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    How about basic code with overlay to compile?

    I tried BOSS BASIC compiler, and this actually wrecked the custom charset. In the end I recoded the BASIC CHARROM copy routine as ASM and it is alot faster than before. I didn't want to bugfix (ie rewrite the whole simulation), so there are many 'features' left. These include:

    . The custom charset is populated with READ and DATA commands. I did not recode this in ASM

    . The program from time to time has a STOP statement in it. In the menu, I changed this to a RESET (but not everywhere)
    . Strange chars on 'graphics' screens due to custom CHARSET .... especially noticable in the ? after "press RETURN to continue"

    . Sometimes the screen text is overwritten (eg in the missions), however the text underneath is not cleared.

    . You can get divide by zero errors by entering values less than 1 in the missions

    Bei mir ist alles in Turbo Assembler (TAS)

    Momentar bin ich auf 768 load/save filenames begrenztz, aber mit macros lässt diese sehr leicht höchschrauben.

    Beispiel lookup tabelle anfrage (3x 256 lookup einträge):

    Beispiel lookup tabelle:

    Bespiele datei layout:

    Es ist hier erlärt:[]=easyflash

    Probier mal auf eBay: Fernseher PHILIPS 20PFL4122/10, HDMI. GUTER Zustand

    Ich selber benutze ein 15 zoller 4122, und bin damit sehr zufrieden. Mit composite + s-video funktioniert original C64 auch.