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    I don't have issues with the KFF in my SX64 regardless of the cable to the expansion port.

    Are you using the right version, e.g. pal or ntsc? Also try loading the latest version of the firmware onto the KFF.

    Yes to ALL!! On my C64C it works flawlessy!

    Hi everyone, I just signed up. I own a C64-SX but the Kung fu on this doesn't seem to work. I just have one more game cartridge and it goes. What could it be?

    Did you build the KFF yourself or did you buy it somewhere?

    If you built it yourself, did you program the MCU with the proper firmware?

    Do you have the possibility to test it on another machine (a friend's C64 or something like that)?

    My The kung fu flash works on a C64C I own!