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    I've just got the Mega65. After some tests the freeze menu stopped working. When I press the restore key the screen fills with random characters and crashes
    How can I fix it?

    I have experienced the same and I assume we need to be a little patient and await a newer version :-) As far as I know the entire freezer is being rewritten.


    I also have version number chaos on the pc, I don't need a mega for that.

    I really don't get it, why you have been so keen on ordering a MEGA65 in the first place - even as one of the first 400 it seems. You seem only to have a negative attitude towards everything with the MEGA65, so why on Earth do you want to give yourself this pain and buying this expensive piece of hardware? With your pre-perception attitude, you know already by now that this will end with a constant stream of negative posts about how bad everything is... so... why? What is your goal here? Why not keep your C64 on the table and get your MEGA65 money refunded?

    grubi mentioned this nicely - "Those times are definitely over". Yes, this is hopefully not a one-off product and I would expect that everyone buying this product for sure also want a platform that evolves and matures over the next few years. This is actually the whole catch here - that you get a newly developed hardware, that gives you the feeling of being old-school and can take the 8-bit experience/feeling to the next-level.

    Sorry, couldn't help myself and I will for sure not go in to a endless battle here, but I have always been in doubt why you are so interested in this project, if you feel so strongly against it.

    Hi Paul.

    TL;DR - The laminated cardboard shortage in Europe has delayed the initial shipments until around March. Everything else is on track, and there's nothing to worry about. I have one of the R3A production PCBs here that I have been using for the shake-down, and have it basically doing everything it should right now.

    I think this is all I needed - some concrete reasonings, that is possible to relate to. It is even given in English, in the correct forum (not Discord), so I actually don't think I could ask for more... except for this being stated as soon as you knew ;-)

    Thanks for the update.

    In another post to me (not sure where), you have mentioned that this forum is the official place for information - not Discord, as this is primarily for developers, and not in the German language either, as this project/product is meant for an international crowd... so I really hope that this still is true, though it doesn't feel like it, based on your answer and what I see others may know.

    If you have 400 users with an expectation to receive a computer in 2021, because no other information has been given, and you already know this will not happen, then I find it ought that none of you can take the time to write a post about that here - it really is not a time consuming thing to do and you would help reduce the questions coming for this - and frustration, when having no information.

    I am still left in the dark for what is going on here... I see that "paper" seems to be the problematic point, but still don't know if this is for manuals, boxes or something else .... and even if this is delayed for a couple of weeks or a year.

    adtbm - please set the record straight, so we all know here.

    There are two posts from team members here and here.

    I throw the German one from Paul throw DeepL for translation:

    Hmm... this raises even more questions and I don't see a clear answer in the referenced German threads.

    My questions (beside my original post):

    • Why is this being announced in the German section only? How about the biggest part of the world, actually not speaking German and not following the German threads?
    • I see a couple of quotes..."dealers have moved their delivery dates 12 months" and "Even _cardboard_ has become quite scarce and we have to wait _months_ long to have the boxes manufactured" ... but does that equal that the delivery will be postponed (as it looks now) at least 12 months?

    Some real answers would be appreciated... even in the right forume, so everyone can be kept updated.

    I assume we are more or less one week from expected delivery of the first 400 machines, so I kindly ask for an update from the project team, if everything is on track - you surely should know by now! :-)

    If it is not on track, then I would understand that, but it would be nice to know what is missing and why - and of course if it is possible to give an estimation for delivery. This is the official place for information like this, but it has been quiet lately with updates.

    Please note that I do not want to bash for a missing delivery at all - we already have waited years to get this dream machine, so a little more time... well, we will survive. I fully trust you guys, that it will get there once ready and all parts are there, but a status would be required, to set our expectation for the upcoming Christmas vacation period.

    As far as I know, the cores are stored on the FPGA memory, not on the SD card.

    Only the first time, when you flash a new core from the SD to the FPGA, you store the (new) core on the SD card.

    But, you can store as many cores as you like on the SD card, and flash it to one of the 7 available cores when you like to use that core.

    But why store the 8 cores in the FPGA and not take it directly from SD when needed? I know too little of this, but I would expect that you would need to reprogram the FPGA every time you need a new core and you could have an even bigger core, if you didn't already have 7 other cores in it?

    Sorry, but I still don't understand it and why it is needed to have 8 cores available in the FPGA ;-) Is it because it takes less time to reprogram, when it already is in FPGA or .. ?

    I am wondering why the MEGA65 will only have 8 cores in its "core selector"? Why is it limited to this? There is of course a reason, I understand that, but why isn't it possible to put in e.g. a 64GB SD card and select between all available (future) cores?

    I am not sure I ever will use 8 cores anyhow, but if the MEGA65 gets a success, with a lot of different cores, then I assume 8 would be too small to have a dynamic selecting of choices? :-)

    Is there any update on the sold amount? :-) Are there still anyone left to sell or ... ? I assume there is, as it still can be put to the basket and this text is there:

    The first 400 units have been sold. Reservations/pre-orders for the next batch (1000 units, delivery 2022) can still be made. Each purchaser will receive an order confirmation after placing the order.

    1300 posts in German... I probably missed a lot info in here, so I could easily have overlooked this one, so no smileys to detect a potential joke... yeah, probably not ideal..

    adtbm - can't this purely German discussion be moved to the German section, so we do not need to follow here and check for official messages? Translating this many posts is not managable.

    Depending on how easy it is to do directly from the MEGA65 and its freeze/save slots etc. then I am also considering how to setup a Windows development environment, with my favorite editor (Sublime Text) and then, if it would be possible to do a direct transfer of either the source or the binary to the MEGA65 and use the real hardware for test purpose.

    I am not sure how that should work in the best way, but does anyone know if someting like this is or will be possible?

    Maybe I need to accept that I need to use a emulated MEGA65 on my Windows, but ideally I could use as much as possible the real hardware to stay authentic - but of course with a balance of also having the best development setup ;-)

    Wir haben uns nach langem hin und her für das Dome Label entschieden.
    Wir finden es sieht einfach besser aus.

    Wir haben es Tests wie schlagen, stoßen, Licht, Wetter ausgesetzt und sind mit den Ergebnissen absolut zufireden.

    Dazu kommt die Kostenfrage. Dass der aus Metall bald das 5 -10 fache des Dome Labels kostet, hat uns die Entscheidung dann relativ leicht gemacht.

    (Bei einem Preis von 1,30 bis 1,60 pro Stück mal 1400 kann man dies warscheinlich nachvollziehen).

    Wenn jemandem das Dome Label wirklich nicht gefällt, geben wir gerne die Daten des Labels raus und man kann sich dieses ersetzen.

    Personally I wouldn't care if this would be €2 more expensive to have a real high-quality metal badge for this. Isn't this what this project is also about - getting the highest quality? ;-)

    Not easy to follow all these posts, when most of it (an this entire thread) is in german.

    Short answer: Yes ! It is on the list of future additions, but yes it is do-able

    But like Bloodypriest already stated, we have 4 pretty good sounding SID chips in the MEGA65 as FPGA implementations together with OPL already.

    Can you by any chance reveal more on what this means in practical terms or is this still too unclear? :-)

    Will this be via a cartridge or some addon to the board itself?

    Well since the 6581 and the 8580 were also not identical to each other back then, the 8580 sounding more muted due to fixing the percussion bug in the 6581, I would start by asking you why is that such a big concern? I mean it as a genuine question as I've seen FPGA SID recreations that actually sound better than the originals (can't remember the name though).

    Because all (pre-2010) music on the C64 has been made for the 6581 or the 8580... taking their specialities in to action in each of their ways. And music has is in many cases been composed specifically for either a 6581 or 8580, sounding best on these, where others uses both chips, for a stereo effect.

    So it "sounding better" is not the same as "sounding original" ;-)

    I am not in doubt that the FPGA SID can be fine, and for sure will be the standard solution on MEGA65, but ideally we can still utilize the good old real SID chips, to get this even closer to an authentic feel on those old demos or games, if we are in the mood for that, so we do not need the hazzle of shifting computers back and forth.

    Will there be any chance of utilizing real SIDs for the MEGA65?

    This is currently my biggest concern, that the FPGA SIDs will not be fully identical to 6581/8580, so is there anyone that know if it will be possible to have e.g. a SIDFX-clone in the cartridge port or alike (I love my SIDFX in my C128)? :-)

    When you open up for the pre-order, will it then be limited to a max amount of devices or will it be "everyone can order in a timeslot of X days"? I hope it will be the last, a batch order, and then process it more or less in the order of purchase time, if possible.

    In terms of this being a non-profit project, then I do hope that you actually earn a little money on this, for improving the project - e.g. new prototype boards or injection mould replacement? It would be ideal for the MEGA community, that you keep innovating, if you still are up for that, but you cannot do that without any $$$ - e.g. a new bigger FPGA for higher requirement cores - or an alternative cabinet with the floppy on the side (couldn't help commenting it, haha)?

    Anyway, also just wanted to show my gratitude and deepest respect, for all your guys working with this project. You are all amazing people and doing such a fantastic job, that us lesser mortals can enjoy for many years to come. Thanks a lot for that.

    I am only asking because I cannot wait and I of course know that you guys are full on top of this :-)

    I assume subject says it all but will the MEGA65 be able to support this cartridge? :-)

    I am not exactly sure, if I even will need the functionality from this cartridge, as I assume that I will be able to browse for a disk image or a program from its SD card directly via the MEGA65 UI somehow and I hope it will have some fast-loader built-in?

    If it will not work, what is then the reason for it and will it ever be able to work (future maybe)?