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    Hello everyone, and Happy New Year !
    I need your insight on the excellent BMC64, which I am currently testing on a Raspberry.

    I am having 2 difficulties, one of which seems rather annoying to me - I do not know if it is related to a bad configuration on my part, or if it is a limitation of the emulator.

    Annoying point: impossible to run "big games" - those which are in several parts, even in several floppy disks. I don't feel that BMC manages to load the following parts of a multi-part game. For games with several floppy disks, I can "mount" the following disks, nothing helps ...

    Secondary point: although I have enabled the option to have the "sound" of a floppy drive like in the good old days, nothing helps. The only time I have a sound from the reader is during a reset.

    Are there any "PRO" of this emulator here, capable of answering these distressing questions?

    Best regards,



    This is my first post there,

    I am a complete newbie to the world of Raspberry, and I am a little confused on how to perform certain actions to install BMC64.

    I have :

    • a Raspberry 3B + sD card
    • a Windows 10 PC
    • necessary files (, C64 ROMS)

    My problem is here: I have to type the following commands, from what I read from the BMC64 site :

    • sudo fdisk / dev / sdb (make SURE / dev / sdb is the SDCard!)
    • Create your partition (s)
    • sudo mkfs.vfat / dev / sdbx (make SURE / dev / sdbx is the right partition!)

    Obviously these are not Dos / Windows commands, but I'm guessing, Linux commands. So I am missing something, in order to be able to send these commands to my SD card ...

    In the same way, I intend to install a Powerblock (power button) to the Raspberry:…raspberry-pi-power-switch

    Again, it will be necessary to run commands from the console to install the drivers. But how to access this famous console from BMC64 ?

    Best regards,