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    Hi Stephan

    It's nice to meet an expert in d81s :thumbsup: - While I have made a couple easy d81s, but I tried to make one of Star Flight, and I can see from your post why this is so difficult. The first problem I'm having is finding a version that isn't cracked. From the link below, there are 2 versions:…commodore_c64/Starflight/

    when I looked using Dirmaster, it looks like it is cracked because the 2nd disk has nothing in it. However, the second version looks different, and although there doesn't seem to be many files at first glance, if I double click on some of the items, it opens up another window with losts of "files" in it. Is this what you mean when you said there can be 500 or more files? If so, are you able to tell/teach me what I need to do, hoping that I can save you some work.

    If however, this version is also cracked, do you know a good source where to find a non cracked version? I've tried csdb and they all seem to be cracked too. I'm desperate to play Star Flight as I've read so many great things about it and it's possible to play that game for years :)

    Vilen Dank


    Liebe Gunship-Piloten: Ich bin stolz darauf, eine Erweiterung präsentieren zu können, die ich selbst entwickelt habe, die Gunship genannt wird: Die neuen Missionen. Klicken Sie auf den Link, um das pdf mit allen Anweisungen, wie Sie diese Missionen zu Ihrem Spiel hinzufügen können, anzuzeigen / herunterzuladen. Drucken Sie es am besten zur einfachen Orientierung aus. Feedback willkommen :-)