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    Overview - fw UC64200119:

    C64 board Board revisions
    326298 Original, Rev.A, Rev.B, Rev.C
    KU-14194HB Original (Rev.A)
    250407 Rev.A, Rev.B, Rev.C
    250425 Rev.A, Rev.B
    250441 Original
    250466 Original (Rev.A)
    250469 Rev.1, Rev.2, Rev.3, Rev.4, Rev.A, Rev.B
    SX-64 Rev.1 (or Rev.A ?)
    MK Reloaded MK1, MK2
    Ultimate64 U64, U64E
    C128 128, 128CR, 128D, 128DCR

    Working, OK

    Not tested

    Detected Errors


    The C64 board 250425 retested with fw UC64200119. Result: OK, working.

    Overview - fw UC64200119:

    C64 board
    Board revisions
    326298 Original, Rev.1, Rev.2, Rev.3, Rev.4, Rev.5, Rev.6, Rev.A, Rev.B, Rev.C
    KU-14194HB Original (?), Rev.A, Rev.B, Rev.C
    250407 Original, Rev.A, Rev.B, Rev.C, Rev.D
    250425 Original, Rev.A, Rev.B, Rev.C
    240441 Original
    250466 Original, Rev.A
    250469 Original, Rev.1, Rev.2, Rev.3, Rev.4, Rev.A, Rev.B
    SX-64 Original (?)
    MK Reloaded MK1, MK2
    Ultimate64 U64, U64E

    Working, OK

    Not tested

    Detected Errors


    Yes, FunFun does great job, and I believe he will continue and find out his free time for us :thumbsup: ... I know it is not so easy !

    So, next step is to retest all FWs against 425 board. There is some issue for 425 (?) even it has been working before (UC64191107).


    Simply, I need to find out where it has been stopped working! I have changed critical signals on C64 bus interface in very small steps, so I will learn from the results, which C64 board has problems against which FW.

    The improvement for newest boards MK1/2, U64 is only on the latest FW UC64200119, older FWs will not work for such C64 boards. If we recognize the latest FW UC64200119 is not the best, I will continue with older one combining improvement for MK1/2, U64.

    i hate to say it: The new version runs a lot less stable on my 250469: Weird chars on the screen, kernals freeze after starting, booting only to the default prompt...


    Thanks for your feedback/test ... it is important to know about it.

    Currently I don't understand, but will be checked.

    The newest UC64200119 is working fine with my 469 & 407 machine, it was completely tested.

    I will let you know.

    Note: Testing runs also on the background by FunFun.

    Hi all,

    I'm back to this topic ... i have tested EasyFlash3 sized case for Unicart64 and it fits !

    So, it is practical to purchase somewhere the empty case and Unicart64 board will be safe.

    Important: I DO NOT recommend to touch buttons by fingers, please USE PLASTIC pens etc.

    The possible CASE for Unicart64 board:

    Here you can see my test.

    closed, inside C64 expansions port

    Of course, the holes DO NOT fit for buttons and SD card, and also the EDGE connector is a little bit higher, but it is still USABLE !

    Creating "homemade" holes and buttons:

    This is my tip how to create "homemade" case from standart EasyFlash3 case :D.

    I have used not suitable case for it, but I believe the same can be made for EF3 case.

    More critical part is to drill the 3 holes in right position ... maybe you are able to do it better :D.

    The buttons can be made from diodes by cutting their heads ... learned from old homemade polish BLACKBOX cartridge from 80s :thumbup:.

    The size of holes must be the same like size of diode head. You can see that bottom of the diode is a bit larger ... so it is possible to put it there only from inner side.

    And the final result here :thumbsup: ... please don't smile too much :D:D:D.

    The hole for SD card is really ugly, but I believe you will do it better.

    Now, you can push buttons on the board safe !!!

    OK, for MK1,2 it is NOT working or it is unstable ... currently I don't know. Once you will have USB programmer, I will try to send you 3 experimental FWs just to check possible (?) timing issue.

    We will see if it shows something, if this is right direction for source of problems.

    Just let me know then ...

    Meantime, for older boards 326298, KU-14194HB ... can you test the same ( <- key +EF + SDCMDUC, file browsing/loading) ?

    I will try find out the schematics, because it is known as "prototype" boards.


    In both cases it is possible to run EF using the <-- key while booting.

    If this is working I suppose you are able to start SDCMDUC from EF image crt. Is it working ? Can you see the content of SD card in SDCMDUC afterwords ?

    Red screen means that SD card is not bootable. But, it could be that data are not transferred correct from SD card to C64 memory due to any error, e.g. address conflict, bad timing, etc.etc.

    one stupid question related to modern boards U64, MK1/2 ... I have looked to some videos and I see many settings e.g. Stereo SID and usage addresses DE00 - DFFF .. Is there everything turned off on these boards ?

    just to be sure and to avoid possible misunderstanding / address conflicts

    Hi FunFun,


    That's quite nice evening for me :thumbsup:.

    I see all boards are working except the older 326298, KU-14194HB.

    The C128 was not planned to be supported, I didn't expect it.

    The modern boards U64, MK1, MK2 were also not planned to be supported, but it should work, because I suppose (?) the bus timing is nice and precise comparing "standard" C64 boards, but I don't know very much about them. Hmm, interesting ...

    In this moment I have to think about that.