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    builded 3 tapecart diy devices.

    everyone has the same problem.

    installed on c64 unit and loaded flashtool.prg.

    after few seconds says "tapecart not found"

    the led is not lightning at all....should it?

    i have measured voltages around the pcb and can found on many places and on atTiny chip also.

    any suggestions to look what is wrong?

    i have many times looked at the fuses that they are right when programmed tapecart.hex and with verify it passes.

    i have the right 1khz tone but missing 3 channels. i performed a sidtest and it showed 3 channels no sound but filters were working.

    did you find what was the problem?

    i still have my problem and dont know what to check next?

    i have the JargoV pcb

    i have also now performed a sidtest to this swinsid micro....

    all three(3) channels are missing. fiters works and passes all tests.

    is this a hardware issue or firmware likely?

    i used the pcb designbit(jargoV)earlier here with pin for 6581/8580 emulation and pin for volume

    i have now builded a micro swinsid and programmed the atmega88pa-pu chip.

    i can get a clear 1khz tone at reeboot c64 unit....does this mean the swimsid is ok?

    when i try to load some game and listening to music it would not play. some notes and maybe 1 channel is playing somehow but it does not sound right.

    i have made one change because i did not have a resistor 240k....i used 220k

    can this be why it is not working?

    i have used laxyfix firmware.

    i have also need to check the c64 unit itself. it had a 6581 chip that was playing only one channel also so it can be the unit also that is faulty.