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    Yes, you're right. 15 Pounds....Heijei :)

    It's for me to much. I have 2 Kung Fu flash the worked and one

    without the STM32. I think i wait a little bit :) ;)

    If you already have a working card, yes, better wait. :) Think it's going to take some time before they become available for normal prices again.

    Have a good weekend!

    Paid €15,00 per piece including shipping, they don't have them anymore now. It's hard to find any STM32's these days due to the chip shortages. Guess I was lucky.

    Built your cartridge yesterday Kim. Only had 0402 capacitors and resistors so I had to do quite a lot of fiddling, but I managed. Worked in 1 go. :D

    I have been flashing STM32's before, but ran into issues never experienced before (Kali Linux / OpenOCD / ST-Link V2.0). Had to unlock first before I could write, never experienced that before.

    May I suggest to go more in depth on the SWD procedure on your GitHub page? Maybe a bit more documentation on that subject will help a lot of people I think.

    Just 1 small point of attention, it would have been more practical to have a separate jumper on the board for connecting Boot0 to 3v3. Once you hook up the ST-Link it is tricky to connect Boot0 to the 3v3 pin next to it as the lead from the programmer already occupies the 3v3 pin.

    But once I got it flashed ..

    I can only say: Awesome! This definitely is 'The Final Cartridge' I will ever need.

    Truly a great project, a big, big! compliment for your work Kim!

    Hello all, new member here!

    I ordered 5 pcb's (could not order just 1). Anyone interested in a PCB? I have 4 available. They are gold fingered and have a chamfered connector. They are already shipped so I expect them in a week or so.

    Already printed the case, and had a gold rattlecan lying around, label will be a vinyl printed one, current one is just for appearances. :-)