouchables (1989)

    Valentino (1988)

    Vendetta (1990)

    Viz (1991)

    I've tried Untouchables but it doesn't work well, sometimes the game loads but with glitched graphics on level 1 but most of the time doesn't work to me (Tested both on VICE and real C64 with 1541-Ultimate II).
    I saw that this .crt was made using D2EF 0.9.3-R1, so i did the same but using 0.9.3-R2.
    Now the game works flawlessly! :thumbsup:

    N.B. : Remember to disable fastload :)

    Nice! :D
    as always, take your time :thumbup: