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    Snoopy Genau das hat die Stefanie "Falsch" gemacht beim C256 Phoenix.

    Erst als 'lang erwarteten großen Bruder' betitelt, um dann später den C64er Modus zu killen, und letzten Endes mit ein ganz anderes BASIC-Konzept auf zu warten.

    Der Phoenix hat nu wirklich nichts mehr 'Commodoriges'...

    I am sorry, I wanted to set the record straight, There is no point in time that I said that there would be a 64 Mode, I actually made sure people would understand that I had no intention whatsoever to create another replica of C64. The idea was to create something that would have the same feel that a Commodore would without being a C128 or an Amiga. Because before Amiga was bought by Commodore, there was nothing Commodore about Amiga... So in a way, the Foenix is the same. No, I didn't want to use any of Commodore Copyrighted code, I thought that having a clean room implementation of every aspect of the machine would give people a chance to do things differently.

    Now, it doesn't matter what I was going to do, nobody would have agreed that it would resemble something to a Commodore or accept the concept behind it because Commodore is one of those things that are sacred, and no matter what anybody does, the ideological construct of what it is could never change and anybody tries to change the very nature of what Commodore is will be punished... This is why over time, I left the original vision of what I wanted it to be and start constructing a vision about "new retro computer" instead (away from the pre-conceived idea of what Commodore should be) of doing something to celebrate what was done in the past. For some, the very idea of creating something like I did was probably worthy of being burned at the Stake in front of the whole retro community (the Holly inquisition) for blasphemy and sorcery.

    Finally, I did reach my goal though which I am really proud of. People are not much into it and it is okay... I guess the Mega65 will certainly do better to renew the passions about what could a Commodore 65 could have been, certainly closer to the real time-line...

    So, Cheers!

    Wurden jetzt schon Prototypen verkauft? Im Shop sind keine verfügbar:…nix-development-platform/


    Within a week or so, the pre-sale of the Development Platform Rev C will be in place. This will be for Phase II where an early version of the kernel and almost finished product will be release for a larger audience. The total amount of units ought to be between 25 to 50. Depending on how the Phase I is going, I hope to ship some of those late June, early July.
    So check back the on-line store in a week or so... I should make an announcement as well...

    When you see the offering, please don't go crazy over the pricing, these are still deveopment platform made in a very limit quantity thus making them more expensive!


    After a quick view on Board Rev. B I see no internal keyboard connector.


    Unfortunately, the official C64 Keyboard connector that was in the Rev A of the C256 Foenix was not saved in the Migration to version B(1)(2). However, I will not promise anything, but I could bring it back in the final version of the board, maybe in revision C. Will See...



    The 264 series were 'blackish', erm, anthracite.
    Ma Amiga CDTV is also black.
    So partialy is black also 'Commodorish' :thumbup:

    Yes of course, in the end, if peeps want to print their own enclosure, I am sure they will pick the color of their choice...

    I am actually printing the latest design made for 3D printer, so in a couple of days, I will post a new picture which ought to be the real thing...



    Thanks Zeha for pointing out the problem, it has been fixed, although I think it will take a while before the changes takes effects...

    By default I like the black color in general, so I tend to like the Black version better but the Beige and light grey are very much "Commodore'esque" or Commodore'ish if you will.

    These are version of the enclosure with some metal included, if anybody would want a model with painted plied aluminum, then that could be a way to do it. This way it would look more like a Commodore 128D. That's what I was aiming for, although the enclosure is significantly smaller than the C128.

    However, there is this new design where it is very plastic'y' but it is 3D printer friendly.




    I think the C256 Phoenix can become the AppleII GS of the Commodore 8-bit line.

    Freddy, that would be very sweet, but if it would ever happen, it is really because of a community effort more than a single person effort.

    And the funny part is that I would not be surprised if something like that would come out of Europe.

    Also, the Foenix would be an insane machine to do demos on as well.

    So much potential!


    Hi Stefany,
    the words "retro gamer" and "new" contradict each other. :-) Every future user of the C256 has his/her favorite games. Changes rarely happen. I don't think that a new game will ever make it into my personal top 10.

    Of course, it would be great to see new games for C256, but if I have to make a guess, I would say that it will be used to play ported games over 90% of the time. There's nothing wrong with that. I just like to see the C256 succeed - the reason is secondary.

    Kind regards,


    In all humility, I would be very happy and proud to see any games being newly programmed for it or ported to it. If only one could make it, I would feel very satisfied. That would justify all the endless hours I put on the creation of the system.

    However, deep down, I hope to see more new games coming out of it then ported games...

    And trust me Benjamin, me too I would like to see it succeed in any possible way and my threshold line for success is very low!

    Soon, we will see how things go! Maybe we should have a wager sometimes just to spice things up!



    Your argument pretty much kills everything, because there is not much you can't do with a 5 GHz CPU. :-) People have ported Prince of Persia, Civilisation and Lemmings to a 1 Mhz CPU. And they won't stop. Limbo and Eye of the Beholder are next. Why all this effort if you can run those games on other platforms? It's a kind of challenge to port these all-time classics, which were never supposed to run on older platforms. Making the impossible possible. That's what keeps people going.



    I was merely pointing the fact that a CPU @ 5G can emulate anything from the 80s/90s/00s without much problem.

    The deal is that I am coming out from the point of view that a "new" retro platform is an opportunity to create new games as opposed to port old ones. There are beautiful 8-bit style games made on Unity for example, but it is not the same thing has been develop on a real 8 bit platform. On the other hand, I don't mind the idea of porting because at the end of the day, probably a C256 version of a C64 games will end up being its own thing. Prince of Persa on the Foenix will probably be a different experience than the original or the whole gang of versions that were created on the different platforms of the time. I just find that some peeps keep coming back with the same titles and I wonder why specifically people would like to see an early 3D type game being ported on a 8 bit computer. that's all...


    Please lets stop de parle francais as it is against the rules.

    IMHO only english is tolerated and german is preferred.

    Seriously? Wow, okay...

    Alright! let's come back to the main Topic...

    By the way:

    Well, today is a great day ... After months of procrastination, I finally managed to implement the background debug mode inside GAVIN the system controller.

    The BDM is a hardware block that allows the developer to take control over the machine. In other words, it means that by using the special port on the side of the Foenix,
    the developer will be able to upload and download code and data, change registers content and eventually being able to put breakpoints, etc...

    this is a huge deal because, this is a major piece that was missing for me to be able to release the first batch of early adopter boards to the world.
    Otherwise, it would have required a lot programming on my part before I would have been able to release the boards.

    Now, the hardware is rather mature and solid, but there is still a lot of software to write for the kernel to make it acceptable for less hardware oriented people.

    The deal is to find good early-on hardware oriented people that can deal with the fact that the machine is still in its infancy in terms of Kernel functions, That would the first phase.
    The second phase, will be to get more firmware oriented people that are willing to help consolidating the system's Kernel, Monitor and possibly implementing a BASIC interpreter.
    The Third phase, which could possibly be concurrent to the second phase will be to get people willing to write new games for the platform.

    Right now, I'm actually debugging the BDM module, but it means we can start counting the weeks before the first early release!



    PS: I might make a video on this, check it out... I only have 1 bug to fix to have the basic stuff working, so I might have time to put a video about it together today!

    Alors nous parlons fracais ici?

    Apparament oui! ;o)

    Soit heureux que t'as pas besoin de payer en Rumanie.
    1,-€ = 4,43 RON (pronocer Lei). Et oui, il y a encore toujours des pièce de 1 BAN (100 BAN = 1 LEI).

    Et ca moi je trouve c'est une blague Une pièce de monnaie qui vaut pratiquement rien. :-D

    Ici on a le "Canadian Pesos", on en a vraiment pour notre argent!
    Je ne sais pas pourquoi les gens se plaigne que le Foenix va etre trop cher quand je regarde le vendre aux alentour de $250 a $300 USD pour commencer, ce qui donne aux alentour de 220 Euro... est-ce si cher pour vous?

    qu'est ce que 220 Euro achete en Europe de nos jours?


    First of all, I really appreciate what Stefany is doing. The C256 is a very promising project and the progress being made is amazing. I don't understand the discussions about the hardware, because I don't think that the hardware and specifications are important at all. The question is: what's the new machine capable of, which the old machine couldn't do? And that's the real problem, because there is one very important feature missing from the C256, as well as the MEGA65: running Doom! The combination of a slow CPU and the non-linear high resolution graphic modes just won't make it work.

    Let's take a brief look at the history of gaming. The most successful gaming platform in the beginning of the 90's was the x86 PC. It was the universal gaming machine, capable of running all kind of games: flight simulators, racing games, 1st-person shooters. It was the big winner in a tough competition - without providing hardware sprites and despite all its drawbacks. Higher resolutions were never used. Almost all games ran in 320x200. It makes me wonder, why all projects, which are trying to make a successor to the C64, just pimp the loser instead of catching up with the winner. There is no benefit in higher resolutions and more sprites, because it does not open the door for any kind of new games. If you carry out a survey and ask people if they would rather play a high-resolution Giana Sisters in 256 colors or a 16 color version of Doom in 320x200@25fps, the answer would be very clear. Doom was the final nail in the coffin for other platforms. I think it needs to be pulled out in order to have success. Whenever there is a new platform, it's the first game being ported. First game ported for new Amiga accelerator cards? Doom! First game ported for the SuperCPU? Doom! It's that "Look what's possible now!" moment, what makes people say: "Yeah, finally!" ;-) It's a tough task to add raycasting acceleration and some basic 3D acceleration, but since graphic chip for the C256 and MEGA65 are FPGA, it's a just software problem and might be fixed later.

    What's the deal with DOOM and Wolfenstein, why is there an urge to have those games running on a 14Mhz CPU? I don't get it. You can run those on a 5Ghz CPU these days with Ray-Tracing...
    Sorry, I wish I would understand the need for this but hey... If this rocks your boat! lol



    If you don't want to talk about your project before you finish it, do it this way: FIRST finish your project and THEN publish it. ;)


    Trust me, if I could have avoid talking about it in the early stage, I would have. However, early on I was projected in the communities eyes through the interview I did with SNAPEDA.

    By the way, just to make the record straight, there is difference about not wanting to talk about it and having to argue about the idea to change everything on a whim because some feels that it ought to be different. I think it is a simple concept to understand that there will never be a consensus in the community about what a "new" retro computer ought to be. Right now there are discussions about David Murray own version and there is another thread about your community wanting to create one. I can tell you that there is no consensus in either of those threads and there will never be any.

    Just my 2 cents



    As much as I appreciate people's comments on the different aspect of the system, there is something that most people fail to realize...

    If any of you were going to go and design something where you would spend all your spare times and ultimately spend thousands of dollars of your money, would you go and accept to change your design for everybody that comes along and believe that you are doing is wrong?

    Would you jeopardize your own vision to please the ultimately un-pleaseable? Because in reality and if we are honest with ourselves, we are never satisfied and we will never be satisfied. If I put a USB to please one, someone else will come and will say that I didn't follow my vision.

    In the end, it befalls on me to make the decisions and whatever happens, it will determine the outcome of the project and its success in the community. If I was listening to everybody I would not even bother doing anything because people that don't do anything always are the one to put down the people that do... Too this, too that, not of enough of this, not enough of that...

    And even me, I am guilty of that sin...

    So, how about you let me complete the project and then you can get one and judge it and complain about it... ;o)

    Thanks for yours attention everybody!


    Hey Freak,

    In normal circumstances, those would be valid points... However, when I embarked in this project, I made a point to design it if it was going to be like in 1987. So, there was no USB in 1987, there was no HDMI in 1987 either, etc...

    Listen, it is easy to put a big ass FPGA in the middle of a board these days and make it do whatever you want. It is little less easy to actually work within a certain sets of constrains that I am imposed myself.

    And honestly, if I didn't imposed those constrains, I would have not bother trying to do anything at all... No Fun.

    I am sorry to disappoint, but the Foenix was not designed to be interfaced to a 2019 style LCD TV, the same way a C64 was not designed to be interfaced to a 2019 style LCD TV either...

    Obviously, DVI doesn't have any sound, but you could use a DVI to HDMI cable. The RCA outputs are line-out compatible that could be connected to the back of the TV.

    The battery is a CR2 and I chose it because it was big and clunky! the same way it was back then...

    I personally hate dealing with micro-sd cards. So, big SD Card, it is.

    And finally, they sell USB to PS2 adapter, that should help to.

    Again, I am sorry that it is not exactly to your liking.