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    I have added an extra note to the rule notes:

    3. Entries should use the latest kernel ROM as of 7th Sept (currently 920224) which can be found on the Mega65 file host: (…37-41f7-8a81-0254b1e09fb5). All entries will be tested against this version.

    It's important we keep everyone on the same ROM as there are lots of new features in BASIC and even some differences to the memory map up in the $f700+ region that would affect ASM program start up.


    This is due to interrupts. The Mega65 kernel uses raster interrupts unlike the C64 so they start enabled, you need to disable them by either using an SEI, setting $d01a to 0 (after knocking in VIC4) or creating your own replacement raster interrupt.

    In order to map in the IO area properly you need to reset the mapping. I do this to enable my VIC4 setup:

    Great idea, thank you for the initative! Could you elaborate what is meant by "they must have some connection to an existing retro game"? I understand that it should be proper game, but what does "connection to an existing retro game" mean?

    Finally registered here so I can answer this! :)

    The connection to an existing game is really a very loose rule, for instance it could just be a shoot em up that contains some small reference to an existing shoot em up such as a familiart looking enemy typer, or it could be a full on Scramble clone. Really it was just a way to create a starting point for peoples ideas, the only thing that will disqualify is if its not an actual playable game.