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    Using latest 3.1a firmware and using telnet to connect to the 1541u2+ everything works fine except when I mount any image (d64, d81, etc.) the telnet window is immediately closed (the connection is interrupted). This is done every time when mounting an image. Using the option "Mount and Run", insertint a CRT image, etc. works normally, none close the telnet connection when used.

    Not sure where to report this to be fixed though ?

    Ohh, ok. In U2+ Jiffy works fine for me. I just copied the ROM to the ROM flash folder and selected it in the drive settings as ROM for the 1581 drive emulation. I then switched Kernal to Jiffy and was done.

    Thank you. If I copy the ROM to the roms Flash folder and select it then it works fine. If I used the /usb0/!roms/jiffy1581.rom path it did not work for some reason. All is fine now.

    I am not using pi1541 anymore because it lacks on compatiblity

    Hmm, can you explain where it lacks in compatibility? Currently everything worked that I tried with it. That is both 1541 and 1581 emulation (for which the pi1541 is the only to have properly implemented).

    Hello, will do this in English.

    I have built one of the Expanders and it works even better than Expected. Using the original parts as specified on first page everything seems to be working with my C64G. With 1541U2+ in first slot and EasyFlash3 in second slot I can get all mentioned combos to work fine:

    - Jiffy/Jaffy DOS selected as custom kernal on EF3 works perfectly. No problems. Some kernals like Exos v3 don't work though, but no biggy, as long as Jaffy 1.3 works I am happy :)

    - 1541U2+ works as expected even if slot 2 is active. You can enter menus and do configuration of the u2+ normally. Disk drive emulation works flawlessly regardless of which slot is active. Even REU works in *most* cases, some need EF3 disabled in its menu ands slot1 enabled though (Maverick copy for example).

    - Custom kernal selected in 1541U2+ works *sometimes* , a bit randomly though, so rather use the EF3 custom kernal option.

    - It is nice to see the EF3 being enabled by default and the EF3 menu coming up as you turn on the C64. Love that.

    So thank you Jood for the GREAT expander. It has far exceeded all expectations. And thank you Oliver for the kit!

    Best regards,

    Hi all

    When I copy files from the fat32 AUX CF card on ACA500+ to the amiga CF card they all get File Comments generated (File Notes under amigados) like:

    Erstellt 27.10.2010 02:24:49, letzter Zugriff 27.10.2020

    This is then displayed in some programs like Delitracker2 and Hippoplayer and it is a bit annoying. Is it possible to turn this off somehow ?


    The results of my tests by transferring a PRG file over the USB connection of KFF are as follows:

    s[end] command (ef3usb.exe to KFF menu): 4s

    e[xecute] command (ef3usb.exe to ef3usb.prg): 2s

    I guess that the transfer code is better optimized in the USB Utilities (e command) than the EF3 one (s command). Unfortunately, it seems that the source code for the ef3executec.prg referenced in ef3usb.tas is missing in the EasyFlash 3 USB Utilities release. Maybe Tom-Cat can shed some light on this?

    You can get it here:


    The c64 version has some additional side-missions... to get you started you need the safari jacket, hat and the whip to enter a very special room in the attic that is not in the spectrum version, from then on you will get more clues how to proceed...

    My EasyFlash3 IRC program uses a 4x8 font that utilizies all 4 pixels width, so there is basically no spacing between letters. For some reason your mind makes up the spacing and I think everything looks more readable than the tiny 3x8 font (I tried with both and decided on this one) :

    UserPort modems would probably work only for the BBS EF3 program... the IRC program relies heaviliy on the PC side for stuff like rememebering the history of the channels so you can have multiple channels open... so that would not work.

    OSX support is up on the csdb now. :)

    And yea, groepaz thought he would ruin the screenshot with that... :D

    Hi Everyone

    Just released 2.0 version of the IRC client for your C64 that has an EasyFlash3 cartridge:

    version 2.0
    - Added multi channel support:
    - Multiple windows (up to 9 windows) so you can join 9 channels simultaneously
    - Window 0 is the server messages window
    - CTRL+number brings you to the desired window
    - Private messages go to their own window if one is available, otherwise to the current window
    - Status line added which shows current time, your Nick, currently active window, channel name and the status of other windows
    - CLEAR/HOME key brings you to end/start of input
    - CURSOR UP/DOWN moves around input history
    - F1/F3 goes one page UP/DOWN through the channel history buffer. Around 10 pages of history are remembered.
    - Cursor is now a block instead of the line
    - Bug fixes all around