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    grubi If you find other switches that serve as a sufficient workaround, let me know! The working theory is that cheaper switches are more likely to block backpower. The one I linked has been mentioned in previous conversations on the topic so it should work. I don't use a display that causes this issue so I haven't been able to test personally.

    I added a mention of HDMI backpower to the Welcome Guide. It might be worth a Filehost article too.

    There is nothing to announce at this time regarding board revisions. For now, it's best to assume that future shipments will use the same board revision, and a percentage of those may experience the RTC and HDMI backpower issues. I can say that we're interested in pursuing fixes, but as this is all done by volunteers it's difficult to make any guarantees until a solution is in place.

    When we deplete the stock of plastic cases, our case partner will make more, and they're aware of the issues with the first set. My understanding is we have more preorders than cases, so anyone preordering today would get a newer pressing of the case at some point in the future. For what it's worth, in my own experience, I was able to resolve case fit issues with a screwdriver.

    Anyone with an affected RTC can request a replacement unit that connects to the Grove port on the main board.

    The workaround for the HDMI backpower issue is to run it through an HDMI switch, such as:…er-Schwarz/dp/B08V8XD945/

    stylon My newsletter is the official MEGA65 newsletter, even though my name is in the title. I have as much access as the rest of the MEGA65 team to updates from Trenz Electronic, and we collect announcements and review the text as a group.

    On the one hand, there's not much info on shipping status. On the other hand, it's as much as the Spectrum Next project has published in their Kickstarter mailings. The Next project community updates are excellent: they benefit from having shipped 3000 units prior to the onset of supply chain issues, so they can fill a newsletter with cool screenshots of community projects. The actual info they share about shipping is on par with what we've been able to share.

    Re: communication in general, MEGA65 is constrained in that we are not allowed to access the list of people who have preordered. We just sent a wide email to the list of people that have expressed interest in the project over the years, but that includes a bunch of people that haven't preordered and probably don't want monthly updates. That's why I set up a separate Digest newsletter. I insist that the Digest be opt-in; I don't think it's right to auto-subscribe everyone. But that means we have to promote it to make sure everyone at least knows that it exists. It's a tough spot for the project to be in, and I wish we had a simpler situation like a Kickstarter, but that's where we are. :)

    So far, it looks like the next 400 units will ship throughout December and January. The current constraints on that batch are on assembly and testing throughput, so we should continue to give Trenz Electronic some slack. They will send out individual shipping notices when they're ready.

    — Dan

    Is your MEGA65's Real Time Clock (RTC) not working? If so, you are eligible to receive a Grove RTC device that provides a working clock. Thanks to the MEGA65 team, we are offering this device free of charge to everyone with an affected unit.

    To learn more about this offer, including a link to the request form, visit this article on Filehost: Request a Real-Time Clock replacement (Grove RTC)

    My goal is to get one of these to everyone who received a MEGA65 with a broken internal RTC chip. Please don't request one if you don't need one, but if your MEGA65 needs one, let me know through this form and I'll send you one. :)

    — Dan

    I'm currently using Substack which publishes the entire thing to the web as well as distributes it by email. You can follow a public Substack via RSS or read it directly on the website: This will always be public and free of charge.

    I appreciate the thought to make sure the info doesn't get locked away or hidden from search engines. I'm considering duplicating newsletter content to other forums as needed, at least to my personal blog if not somewhere else. If I stick with the audio read-along idea, I'll want to set up a separate RSS feed for podcast players, which Substack doesn't currently provide.

    Service portability is also important, which Substack provides, e.g. the ability to export the email list and all content. There's always the possibility that we'd need to change providers in the future to keep it free and searchable. I don't currently use a custom domain with Substack, but it's a possibility and would make it more future proof.

    There's been so much going on this year with the MEGA65 that it's been a challenge keeping up with it all. So I'm starting a MEGA65 newsletter! My intent is to keep it short and interactive, to showcase the accomplishments of the community and the progress being made on the project, and to give MEGA65 owners of all skill levels and interests ways to stay involved.

    Subscribe and read the inaugural welcome post here:…e-mega65?showWelcome=true

    If you like the idea, please help promote it! I want this to reach everyone interested in the MEGA65, including people who don't visit this forum or the Discord. (If you're on Twitter, it'd be a big help to RT this tweet.)

    Let me know what you think! Thank you!

    — Dan

    A small percentage of MEGA65s shipped with a broken RTC chip. If I remember correctly, even without a battery installed the time should still count up from 0 if you have a working RTC. Once you have a battery installed, if it still isn't counting up, you may have a broken RTC. There's a test tool and a hardware workaround in development; see the Discord, and also the Welcome Guide:…-doesn-t-advance-the-time