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    There is the SD2IEC LCD version 1.0.1, source and binaries for AVR versions.

    What is new?

    - cleaning in the configs folder

    - new command XL (display LCD type on the screen)

    - new command T-RL (display current date&time on the LCD) - need RTC module

    - bugfix in the T-WA command

    - updates in documentation

    - new Configurator and LCDDemo program for the C64

    - LCD autodetect also for the Arduino versions



    • sd2iec-lcd.7z

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    • bin.7z

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    Thank you Stefan. I'm glad that firmware works fine. This means that I put the pieces correctly together.

    In the last weeks I put parts of my test code in two new C64 programs. First, LCDDEMO is based on information from the Readme_lcd file.

    The second is a Configurator for, I hope, easy to get SD2IEC info and for configuration its devices (RTC Date & Time, Drive ID and Contrast) The latter option is only for ST7036 screens.

    Both programs are included in the C64UTILS.D64 file, with other small programs that make it easier to set and use SD2IEC from the C64 side.

    Feedbacks are wellcome.


    • c64utils.d64

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    config-larsp doesn't work but I compiled config-lcd and it works great with larsp hardware.


    Thanks for the feedback. OK I'm renamed config-lcd to config-larsp and vice versa and make binaries for the all AVR versions of the SD2IEC (I'm sorry, but my AVR GCC has no support for the ARM devices).

    In the sd2iec-lcd.7z is last source. Nothing new, only few small bugfixes in the configuration files and Arduino documentation (for more info see History.txt).


    • binaries.7z

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    • sd2iec-lcd.7z

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    just to be sure...

    The last zip file is the binary with lcd AND "loosen file restrictions" (.crt support) for the larsp version?

    My wet dream version, so to speak ?


    Exactly. However, only if the settings in the config-larsp file and lcd settings are suitable. Unfortunately I can not check this and I hope that the provided settings are correct.

    So ... Finally, I managed to combine both versions in a single, which supports Arduino and other HW versions. in /bin are only binaries for Arduino, tested and work fine for me.

    Other HW versions are compiled fine and produce the same .hex files, such as the last SyOlli version, but I do not have the appropriate devices for test.



    • sd2iec-lcd.7z

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    I have a question:

    My version for the Arduino SD2IEC LCD differs from the rest for the fact that Arduino LCD Shield does not use the RW pin for communication, but it pin is tied to GND. For this reason I use a slightly different files lcd.c and lcd.h, but without lcd type autodetect added by Andi6510 for other versions.

    Unfortunately, I do not have enough knowledge about language C to make the proper parsing of these LCD files to added autodetect routine and support for operations without RW pin in one lcd library.

    Your idea for all inclusive in one project is great. I believe that Arduino LCD variant would be well added to the main development, as all other files that need already exist and are compatible with the other HW variants.

    I wonder if you or somebody else would be willing to view if possible to merge both functions (support for operation without RW and LCD type autodetect) in one common lcd library and made this?

    I'm very sure that the your code will work correctly on the other HW variants as well. My 6 files only add support for the Arduino variant.

    The exceptions are the lcd.h and lcd.c files due to the slightly different connection of the LCD screen on the Arduino, but these two files have been unchanged for other HW versions for a long time and should work.

    Your code also fixed the error "File not found" was occasionally displayed on the screen instead of the name of the .d64 image. In addition, several error codes have been given a description, which helps to solve problems more easily.


    I wonder if any SD2IEC hardware variant already exist that use an analog keyboard (keys on the one analog MCU pin and resistors network)?

    I ask because I tried to modify the SD2IEC LCD 1.0.0. to work on the unmodified Arduino Mega2560 @ 16 MHz with an LCD keypad shield. In a few days I managed to get the LCD and SD2IEC functions to work flawlessly (fastloaders too). The problem is just the keys, as this HW part is solved differently on the Arduino than on the original SD2IEC.

    With no code changes (Next on F0 and Prev on F1 port), only with a little HW trick (diode between F1 and F0), I got on the Arduino keypad a button next and a button wich work as the both NEXT and PREV key pressed at the same time.

    However, in order to get the correct response of all keys combinations, I would have to change the code that defines the keys as the analog values on the PORT F, PIN 0.

    Unfortunately, I do not have enough experience with the AVR GCC programming language, and I have not been able to do so in the last month and I ask for your help.