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    Thanks Paul. I'll try to find out if my monitor supports PAL. It's a cheap Acer 1080p I picked up years ago, so I doubt it. I'm using HDMI for the input.

    With that said, the monitor works fine when the Mega 65 is set to PAL or NTSC via the Freezer menu.

    Do you know why the red light would be constantly on when using the updated COR?

    1. and 2. ALT and NO SCROLL work as expected. The menus come up eventually (much slower than before). The first time I went into the configuration menu with ALT and selected "1", the computer froze with a white screen. I powered cycled and tried again and it worked the next time.

    3. Per the instructions provided, I flashed to slot one (see attached).

    4. I did this and you are corrected, the display finally catches up with the computer, but this behavior is new as of the recent flash. Before this, the monitor worked immediately when the unit powered. The video I provided shows what is does now.

    5. I think I figured out a pattern with the red light (and the problem overall). If I boot to the Factory Core (slot 0), the monitor instantly shows output and the red light is no longer illuminated. However, if I boot with the recently flash core (slot 1), the red light always stays on and the monitor is slow to show the image from the computer. The issues appears to be caused by the core.


    I have flashed my DevKit to version 3 of the core. At first, I was able to see the boot screen and interrupt the auto-boot, but for some reason, connecting my 1541 drive, and rebooting, I am unable to see the boot screen and it auto-loads the maze program. I disconnected the 1541 drive and tried again, but still have the same problem. The 1541 worked just fine before flashing to r3 of the COR.

    Also, not sure if that red light was there before, but maybe that's a sign that something isn't right?

    Here's a video:

    Hi Matthewpowers,

    you need to register at our filehost:

    There you can register with your unique DevKit Serial number, then you'll be able to get access to all files.

    Without registration you only have limited access.

    Thanks Anton. I registered, but didn't see a place to put my SN. Also, it mentioned a redeem code, which I assumed would be emailed to me, but was never emailed. I try to put my SN in that, but it wouldn't accept it.

    Hi Anton,

    I am a devkit owner, but I don't see SD Essentials with ROM. I don't see a place to enter my SN neither.

    Do you know if there has been a COR update since your email from Jan 2, 2021? If so, do you know what I'd be looking for on the Files site? I have the M65Connect utility, so I can make my own core if I know what the source files (bitstream?) are.

    Thanks again.

    Thanks Anton. I'm a DevKit owner. Is the name of the file I'm looking for "MEGA65 SD card essentials.rar", which includes the ROM?

    Also, I assume the "ROM" is the .COR file you told me about prior and I don't have to copy that file separately? So I simply unrar this zip file into the root, overwriting the files that are there, and reboot, holding down "NO SCROLL" to flash the .COR?

    If you press RESTORE for longer than roughly 0.5s the MEGA65 will enter the FREEZE menu. to leave it press F3 (resume).

    If you press RESTORE while beeing in the FREEZER menu already the MEGA65 will crash (known bug), you need to powercycle.

    Thanks Anton.

    I'm actually referring to the SuperDebugger, not Freeze menu. Whilst in Geos, if you accessidentally hit the Restore key, you are immediately sent to the SuperDebugger screen. There's no clear way to leave this screen.

    Hi Anton,

    I'm just now getting a chance to perform these steps, but I'm still unsure about a few things:

    1. Do I copy the .COR file to the SD Card that installed in the slot underneath the devkit (the one containing the C65 and C64 demos/games)?

    2. Do I just copy the .CORE file to the root of that SD Card, or does it have to be in a certain folder?

    3. You also mentioned updating "SDcard essentials". Is this the "MEGA65 SD card essentials - No ROM" rar file and do I just extract all those files onto the same SD card, overwriting anything that is currently there?

    I appreciate your help. I'm sure once I go through this process once I will be fine, but this is all new to me and I don't want to brick my devkit.

    Thank you!

    Thank you adtbm ,

    Greatly appreciate your help. I have found the configuration menu and sure enough, it was set to PAL already and it needed to be set to NTSC for my region.

    I observed a few notable things during this:

    1. The Configuration Menu was defaulted to PAL while the Freeze Menu shows NTSC.

    2. Once I switch both the Configuration Menu and Freeze Menu to NTSC, the game alignment issues went away, but the game "Frogs" stopped work all-together.

    I know Frogs works on NTSC as I play that on vintage Commodore 64 hardware. So it this something the devs would like to know about and if so, how should I report compatibility issues/bugs I find?

    Thanks again for your help.

    Hi folks.

    I am a DevKit owner and I'm struggling with a few things. I have been trying to use Discord, but I struggle to keep up with who is talking to who and I hard time tracking my messages and responses. I originally posted this question here:


    Hi folks. Has anyone else noticed the Commodore 64 games have some sprite placement issues? For example, Frogs and the Shadow game have characters that are lower on the screen than they should be.

    Also, is there an easy/simple way to update the core/firmware on the devkit?

    Someone had suggested:


    This is clearly you being in ntsc

    Enter config, save config then try again

    I was not sure if he was answering my question or someone else's (the issue with Discord).

    This suggestion, however, did not work. Or, I didn't understand what he was suggesting.

    Does anyone know how to fix this problem?