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    Here are my results:

    This time i have different results on my two 250469:

    250469 Rev.3: Sometimes green, sometimes black, sometimes red screen after switching on. One time orange screen? Almost nearly the same counts of green and red screens, black ones not so often. Starting sdcmduc via arrow left-key works most of the time. A little less stable than the last version on this assy but much more stable than the version before...

    250469 Rev.4: nearly 20 times switching on: only green screens, works perfect :thumbsup:

    250407 Rev.B : (not repaired yet) nearly 20 times switching on: 3 to 4 times more black screens than prompts, no green or red screen

    Oops... my fault... used the wrong sd-card... :D

    after using setboot it works as it should.

    the new one also works as expected on my 469 :thumbsup:

    btw.: I am using greisis economy power supply for all my boards. I don't trusted my original power supplies anymore so i build a new one which hopefully doesn't fry my boards as the old ones eventually have done it...

    Both versions tested on my 250469 Rev.3...

    busclk: Only black sreens, no prompt... :(

    buscomb: Works like a charm: Red screen when switching on (with or without commodore key), sdcmduc starts with arrow left-key, flashing kernals from sd card works, starting kernals also, run-stop gives a prompt :thumbsup:


    I hate to say it:
    I've tested both versions for the 250469 and i didn't get any prompt at all, just black screens (two different 250469-Boards, Rev.3 and Rev.4, plain systems without any modifications).... :( Due no prompt I also wasn't able to made any dumps.

    After multiple tests with all kinds of keys pressed I have flashed the UC64190226-version and that one works like a charm.

    My 250407-Board has still it's problems so it isn't reliable enough for tests...


    it seams as if the board was in the process of dying a long and painfull death after the moving... :cry:

    The board is not completely dead since the dead test cartridge works and shows no error so iI think there is a problem with the kernal access. Over the last weeks I had more and more problems with temporary black screens so I think there must be a cold solder joint or some hairline cracks on the board.
    Nevertheless I think the problems with the bus signals will still be there when I found the problem with the kernal, so it seams there is something more wrong with the board ;(

    here are the results from my tests with the 407-board...

    No crash, 3 dumps:

    sadly, my c64 died after the tests... black screen, no prompt anymore. c64 dead test cartridge runs, c64 diag don't... :cry:

    i think it'll take some time until it runs again...

    i have tested the cartridge on my 250469 assy with the kernals from post #233, that one works like a charm... :)

    the accidently overwriting of slot 0 was my fault, my problem was that i can't rewrite slot 0 with ef-short using sdcmduc 2.5 in a way that it would start sdcmduc when switching on the c64 pressing the arrow button...

    I had to write it with sdcmduc 2.4, this time sdcmduc starts when i pressed the arrow button while switching my c64 on, same results with writing kernals to slot 4.

    As i am short of time atm i had no possibility to investigate the problem any further and as i said: maybe the problem was in front of the keyboard :)

    I think I'll find some time to test the new version this weekend, i will try to reproduce my problems with version 2.4 and report the results...

    with a little delay... :)

    here are the dumps:

    i had some problems with sdcmduc v2.5:

    i have flashed the firmware from post #152 in my cart and then tried to write some crt to it. With this i have accidently overwritten my rom-slot-0 where the easy-flash-boot system was, so no booting and directly starting sdcmduc anymore. I then tried to write ef-short back to rom-slot-0 again, using sdcmduc v 2.5. No chance, i could not get it to work, no sdcmduc. Writing some kernel as described in another post from you didn´t work either, i get no error, but i can´t boot.
    After reverting to sdcmduc 2.4 the writing was successfull: booting to sdcmduc and the kernals worked a expected. All test where done on the 250469´er-Assy.

    Are there compatibility problems with the files (ef-short, the kernals) and sdcmduc 2.5 and/or the starters or is this problem just sitting in front of the keyboard? just wondering... :/

    ...and here are the dumps:

    1. Test hwerr2:
    red screen as you mentioned

    2. Test wr0003:
    no color changes after starting wr0003

    the behavour of the cartridge changed somewhat:
    i had red screens, red screens with shortly flashing lines, red screens and then the same screen as if i had no sd card inserted (with red border), screens with garbage (chars as if the system crashed with blue screens or grey screens with orange border) and some variants kicking me to the prompt (blue screens, red screens)