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    so if I can find the current cursor X/Y (probably somewhere on zeropage)

    The current cursor line is stored in $00EB: PEEK(235)

    The current cursor column in $00EC: PEEK(236)

    Not sure where to ask but will this kind/level of information be available in the user guide (book) also? I have seen many things documented here in these posts with various memory locations but it would be nice to have a reference somewhere to look it all up :-)

    I have just read the blog post today with the new rev. 3 PCB and what stroke me is that I really hope that we can have the internal stereo speakers (mentioned by you as we then know it is quality) as an add-on that can be purchased together with the MEGA65?

    Ideally as a build-in option (I will gladly pay the $$$ for it to be factory mounted) but oterwise as a loose sparepart we can build in ourselves :-)

    I love the PCB and the quality you put in to this is amazing! Keep up the good work.

    When the MEGA65 will be released, will it then receive future OS/firmware versions due to bugs, new features or security fixes (I assume the network port poses some risks to some extend)?

    And if so then how is this done - is it through network via the configuration menu or manual via Micro-SD (it would be nice to auto-download this through internet)? :-)