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    the last email I got as a supporter, was from 11.feb2018 (!) ??

    =================== 11.02.2018, 19:27

    Dear MEGA65 supporter,
    We are happy to announce a new bitstream for the MEGA65 that is available for download here:


    i am happy to add you to the mailing list, please pm your email address to me :)

    Hello folks,

    some of you are so funny - crying for an urgent release of the MEGA65 while complaining that there is no software available yet :D

    We will release DevKits this year and probably ship them in autumn. Shortly before that, maybe in late summer, we will start a coding comepetition. XEMU is getting better and better and will be fully usable even before that if all goes right. So there will be software before the release of the final machine :)

    Software will be for example be available at

    I will try to put some things there even before what I mentioned above but maybe I won't find the time :)

    The MEGA65 is far more complex than the other machines you mentioned. We took a big risk creating such a beast, this just takes a lot of time and we take the freedom to do everything as good as we want it to be ourselves. Please live with that and enjoy nice but possibly less complex retro products meanwhile ;)



    Hi guys,

    as always, lots of (mostly funny) speculations going on :)

    Quick FAQ:

    1) C65 ROMs are important to ensure C65 and C64 compatibility

    2) yes you could download them but now the machines can be shipped with ROMs in place

    3) the license does not affect the sales price of the MEGA65 at all

    4) byte patches in RAM do indeed not need an extra license

    5) ROMs will come with DevKits and final machines

    6) all is good and just got better ;)



    We use 5V/2A refurbished from Pollin. Around 3 Euros each, no problems so far ;)

    edit: That's for the pre-series machines, not the Nexys board. However, should be fine too!



    For playing games or using other software I see no use of buying a Mega65. There is no program which is only possible on the Mega65. It is an "old" computer, even it is a very new one.

    Sorry but I like to correct you. You can see by the fact that XEMU MEGA65, which is not accurately emulating the MEGA65 and is optimized for speed, only runs at less than 40% speed even on a very modern and very fast PC that the MEGA65 is a very modern computer in many ways. Yes, it is based on an old 8-bit structure and an old CPU but still very very quick and including many modern things. The whole VHDL computer idea is quite new too! An X86 CPU with modern additions can also be referred to as a very old CPU or architecture, right? What about the ARM, is that new? I don't think so.

    Wenn ich mich aus der Gleichung rausnehme und frage, wie man denn am besten Elite auf den Mega65 bringen könnte, dann würde ich Dir (oder wer auch immer das Projekt angehen möchte) folgendes raten:

    Fang nicht mit einem 6502 Elite Disassembly an, sondern schnapp Dir Elite TNK und jage den Quellcode durch einen C Compiler Deiner Wahl. Der Quellcode ist bereits "fertig" und erwiesenermassen lauffähig. Eine Entwicklung in C ist zudem mindestens 10 mal schneller als in Assembler, und im gegebenen Fall steckt die Hardware das weg. Nötigenfalls schreibe - wenn das Spiel soweit läuft - solange zeitkritische Routinen in Assembler um, bis die Geschwindigkeit Deinen Ansprüchen genügt. Der Ansatz widerspricht zwar der reinen Lehre des Retro-Programming, dürfte aber deutlich schneller zu akzeptablen Ergebnissen führen.


    alles gut und kein Problem. Der Kampf um die letzten Vorserien-Modelle geht weiter :D

    Wir haben bereits einen C-Compiler und Elte TNG habe ich dahingehend auch schon einmal beleuchtet. Es ging mehr darum, jemanden zu finden, der sich der Sache annimmt, weil wir das unmöglich zeitlich hinbekommen. Aber vielleicht findet sich ja doch irgendwann irgendwer, die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt :)

    Wie gesagt, alles gut, auch wenn der X16 Hinweis nicht nachvollziehbar ist (kicher).



    Aber mal im Ernst, wenn kugelfuhr sich das tatsächlich antun wollen würde, wie hoch wäre die Chance darauf, ein Mega65-Development Kit zur Verfügung zu stellen?

    Ich würde sagen, das bespreche ich mit ihm. Non-public! :D

    Lieber kugelfuhr,

    was hältst Du eigentlich von der Idee ELITE für den MEGA65 zu adaptieren? Mit 40+ Mhz und DMA sollten doch sogar gefüllte Vektoren möglich sein? :D

    Ich bin grosser Elite-Fan der ersten Stunde und würde dich maximal unterstützen (hint hint).



    Nowadays all bitstreams are auto-built in all available flavors for all platforms and publically available at the MEGA65 file host which is linked from Switch from icons to text/list mode to sort by date.

    Here is the link:

    The latest stable nexys bitstream is here:

    Bitstreams -> Jenkins-Out -> mega65-core -> stable_base -> 9-b03d929

    V9 is most recent from 9.12.2019. Flash files for boot time of under 1 second also available :)



    I'd like to appologize for and note that we have did not finish the arm code for the widget board in full, thus expansion port, rtc (and possibly other things I forgot) are not yet there. However, it would be wonderful to see you guys continue to develop that. In any way, the widget board will give you perfectly lag-less joystick and C64 plus C65 keyboard support with the current widget board firmware, very different to "other" soutions available on the market. Widget board is being referred to as DM65PIC by MEGA member sy2002):



    This reminds me that I urgently need to produce an FAQ for setting up and using the machine. Actually all you have to do is display virtual keyboard which is part of the MEGA65 - due to the existance of the MEGAphone :)

    There is no super easy way to display it on the desktop computer, but easy enough if you are able to use letter and number keys. Just type in the following (you can also leave out the line numbers if you only want to execute it once):

    10 POKE 53295,71:POKE 53295,83

    20 POKE 54805,255:POKE 54806,255

    (Line number 20 only sets the virtual keyboard to the top of the screen.)

    Now you can see which keys you press through the virtual keyboard!