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    I am one of Frenetic s testers.

    Well, not just any tester. Also "Chief Evangelist Officer for Sidekick, SIDKick, and other Kicking products", as I see it. ;)

    Ahh sorry guys! It's hard to keep track of people when we have different aliases on different sites.

    Anyway, BOTH of you are doing a great job with all kickin' products! They're all alive and kickin' ... :-|

    overclocked : no - they are quite nice!

    thank you for your pics - I got only 3GB/Month - I prefer pictures more than videos

    Just to be clear, several things that are described in Frenetic's very clear video are missing in my pictures. The PCB I imported/did only included some of the components on the SIDkick. Upon request I can finish the pictures but for now they are OK for me. AND big warning, these are only my guesses as I not yet built a SIDkick. But that will happen soon.

    I will probably miss something, but let's go:
    1) The 74245 bustranceiver SMD circuit mounted on the bottom layer of the PCB (missing in my 3d render) will collide with the cross bars of the bottom SID/DIP connector. Frenetic's suggestion is to remove some of them which is good.

    2) The 3d render does not include the extra layer to make the Teensy removable if you would like that. And maybe this is a must to have as a distance to the top mounted 74245. One way to fix that is to solder a 2x28 DIP-socket to the PCB and then solder 2x28 Round DIP headers to the Teensy. Then the Teensy fits nicely into that top socket.

    3) After all SMD is soldered, it is probably best to start to solder the bottom SID-DIP socket.

    Great, Then I understand about the different versions, thanks! No SIDkick available today will fit all models. Would that be possible?

    Another question that I've not been able to find the answer to yet: How does all of these pins/DIL come together? Looks like a close fit.. Pictures would be nice so I know what I need to buy/solder.

    These are my guesses:

    First there is a DIP-28 with round legs that fit into the C64 motherboard nicely, lowest point of SIDkick and spares your original SDI-socket on the C64.

    Then to get these signals into/out of the PCB/"motherboard" you solder 2* 1x14 2.54mm pin connectors to the bottom side of PCB (soldered from top) that then fit into the DIP-28 without soldering for possible removal.

    Then you solder a 2x24 female 2.54mm pin connector to the top of the PCB.

    Then you solder a 2x24 male pin-connector to the Teensy and stick the Teensy on top of PCB??

    Maybe I added an extra step not needed here... anyone that already done this care to explain? :-)

    Quick question, there are 2 variants of SIDkick, v03 and v03s. The s is to fit under C64C shell if I understand correctly. Does that mean that v03s if compatible and fits most versions of C64/C64C/C128? If I wanted one device that would works with both my C64C and the C64 Breadbox, is that the v03s?

    Just a quick question here: How is the actual NTSC compatibility with Firmware: 1.21 NTSC? Loading PRG's good? Loading CRT's? 50% 100%? I only own a PAL machine but are interested in how far NTSC has come.

    Tom-Cat is the source for EF3 BBS available? It would be nice to fiddle around with. C64 on the net.. crazy and cool at the same time!

    Hello all first post! Thanks Kim for sharing this great cart!

    I recently built my Kung Fu Flash. Works great with my old Breadbox 64 that I owned for 40 years!!

    I already owned a TapeCart but for that to be fast I needed my old FinalCartridge for TurboLoad. That Cart is falling apart..

    Instead of buying/building such a simple cart this was a better solution! Now this cart can emulate the FinalCartIII which is even better than my old FC1 (or clone) without Desktop.

    I also made my first change in the KFF firmware locally. Not sure if I should create a pull request. You decide..

    I change the logic at start-up, so it looks for micro-sd for 10 seconds then bails out and starts the USB only Mode..

    This way you can use Kung Fu Flash without ever soldering the microsd or buying a sd-card, if you wanted (or if you are waiting for the sd-adapter you can still use it... :-)

    Is there are setup file used for settings in the Kung-Fu Flash? Would be great if used the cart for downloading prg-file when doing developing on PC for the C64. To be able to set USE only mode directly or maybe choose the timeout period... Or is there an easy way of using a keypress on C64 at start-up/reset to get special functionality in KFF menu?

    Also another question, I would like to trigger a remote reset from PC (via command-line) when running a PRG/D64/CRT-file on the Kung Fu Flash. If this was possible it would make development even more easy/enjoyable.

    How would that work? What changes need to be done? I guess the EF3 USB-commands is not listened to all the time? Is the whole USB thingy being disable for the whole STM32? I mean, whne doing a CRT-file thare maybe tight timing, but when only downloading PRG-file, couldn't the EF3-commands still be available.

    And another goodie to share is this.. A "SendTo C64" command that works. Easy to do when use use all stuff that is made available. Still really cool, I think!

    Next question, how many unused pins are available on the STM32? I'm thinking of another nice upgrade..