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    Hi Shram.
    How do you run this on your sd2iec? Do you put all the files in a d81 image or du you copy the whole folder to the sd card and try to boot the folder as a disk somehow?

    Sorry, I have the wrong Version from "Pool of Radiance" release.
    here the right version

    First, since I'm new here. I just want to thank everybody for such awsome d81-versions. I packed my sd2iec full :)

    Second. Concering "Poll of Radiance". I managed to start the "right version" on Win Vice without problem. But running it from my sd2iec (sd2iec v1.0.0 LCD), I couldn't get it to start. The boot screen shows up, and then the frame goes grey but then nothing more happens.
    I tired Curse of Azure... too which worked great, so it seems to be something with the Pool-release.

    best wishes /Sid, Sweden