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    I have linked the quality best 100 one-file demos of the last 5 years in the "magic desk 64KB" cartridge format. All demos were unpacked and starts in ONE second. Have fun!

    Amazing! Thank you for this one! Are most of them designed more for the 8580 or 6581 SID?


    Amazing update again. Thank you Joker!

    Would love too see more quality demos in next release. It was pleasant surprise in last release. :)

    Looks interesting. It's really amazing how many cool looking games are still published for a 38 year old computer.

    Well for soldering iron my choice would be TS100


    Very compact and reliable piece of tech, that is also great for a portable use.

    Firmware is also upgradable. I use the popular firmware by Ralim:

    I don't have desoldering station yet, but I have heard from several people that this is quite good one for the price:…lotstationen/solder-peak/

    My friend is coming around this weekend. LAN-party with just two of us. Planning to play Civ6 (if the cross-platform is works). Our biggest hit in recent years have been War Thunder, but my friend is having a problem with his Linux Client, so I guess we have to forget that one. He told that Wargame: European Escalation might be fun for multiplayer. What do you think? Or do you have any other suggestions (no CS)?

    I have tried different SID players and up untill now I did not have luck trying to read the contents of the SD card. I guess this is a limitation of how the browser software of the card interfaces with different buses and access storage. I guess the maker of sidplay64 should make a version tailored for KFF unless some way to play files is integrated into the browser. I have seen that Matthias has been trying to make that.

    Yes, floppy emulation is quite limited so sidplay64 does unfortunately not work.

    Is there any other sidplayers (of any kind) that would work with KFF?

    Same thing with the Fallout, Fallout 2, Arcanum etc.

    Tell me more about patches for those ..

    Well, for Fallout 1 there is this thing called Fixt:…ull-all-fixes-and-mods.8/

    For the sequel there is Fallout Restoration Project:…out_2_Restoration_Project

    And for Arcanum I have used Unofficial Arcanum Patch:

    I really recommend using those, if want to experience them nowdays. Huge amount of hours have been put on these to make the experience better than ever. Mostly fixing bugs and adding things that supposed to be there originally, but never got there. And lore-friendly. And of course making support for more modern resolutions and so on.

    Yep, I still have my original big box somewhere. You know you have made a great game, when there are still fans making unofficial patches for it over 20 years later. Same thing with the Fallout, Fallout 2, Arcanum etc. :)

    MOO and MOO2 was my favorite games back in the day. I tried even the multiplayer with the MOO2 with my friend. We played like 3 hours, until it crashed. Three hours of a play without saving. : cursing:

    Now there is this great mod that fixes lot's of those old bugs. I really recommend that if you start playing it again. Works with GoG and Steam version also.

    I started playing elite just before Distant Worlds 2 expedition. Problem was that my ship wasn't that prepared for that kind of a trip. I hung a long for a few weeks, and then just got tired of it. I participated on a few interesting event with other players, but mostly went solo. And that I think is the thing here. With other people this game really shines. Just going on solo, it can get quite boring and repetitive.

    This year feels good for the game with all the new stuff Frontier Developments is bringing.

    Well, for a few months it's been mainly War Thunder, Shadowrun: Dragonfall and some Civilization 6. Bought Curious Expedition during Steam Winter Sale. Nice little indie game, with lot's of replayability.

    That's why I recommend using external file services so there would not be any "leechsing" problem on this very forum.

    But yeah, let's stay on topic!

    I am still waiting my KFF cart, and I very excited about it. It has been very interesting to follow this development. Even at this current state it seems to be the thing for my needs and budget.

    I'm not coder or builder myself, but if something comes to my mind, i'll try to spit it out.

    Thanks guys! Keep up the good work. :)