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    CommFor Thank you for your impressive work in testing all these games :thumbup:

    I'll be interested in the games that stopped working with firmware 1.39, and also the 116 games that doesn't work.
    Maybe some of these games can be supported with a few tweaks to the Kung Fu Flash firmware.


    I upgraded to v1.38. With this version I have random characters all around the screen. Even th colour changes. See picture.

    Thanks for reporting this issue which is likely due to some optimizations I made in v1.38.
    Unfortunately I cannot reproduce the problem on my C64s, so I hope that you will test the attached firmware which hopefully will fix the problem


    If I push the menu- or the rest-button, the KFF flashes very fast under der reset-button and the SX crashed. If I turn of the SX, wait for a few seconds, the KFF starts the last program. This works fine, no chrashes here. The connector lokes good and I could clean it already.

    The LED flashes quickly when the KFF cannot detect a valid clock signal from the C64. It suggest that this is a connection issue

    Any idea what is happen here. Is the KFF or my SX broken?

    It seems that people are having mixed results with the SX, see

    Is there a way to get directly to the C64 prompt with inserted KFF? I mean like holding R/S while switching on / reset - like the FCIII?

    You can press F8 to kill the Kung Fu Flash cartridge.
    If you want to keep the cartridge disabled after reset, you can set "Persist BASIC selection" to yes in the settings menu (F5)

    A new firmware has been released where the communication between the C64 and the Kung Fu Flash cartridge was made more efficient and does not rely on EasyFlash 3 emulation anymore.

    The main motivation for this was to make it easier to improve the disk emulation, but potentially also allow the use of a REU with a cartridge expander.

    As a lot of internal changes has been made in this release, please let me know if you detect any broken functionality

    Kudos to kim_jorgensen not only for bringing us the KFF but also for having the guts to add the D64-Feature! I still remember that my first thought on reading the release notes were: I wouldn't have done that if I were you. Now everyone will be unfairly comparing the KFF to SD2IEC, Pi1541, 1541 Ultimate, and the like. People will keep complaining about this inevitably incomplete feature and fail to understand why it cannot work perfectly without a connection to the IEC port. But those were my thoughts, and we are lucky that kim_jorgensen seems to have better nerves than me. :thumbup:

    Well... the D64 feature was added because I thought that it would be fun to implement and that is was a useful feature. I did really not consider whether anyone would complain :)

    I wonder would it be possible to do follow: When you reach the 164 limit, press button x to continue load more. When it loads more files it actually removes the previous files from the ram, in way that there never actually be more than 164 files at any time. the only difference is what those files are.

    There is a nice sidplay64-readme.txt file :) Hint: CLRHOME key

    KFF solves this problem by only loading the files shown on the screen and then load the next batch when going to the next "page". However, I find a search functionality much more valuable when trying to locate a file in a huge directory than browsing hundreds of files

    Have you also checked for short circuits? It could be that there is a solder blob that is shorting one of the signals to the SD card.
    I would recommend checking the solder joints with a microscope if you haven't done so.

    I just checked and confirm, that this sid is working on sidplay2w.exe build 2.6 (Aug 6 2011)

    That sid also crashes running Sidplay64 in VICE. However, the same song from HVSC (/MUSICIANS/F/Furniss_Matt/Castle_Master.sid) works fine.

    I just wanted to make sure it was not a problem with the KFF firmware